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Mar 3, 2008 | Life in Progress

(last week, when i stepped away from the wildflowers in my last photo post, i found this little heart rock on the ground. i left it there. i’m sure someone else will find it, no?)
some recent goodness:
i met this lovely lady over lunch and let me just tell you that she is just as life-filled in person as she is on her blog. artist. traveler. passionate. smiley. and loves love.

my bff told me about pandora. am i the very last person on earth to know about this amazing site/project/music lovers heaven? i’m addicted.

a long telephone conversation with my sister this evening. the older we get, the easier our relationship seems. we’ve got over 6 years between us, so i needed to grow up for many years until we were able to really relate. we connect about art, memories, simple abundance, and so much more. i heart my older sister.

the latest cloth/paper/scissors hits newstands march 3rd. i share some tricks. check it out. i know i’ve said it a million times already, but i’m in love with the experience of being a part of this magazine the last couple of months. grateful, i am. and the cool thing about this issue is that one of my favorite san fran friends is also in this issue – featured in an artist profile! love it.

i am good. the last few days i’ve been sitting with this thought: i am no longer in junior high school. if i get an awkward feeling of envy or jealousy or unpopularity, then it’s ok. normal. i remind myself that life isn’t a competition. and when i focus on being my best self, all of the muck and moments of awkward feelings dissolve. but i do think it’s funny how even as adults, we can sometimes struggle with the things we struggled with in junior high. for me, it was (and sometimes still is) feeling very, very uncool. i’m learning to embrace my uncoolness as a 32 year old (finally).

one last thing: artfest is 4 weeks away. omg! i’ll share some recent works (that i’m taking to vendor nite) soon. anybody out there going?

Sending much love,

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  1. sammy

    am planning tomorrow to go to my Barnes and Noble to get this issue of CPS… I do hope your article is a very basic for beginning… I have the canvas board… the paints, the pens… just can’t seem to put one splash of anything on my board… Boy am I a disaster!!! Guess it is call intimitation… big time!

  2. Kel

    I’m going to Artfest, and I am so excited and so unprepared. I hope I’ll run into you, but if I do then all that junior high awkwardness will truly rear its pimpled head.

    Kel x

  3. Jules

    I think you rock! Your work is cool in my book.

  4. amyrehnae

    Thanks so much for your comment over in my little corner of the world! Glad you liked my “Artfest Inspiration Station”…and it, of course, is just another case in point of feeling weird, uncool, whatever…of no one “getting” it/me. I even hesitated for quite a while before posting those photos, so you know I know what you mean! I am working on getting over it…I mean, really, it is about time already, no?

  5. fromthepines

    THe countdown is on! This will be my first artfest and I can’t wait! Hope to see you there.


  6. Diana

    I don’t worry about being or feeling cool, but at 46 I still struggle with the feelings that I don’t quite measure up, so I know what you mean.

    I love your art, by the way.

  7. matirose

    wow. i love the first comment here and it got me thinking about you know what! thanks for the shout out deary.
    we’re all such teenagers with more wrinkles;)

  8. Sandra

    uncool is so cool .. at least to the degree that it means you just be yourself. love reading about your enthusiasm for your art, I am just starting to fall in love with art, and reading your enthusiasm for it helps my own. do you, or anyone else reading, know of any artists who started really kinda late? (I’m 39)

  9. Laini Taylor

    Hi Kelly! Hope all is well with you guys!

    I do get SUCH junior high feelings still. Glad to know I’m not the only one!


  10. Alex aka Gypsy Girl

    I loved having lunch! Now it is my turn to say… “it was so much more than a lunch break” 😀 What a beautiful woman you are! I’m so happy to have you in my hood!!!
    Enjoyed reading about your relationship with your sister. My sis and I also have a 6 year age difference. Last year she came to SF to spend a month with me and “BOOM” we finally connected and the years between us finally melted away…
    Gotta go get my c/p/s issue! So happy for all your success! xo

  11. mccabe

    you are goodness magnet.

    mccabe xx

  12. Katrina

    ok, so i just crawled out from under my big rock and i’m listening to pandora right now! wow! what a find. congrats on the last CPS article. such fun to watch your growing success. so inspiring and super. and i hear you about junior high. so sad and so silly and so true! happy week to you dear kelly rae.

  13. sperlygirl

    thanks kelly – for the jr high comment and thoughts. i keep thinking at 34 certainly i should feel more “grown up” and ok with things…sometimes it’s just not that simple. it’s nice to know i am not the only one. 🙂

  14. taliana

    I thought of you last Friday when I came across a heart shaped rock outside my office door. I considered picking it up, but decided to leave it there.

    I just subscribed to CPS–I can’t wait to receive the new edition! Loved your article in the last issue.

  15. Jennifer/The Word Cellar

    One of my very favorite bands, Over the Rhine, has a song called “We’re Gonna Pull Through” that contains this lyric: “There’s no such thing as cool, and we’re gonna pull through.” No such thing as cool. I like that.

  16. Lelainia N. Lloyd

    I’m going to AF!! Hope to run into you at some point and if not at least to say hello at Vendor night. (Which is always insane!)

  17. Kim Hambric

    I can really relate to the junior high school feeling. I had that exact thought last week (and I am much more removed from junior high than you). Sometimes I get a bit discouraged by blogging & wondering why I’m not as far along in my art career as others. Then I tell that junior high school part of my brain to hush so I can just keep going with what I am doing.

    Did you have “slam” books in junior high? A book with a student’s name at the top of each page & others were invited to write what they really thought of each student. When a teacher or unpopular student came by, the writer would slam the book so they could not read what what written. I personally did not care what was written about me, I just wanted my name to actually be in someone’s slam book.

    Soooooo glad those days are over. I can be as unpopular and uncool as I want! I just want to make art.

  18. Cynthia

    I hear you loud and clear on feeling ‘uncool’, but am learning to love the uncoolness. The more that I let go, the less it matters. When I get the comment:’You are so weird’ (often to some odd-ball joke or analogy), it makes me laugh. I use it as a temperature check to see if I am being authentic.

  19. Marilyn Rock

    Kelly Rae; I need to express how much your article in the March CPS grabbed me. Your Affirmation Collage just got a hold of me. I created one, of my own, and after got so excited that I offered a challenge on my Blog and now have 16 people who are interested in the exchange! Thank you! I found this to be the most therapeutic art exercise I’ve ever done.


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