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Jan 9, 2012 | Inspiring Products

Hi friends,
Before I show you some sneak peeks of what’s coming out (bursting with excitement over here), I want to let you know that I’ll be in Atlanta later this week attending the gift tradeshow. Lots of new products are debuting with DEMDACO (gift products), Creative-Co-op (home decor products), CR Gibson (stationery), Magnet Works (garden art), and more. While there, I’m doing a couple of signings/event:
– Thursday, Jan 12th: Demdaco evening reception for artists and valued retailers, 7pm
– Friday, Jan 13th: Creative Co-op signing in their showroom, 2pm
– Friday, Jan 13th: CR Gibsion signing in their showroom, 3pm

If you’re attending the show, I’d love it if you stopped by one of the above events to say hello!

krr with luggage
Been experimenting a bit with photos (this one taken of me by Fancy Farmgirl) combined with my art

This is always such an exciting time for me – when all the new products come out and I travel to the shows to see it all put together in gorgeous showrooms that my licensing partners build. It feels like a fun extension of the holiday excitement. I’ll take lots of photos while at the show and will post more photos of all the new goodies once I’m home. At that time, I’ll let you know where you can buy it all (if you’re interested, of course!) as they will not be sold in my online shop (per my big decision).  In the meantime, I thought I would share a couple of sneak peeks for you:

I shared this photo on Facebook the other day – so fun to finally show it! The first time I saw the mock-up/concept of the couch, I gasped. It was at night. I was lying in bed checking my email (bad idea, btw) when this photo came through. I got so excited, I couldn’t fall asleep. I was dancing on air about it. A couch! Seriously? A couch! I have long loved patchwork couches. I used to own a red couch that my mom and I reupholstered with a patchwork of fabrics years ago so it’s so fun to see this old love of patchwork couches circle around a bit with this amazing couch!  This couch and all the goodies that you see in this photo are a part of my home decor line with Creative Co-op. Look closely, and you’ll see a peek at wall flowers, a rug, banners, paper lanterns, vases, magazine rack, storage stools, and more!


 These globes make me so happy I can hardly stand it. They are a part of my line with Demdaco. The focus of the new products with Demdaco for this release was creative space. We wanted to take ordinary products that you would normally find in an office or creative space and put a different spin on them. I love the result and these globes are a definite stand out from the creative space collection with Demdaco. LOVE!

art on a stick
You guys, I am going bananas over these. Meant to add artful flare to your home, these pieces can hold a favorite photo or postcard or small piece of art. I love the idea of the pink cage holding snapshots, letters, mementos. And I love the artful details on the other two – swoon! If you look closely, you’ll notice another new produce – a birdie on a stick and one of the paper lanterns. 
stand up frames
These are like the ones above but they have wings. Oh my goodness, my heart lept when I saw these for the first time. They are all a part of the home decor collection with Creative Co-op.
pop frames
Ok you guys, this seriously cool, and probably my favorite release. These are pop frames. You know all those wall canvases in my wall art line with Demdaco? These pop frames were made to coordinate with ALL of those canvases, no matter what the size. Here’s how it works:

pop frames
The pop frames are just that: you simply pop your canvas into the frame. No nails, no fitting, no anything. Super simple, SUPER affordable and makes the wall canvases look even more stunning. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! The frames are available in all the wall canvas sizes (6×6, 8×12, 12×12, 8×22, and 18×24) and they’re currently available in chocolate, cream, and green. The other nice thing about these sizes is that the frames will work with ANY wall canvas (even non Kelly Rae) that is one of these standard sizes – pretty nifty, right? These pop frames have been years in the making and I’m thrilled to finally have them out in the world! They. are. awesome. Thank you Demdaco!

creative space

In addition to the pop frames, Demdaco is releasing MANY new wall canvases, figures, and an array of creative/office space items, including the awesome stool you see above, the tack board, canisters, and more. Really excited…

I’m a HUGE tea drinker (not a coffee fan) and am seriously excited over this tea cup collection. These are being released by Creative Co-op. I can’t wait to use these!

I’ve got a fairly new partnership with CR Gibson, a leading stationery company. Above are a few of the items they are releasing this month. Love the vibrancy of the journals. They’ve done an amazing job!

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that I have stuff like this out in the world. It really is. Hard. To. Believe. I’m just on my knees in gratitude for this opportunity to bring art + meaning + function to the world via my incredible (INCREDIBLE) licensing partners.

I can’t wait to share with you the rest of it, though I hope you enjoyed the small peek at what’s coming!

Kelly Rae

Sending much love,

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  1. Fae-tality Publishing

    you are my freakish inspiration!! My mind leaps at the many, many lovely things you do and make! Gave a shout out about Taking Flight on my blog. Thanks for sharing!!

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