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Nov 30, 2007 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress

“she had an unfailing courage” – on canvas

“i have met brave women who are exploring the outer edge of human possibility, with no history to guide them, and with a courage to make themselves vulnerable that i find moving beyond words.” – gloria steinem

i am called to women who tell their stories to other women, sometimes even stranger to stranger. they make me want to live honestly, with hope, and with the knowing that telling and sharing my own story makes me courageous even if it makes me feel awkward with nervous butterflies. because here’s the truth: when we practice being open and vulnerable, blessings flood our lives. our hearts soar on the freedom of released burden. and soon, we don’t have to practice anymore once we’ve learned to speak from our own meaningful truth. it is the biggest miracle in my life to learn this lesson over and over again. my very own vulnerabilities, once seen as my weaknesses, have turned out to be the greatest strength i’ve known.

here’s a berkeley sidewalk heart for you (found when i was taking a quick stroll with my bff last week).

i also wanted to share some recent etsy finds (as i continue to do some holiday shopping – such fun):

katrina – an oakland friend who started her shop this week. you will love her letterpress items and other goodies. she also started her very own blog this week (i’ve been waiting for her to dive in). go and say hello if have a moment!

liz – i have many liz elayne goodies, but the scarf that arrived this week in the mail had me doing a silly happy dance right there in my living room. i’m very lucky to call this gal a dear friend. she is a treasure.

gaye abandon – these are the best little arm warmers coming out of austrailia (and shipping is low!).

Sending much love,

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  1. Katrina

    kelly rae, thank you for this! your blog continues to inspire me to open bigger and bigger, just when i thought i caught my breath! you are generous in friendship, words, and art.

  2. aka Cate

    Thanks so muuch for the link to Gaye Abandon – I just bought the cutest armwarmers which I’ve never worn before.

  3. Caroline Armijo

    This is a great post. It took me years to figure out that I wasn’t really being honest with myself about wanting to be an artist. I am not really sure why it was so hard to admit. Once I did, everyone was like, of course you’re an artist! Quite liberating.

  4. matirose

    i love this philosophy kelly. i think that is what our conversations are like, with a little bachelor (my bad) thrown in;) and i love the handmade pretties, esp the gloves!

  5. Suzy

    i’m so glad you put in that link for the woman who sells arm warmers! i went to it and it mentioned a craft show in providence ri which is very close to my hometown in ma and i can’t wait to go so that i can get some arm warmers! also, i love your artwork! i love how you post a painting in most of your entries, they’re so beautiful. your technique is so pretty. i’m hoping that over my long winter break after these past semesters i can do more painting and just relax. so thank you for the inspiration 🙂

  6. Kirsten Michelle

    oh i love this painting and these beautiful words.
    thanks for sharing them…for placing a heart in my path…and for the delicious links 😉

  7. Suz

    beautifully said. thanks.

  8. Hallows Hex Design

    Beautiful post….and I completely agree, since I started being “open” with my art and who I am……the most amazing things have happened. Things I never thought possible before. Now I feel like I can do anything and if I want it bad enough, nothing can get in my way!


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