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Jan 10, 2012 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress

Photo by Tracey Clark

As my business has grown over the years, I’ve hesitated to share all the specifics here on this blog – the hard decisions, the awful mistakes I’ve made, the behind-the-scenes struggles of securing an agent or licensing deals, the legal frustrations, the money pieces, and on and on. For the most part, what I share here is positive – you see and hear about the successes, but what I’m learning is that our failures, or our business struggles is where SO MUCH of the wisdom live.

And I’ve learned a lot. A lot. A lot. I’ve accumulated a great amount of success and I’ve accumulated a great amount of mistakes. I call some of them my best mistakes because they taught me something valuable that I tucked away in my learning toolbox for later. And I call some of them what was I thinking mistakes because, well, I wasn’t thinking.

Photo by Tracey Clark

I think it’s important to create safe places to talk about these sorts of things, a place where other people understand what you’re talking about, where you are surrounded by other people who are also pioneering business paths for themselves and who understand that it’s not all easy, pretty, and fast.

This is one of the reasons Beth and I created The Business Soul Sessions ecourse. We wanted a place where we could share our business experiences (the good, the bad, and the very very ugly) and invite others to feel safe inside a community where they too could share their stories and get support. What I know is that there is room for all of it (the hard, the triumphs, the creativity, the abundance, the mistakes), but that we all need a place to process, learn, and be surrounded by others who totally invest in the idea that you can absolutely create a thriving, soulful business.

Photo by Tracey Clark

So yes, I (along with some of our awesome and amazing contributors) will be sharing the stuff that I don’t share here on the blog – the real stories of how things happen, how relationships are born, how money plays into all of it (you’d be surprised how satisfaction levels might relate, or not relate, to how much money I’ve made), how contracts can get messy, how conflicts are born and worked out. There will be many candid conversations, stories, lessons learned, and so much more.

I have needed a kind of specific community like this for years. I’m so thrilled to be a part of leading it. Come be a part of our inaugural e-course. We’d love to have you (you won’t regret it!).

It all starts 1/16.

Sending much love,

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