Nov 16, 2007 | Life in Progress

today, i want to make homemade chocolate chip cookies because it reminds me of the sweetness of being 7 years old. i want to dance in the living room with my husband who i have missed this last week. my heart longs for him lately, like how it did when we first met. i want to buy a little charlie brown christmas tree and decorate it with all of our beloved antique ornaments. and sip on cider and listen to soft music. i want to walk tree-lined streets with my girlfriends as we talk about what really matters in our lives. i want to learn how to write meaningful poetry that is understandable and not pretentious. i want to learn how to make arm warmers and be stylish and crafty. i want to feel the breath of a life lived with passion and compassion. i want to take moody photos that capture the bliss and the overwhelm. i want to travel to paris and eat chocolate croissants until i can’t take it anymore. i want to sit in an italian cafe and write and laugh and watch people come and go. but most of all, i just want to remain grateful – for the life i live today, in this moment, with plans or no plans, daydreams, and all. i’m a happy girl.

Sending much love,

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  1. kate

    That was a lovely post – I have enjoyed your articles in Cloth Paper Scissors, having only recently discovered the magazine.

  2. Katie

    I just saw this. And it is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  3. ceanandjen

    This was so incredibly uplifting! And more than that, it is so nice to see that your trip did your insides good and that you are feeling refreshed and oh so happy.


  4. vintagecollage

    I was calling it a night here on the east coast and decided to check in on you….what a lovely way to end my day…no what a wonderful way to start my day since it is 1:15am! Have a wonderful weekend. Debbie

  5. Karan

    Your words always touch me deeply. I swear we are soul sisters… Many times I am feeling a certain way, and I will check out your blog to find you have posted something that describes my mood perfectly. I think you ARE poetic. The beautiful words you write on a daily basis are more profound and beautiful than any poetry I have ever read.

  6. Kelly LOVES Whales

    what a sweet post.


    thanks for lifting my spirits!

  7. Kel - away from Kel's Space and lookin' at yours!

    that all seems reasonable! I’m glad you are feeling happy and balanced for the moment. If you learn how to write meaningful poetry that is understandable and not pretentious, please teach me!

  8. Cami

    I’ll go w/ you to Paris to eat croissant “au chocolat”! I just perused your website and I can just picture you hula hooping on your front porch. I peronally preferred that lemon thing you hooked on one leg and twirled round & round while you jumped over it. I am just delighted I found you today! (YEAH!!!)

  9. Bikkybo

    I love Charlie Brown’s Christmas – it makes me feel like everything is right in the world – such wisdom in such little things. Thanks for sharing today. Maybe now I can pick myself up and continue on my day, ending it perhaps with a good cup of tea and a Charlie Brown Christmas with my girls. Peace to you!


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