Nov 26, 2007 | Life in Progress

“to finish the moment, to find the journey’s end in every step of the road, to live the greatest number of good hours, is wisdom.” – ralph waldo emerson

it’s been an interesting week. i got terribly ill – the kind of sick that left me completely and utterly unable to do anything except rest and snack on an occasional cracker (just about the only thing i could keep down). in between many hours of uncomfortable sleep, i would bargain with god: “if you make me well, i promise to take better care of myself from now on. i promise to eat more veggies and rest more often and take vitamins. please, oh please.” you know the drill. being sick sucks. it just does. my heart goes out to all who struggle with chronic illness – i can’t imagine.

being forced to stop for a few days had me really thinking about my life. about what i want more of. less of. my heart has been rumbling for a new schedule for so long, but i keep putting it off. this past week of being ill, then resting, then reveling in life’s joys (including time spent with my bff who was here visiting, a wondrous trip into san fran with john, thanksgiving day with family, hanging out with my husband, a lot of time away from the computer, decorating our charlie brown christmas tree while eating home-made choc chip cookies) made me realize that i’ve run out of time to start living the life i’m imagining. i must start now.

so, do you want to know what silly and compulsive thing i did? i wrote out my new schedule – super nanny style – on bright yellow poster board. i included wake up times, bed times, business hours, play hours, reading hours, internet hours, etc. it’s the dream schedule, full of all the things i wish to have more of in my life. i’ve realized that my life, my moments of a life in progress, have been getting sucked up by time spent on the computer, television, and other non-living things. at the end of the day, that’s not what i want. i want to write letters. make gifts. talk more on the phone. take more photos. exercise more. travel. more art. hike with my dog and john. picnics. cook dinners. i haven’t been this excited about something in quite awhile.

Sending much love,

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  1. Kel - away from Kel's Space and lookin' at yours!

    I have been so lucky to be able to leave my full-time job – my instinct was that my (and our) lives were unbalanced. Taking such a big decision without an external trigger like children, illness or other life changes has seemed odd to some people, but it has been a wonderful opportunity to say “okay, I don’t want this, but what is it I do want?” I’m not getting it quite right yet, but it is early days. Good luck with your ongoing journey – you seem to have the essential luggage of wisdom and an open heart. Kel x

  2. Bikkybo

    Good for you! To start, to begin, is often the hardest step. I keep putting off my first step until New Year’s, but you inspire me. Perhaps beginning now will fool the inevitable failure of the New Years Resolution . . . Blessings in your new schedule and feel better quick!

  3. Lisa C

    I hope you are feeling all better now! Isn’t it ironic that getting sick often is the point of inspiration. It really puts things in perspective.

    Lately I am finding that I spending way too much time on the computer and then wondering where all the time went that I could have used for the things I really want to do like… painting, scrapbooking, reading, baking, exercise, meditating, yoga, organizing around the house so that it can be more of a sanctuary (and be efficient and functional as well). I think I may be doing a schedule for myself soon as well. Great idea! Good luck with it! And keep us posted on how it’s going.

  4. katydiddy

    Wonderful idea! Schedule your perfect life & then live it! I wish you happiness & a schedule filled with activities you love to do!

  5. Jennifer/The Word Cellar

    I’ve been undergoing a similar epiphany/change of focus/redirection in my own life. I find myself wasting so much time and then wishing I could be doing the things I love. I finally realized that I have the ability to change that. Isn’t it simply wonderful?

  6. Healing Expressions

    What a wonderful blessing at times… our forced quietness and retreat can bring us! I am so sorry that you were under the weather but it sounds like the early winter storm brought you some spring rains. The act of writng our schedule out honors our gifts and all that we have to bring to our loved ones, our art and all that resides in our inner life. May you be richly blessed for taking the time to listen to the wisdom being whispered to your aoul!
    Take Care

  7. Kate

    What’s funny is that I do the *exact* same bargaining when I am sick (as I have also been the past few days) and I almost always look around and start thinking about re-doing my schedule, as well.

    Wishing you lots of health and love.


  8. Lisa

    Excellent idea! I concur with the danger of getting caught up in life-stealing things. We wake up each day with only so many seconds in our bank. Why do we spend them on things we really don’t want – or things that don’t matter?

    I may copy your idea and create a board of my own. 🙂

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better. We’ve found much-improved health and energy with Reliv products. Feel free to email me if you want to know more.

  9. aprylian

    I can relate to shying away from schedules, and the switch from type A (to think in highschool Pre-Calculus was one of my favorite subjects!)

    I like the idea of taking care of a few things that really need to be done and finding joy in every step of the way. When I’m losing enthusiasm, I ask for help–pray, ask angels, whatever–that I can find the joy in the task at hand. Life is created RIGHT NOW. I love that you are seeing this and sharing it with us. I’ve noticed it I find joy each day, everything else seems to come together just fine. I think the Universe nourishes a good vibration. Funny how getting sick can be a GOOD thing with the perspective it brings. Love your Blog! Thanks for Sharing!


  10. Christianne

    Wow! Normally I shy away from putting so much structure into my life. (This is my reactionary way of responding to a too-long life as a Type A.) But the way you put it — that life is made up of moments of a life in progress — really puts it in perspective for me. The schedule seems less stringent this way . . . more freeing, to free you up toward the life you really want.

  11. Tammigirl

    Wishing you well on your newly scheduled life.

  12. chest of drawers

    I share your excitement…sometimes we are so busy living, we forget to have fun.


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