winged promise

Nov 28, 2007 | Life in Progress

‘winged promise’ on canvas

so, what i love about my silly yellow poster board schedule is this: i’ve fully given myself permission to breathe inside of its routine. the idea is to welcome back into my life the things i’ve missed, but not feel pressured by them or by time. my practical, self-care side is taking over for a bit, and i’m thankful for it. there is a great little write up about “recharging” in the latest issue of art + life (a must read zine and a great christmas gift, by the way). i feel a very real sense of this beginning to happen for me, especially now that the book has been submitted and i’m nearing the end of kpfa preparations (super excited about this, by the way). i’m working hard to allow myself the gift of recharging without feeling like i’ve let myself down or the compulsion to stay busy. i want my soul to be well rested so that it can soak in inspiration.

i’m also making a promise to settle into the knowing that i am simply enough just as i am today, in this skin, in this body, with these hands, with this bank account, with this heart, and sometimes chatter-ridden mind. i am even enough when i don’t have words to fill a conversation. or when i’m feeling a bit disconnected (as i have a bit lately). or when i’m feeling fickle and unsettled. i’ve been a bit caught up in thoughts of what others think of me, or comparing myself to other people a little bit. we all do this. it’s a natural thing, but for me, i can’t stay in that mindset for too long before feeling completely defeated. the joy is sucked away. the good energy evaporates.

i thought about all of this last nite when i was in the studio. clearly, i was needing to clear my head! thank you for all the wonderful etsy recommendations. etsy has been huge in the crafty revolution and i just love it. love it! also, have you heard of trunkt? i found this gem of a website through thea (thank you, thea) and have been happy to follow the links over there, too. i love the holidays.

Sending much love,

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  1. vintagecollage

    “i am simply enough just as i am today” I am so looking forward to your book, having your warm heartfelt writings in my hands to hold and read will be awesome. Debbie

  2. gem

    mmmm…thank you for this post, kelly.
    warmly, gem

  3. Tara Ross Studios

    “i’m also making a promise to settle into the knowing that i am simply enough just as i am today”

    I love this,,,,,,so true….

  4. Christianne

    Hey, congratulations on submitting the manuscript! That’s great, great news for you. I must have missed that announcement somewhere along the way.

    I, too, was so encouraged by your words about being enough, right where you are. I’ve been struggling with thoughts opposite of this, too, and it was good to hear another girl’s affirmation of the truth.

    PS: I love how you said you are allowing yourself to breathe inside your new schedule. I think it would rock if you took a picture of your new cardboard schedule and gave us a peek at its genius. 🙂

  5. Marilyn

    Delurking out of my Bloglines to leave you a comment because I rarely do even though I read here regularly. Self-care is so important, especially (it seems) this time of year. My friend Lori-Lyn is doing the YouTube 100 Days Challenge and early on in that process, she made a dream board chart that reminds me of the chart you’ve described. I really loved what she made because I’m very visual and she made picture icons to use with it. Just thought I’d share it with you:

    And I love KPFA! Listened for years. So I’m sure if they’re having a craft sale, it will be fabulous!

    I know it’s hard (just in life, in general) to not compare ourselves to others…I just want to say that I love your work and it’s very original and I don’t think you need to be worrying about comparing yourself to anyone. 🙂

  6. spiralsun65

    Wise words – and a beautiful picture. Winter is just the right time for drawing downwards and inwards, ready for coming out again, recharged, in the spring. Enjoy the darkness!

  7. Colorsonmymind

    Oh darling what a great thoughtful post. I am aware of my own need of recharging-trying not to let the holiday get the best of me to get in over my head.

    Your honesty touches my heart-I love how you inspire me and make me think.

    Love to you

  8. Susannah

    “the knowing that i am simply enough just as i am today” – this line made my heart sit up and take note…. thank you for that

    and yes, Trunkt rocks doesn’t it – happy to see you on there too! 🙂

  9. Suz

    Good words. I really like it, particularly the acceptance/embrace of you and your life this day. It’s good.

  10. deirdre

    I’m feeling the need to re-charge recently too. The early darkness does this to me – I want to cocoon without guilt. The problem is I want to stay busy with all the projects buzzing in my head. Maybe it’s all about finding balance.

    You sound so centered and happy. It’s good to hear about the way life is embracing you.

  11. kelly

    oh i dig these colors!


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