flowers and hope

Feb 29, 2008 | Life in Progress

Where flowers bloom so does hope.
– Lady Bird Johnson

this is me, knee deep in yellow wildflowers. it was so, so much more than a lunch break.

Sending much love,

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  1. dfh
  2. Steph

    I agre with the first post – frame this photo!

  3. Karen

    What a beautiful picture of you. I would imagine this is a portrait that fits with the ‘inside you’ as well…

  4. Jen Lee

    Living spring, sun and blooms vicariously through your site. I’m winter weary in NYC, but unseasonably higher temperatures today (low 50s!) warmed me down to my soul. Thanks for the pics and sharing your joy. I hope to meet you in spring (of the weather and of the heart) soon!

  5. Alexandra S

    That is a wonderful photo of you Kelly! You look so joyous!

  6. Diana

    I envy you. I’m dreaming of the warmth and the sun. ENJOY!!!!!

  7. Lina

    You just look so sweet and content…love this.

  8. Citygirl-Em

    Hi Kelly
    I’ve tagged you! Please jump over to see what your tag challenge is.


  9. Citygirl-Em

    Kelly, I found your blog after seeing your features in cloth, paper scissors mag…oh how wonderful they are! I am a primitive doll maker, and your little collages have inspired me so much. I am going to incorporate some little affirmations onto the skirts of a new doll.
    Consider yourself lucky to be knee deep in wildflowers. I live just outside of Chicago, and we’ve had nothing but snow here. How I long for spring!

  10. pERiWinKle

    Love this photo…sunshine…lightness…softness…beauty…
    possibilities…life! xx

  11. Katrina

    i’m loving these self-portraits as of late! this one is especially radiant. it’s nice to see you reflecting and sharing that reflection through photos and words. i say, keep at the lovely self-portraits! your blog seems to be full of growth, or sharing the growth you are recently full of. xoxo.

  12. Stephanie Lee

    Kelly…those yellow flowers are beautiful, but you are the real sunshine in this photo. Look at you! You radiate sweetness, ease, understanding, all of it. Thank you for sharing!
    We’ve had lovely weather here as well and I’m so glad to see two daffodils blooming under the oak. There are many more behind them, I can tell, and I won’t pick a single one until there are too many to notice one missing! 🙂 The grapes are bursting out leaves, the forsythia tips are fattening…yes, spring is sprunging! 🙂

  13. Deirdre

    I agree with everyone else, it’s a great picture and you look gorgeous.

    Hasn’t the weather been phenomenal? I forget we have these days in the middle of winter and then it’s like a wonderful gift, all wrapped up with bright ribbon.

  14. Ladyv

    wow! such an amazing picture of you! so radiant!

  15. Anonymous

    That’s a beautiful photo. You look so happy and peaceful! I wish I was there. It is -22 F where I am today.

  16. kelly

    oh, this is uplifting. we are buried with snow. well not buried, an inch. but i am so ready for green grass, brite blue skys and flowers. you last few images – have made my indygrayskies, blue.

  17. Carolyn

    Looks so warm and lovely. It is the EXACT OPPOSITE here in Michigan! :c (

  18. Jennifer Valentine

    wow…what a beautiful, beautiful photograph…wish I was there with you…we have nothing but snow and more snow here. You take such lovely photographs.

  19. Tammigirl

    Yeah ,this is a great shot, truly worth framing. My questions is do you take these by yourself or do you have a fab friend who helps? Maybe you have a timer on your camera?

  20. * mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella *

    Kelly, this is totally beautiful! Print it, and frame it. It’s too amazing NOT to.

    xo Rella


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