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Mar 7, 2008 | Life in Progress

new hair. much shorter. it’s all stacked in the back. i like it, but no more ponytails for awhile.

thank you for all the nice emails about the website (i’m glad you like it and thanks for catching the spelling errors and bad links). thank you, too, for the supportive emails about my last post. sometimes, in matters of the most personal bits of my heart, i disable the comments, but the nice, private emails are really wonderful. this blog very much started as a way for me to work through my everyday life and sometimes doing just that has me washed in emotion. so, on those days, i write for release, just for me. i am so in love with my life in the very best of ways and for all the support and love and happy memories along the way. and especially for my dear, dear family. my strength is their strength. but sometimes, i just need to acknowledge my beginnings as a portal to continue toward my future. it’s good for me.

i wanted to share a couple of things:
1. i received my friend stephanie’s new book in the mail today. i knew it would be good, but oh my is it wonderfully fantastic and SO stephanie lee! if you love her vintage/found object inspired jewelry as much as i do, then you will think this book and all the projects in it are the bees knees. it has me wanting to drop everything and play inside the spirit of her projects.

2. i got an email from lindsay. unfortunately, she won’t be able to make it to artfest this year and is looking to sell her spot (she’s got three amazing workshops that she’s registered for). this is a great opportunity to take the leap and go to this sold out art retreat! if you’re interested i n purchasing her spot, send her an email at linzbrackeen [!at] yahoo.com.

3. i found a great heart:

Sending much love,

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  2. Barbara

    Regarding your blog dated March 5 w/no title. I like your candor, your heart is worn all over your sleeve. Such an enlightened woman! Like so many of us, no matter what age, your feelings and vulnerabilities surface and you struggle to put them in their right place and importance. I’m chronologically 55 but young at heart and still feel the insecurities from now and then of life’s challenges. One of my sayings is “We all have a story” and most of us keep it under wraps and i applaud you for sharing your story. No need to feel that you have to explain your life to anyone, you had a father that loved you, that shared his spirit with you and that is what you hold on to. So celebrate that feeling and be happy he touched your life. We’re all passing through and our journey is to sort it all out over time. I’d love to meet you some time but live so far away-PA. Good luck on your move, i’ll continue to read your blog and watch your art work, you are quite a talent. Best of luck and thanks for touching my life today.

  3. Rekoj

    Yay for new web digs and for new hair. A week of renewals.
    My eye has immediately been caught – I’ve wanted to go to artfest for 2 years now! And it wasn’t until your last post about it that I realized I missed the registration back in Sept. If it doesn’t work out this year I know I’ll make it happen for next. We’ll see… Thanks for the possibility!

  4. Patricia

    good morning Kelly Rae,
    A quick note to say how much I enjoy your website. The re-design is lovely; there is much to admire. The mix of art and photographs is just right, I love the banner including the use of your handwriting here and there. I also like how you enjoy/use different fonts…. all in all, a visual treat. You are often brave and generous in your writing: add all of that up and you are quite irresistable. (from a 57 year old art student newly following her bliss)

  5. taliana

    Love the hair! I just got mine cut last night for the first time since July. Turned out way shorter than we had discussed and will take some getting used to, but it’s about the same length as yours. 🙂 I always keep a ponytail holder in my pocket, and when I went to grab that this morning, I realized I didn’t need it…I can’t pull it back!

    Love the new site, btw. You did a great job!


    Thanks for mentioning this opportunity on your blog. I hope it catches someone’s eye. You’re the best 🙂

  7. britt

    i just read your wednesday post. kisses and hugs to you. you are such a beautiful person. i hope my little girls turn out to be as cute and adorable as you!


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