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Nov 15, 2007 | Life in Progress

(an oakland heart, found yesterday on my walk)

i love how traveling gives us attitude adjustments. how we come home and are ready to make positive changes. my life feels full again, joyous. i really needed to be inside autumn with my family of friends. and now, here i am, feeling so much more like myself.

i was up late last nite with a friend who’s here visiting us from portland. we talked politics, evolution, religion, global warming, housing market, art, medicine. in the midst of it all i thought to myself “omg, i am such a grown-up having such grown-up conversations and i’m loving every minute of it.” i’m inspired by these kinds of conversations where people are informed, empowered and fully involved. it makes me happy. and i like being an adult.

artwise, i’m feeling incredibly inspired, wanting to get back into the studio and collage and paint my heart out. but alas, i must keep it at bay for a few more days until i finally finish the manuscript. i’m pretty sure i’m going to send myself a nice large bouquet of flowers on that day. so much to celebrate. so much growth. what are your favorite flowers? any suggestions?


in other news, i have been fully surprised and inspired by the response to my latest cloth/paper/scissors article. i am LOVING the emails you guys are sending with photos of your collage paintings. just love it! it all has me thinking about perhaps considering teaching a workshop, or two. this is huge for me, to be considering this. feels good.


in other news, i’ve been feeling the beginnings of my journey slipping away, like i am actually settling into this life. it has me feeling so thankful, but also, in some ways, missing the beginnings. does this make sense? you know how when you first fall in love, there exist passion and fears and butterflies and love? and then, when you fall into that love and relationship, the passion is still there, but things sort of calm down a bit while you build upon the foundation of your beginning? that’s how it feels for me right now when it comes to living the creative life. my beginnings are becoming further and further away, and even though the passion and inspiration continue, i long for the rawness of the starting point. maybe it’s just an observation i’m having this week. either way, i’m thankful for all the small steps along the way.

(sunset found today on my drive home – that’s san fran on the right)

Sending much love,

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  1. Funky Art Queen

    Sometimes you just need some new stimulation-like traveling-see new ideas-go to a work shop totally out of your realm…Look at me advising you! I just looked you up to tell you how much you inspired me from your article in cloth paper scissors-come see what I made. Not as good as yours but I wanted to share what you inspired girl. You Inspire others!!! That is so cool.

  2. Angie in AZ

    Kelly, I really enjoyed your article in CPS. I love getting into the mind and creative process of another artist. While I did not create a piece based on the article in the sense of the article… meaning, no girl painted on it… I did use your technique of collaging papers in the background based on the colors you want to use in the painting! I posted it on my blog last week. The painting is titled “the narrow gate” if you want to see a far fetched version of a painting based on your article! LOL!

  3. LiteraryGirl

    I saw a sign the other day at a florist that said November is Daisy month. I love Daisies. Although that does seem odd to me because I associate them with sunshine and Spring. I bought a great bunch of Tulips the other day, but they start to tip over too quickly and that always makes me sad. All that to say…no clue on the flowers.

    I have been feeling more settled lately, too. Just moved into a house that we plan on staying in for the long run…a first for us. And just celebrated my 10th anniversary which really struck me as a BIG deal and accomplishment. I miss beginnings, too, but I know they fade. I think that is why I like to travel so much…it’s always new.

  4. Violet

    I don’t have anything new to offer in the way of flower suggestions. I love dahlias – they were in my wedding and are special to me plus they’re gorgeous flowers.

    Next would be a mix of hot pink and white Gerbera Daises.

    My favorite rose is the silvery lavender that was mentioned first.

    I love your analogy of settling into your life/journey compared to falling into love and settling into it.

  5. Loudlife

    Definitely Gerbera Daisies! Silly me, I thought I was the only one that loved them so much-turns out Lina and Kel are my soul sisters in that! I carried a boquet of them in my wedding, so they really symbolize celebration, beginnings, and committment to me. The vibrant colors are so full of energy and life!

    You should definitely teach! My girlfriend, too, tried the technique from your article and has totally fallen in love with it.

    Sending you some “completion energy” for your manuscript…


  6. taliana

    I adore white daisies. Or peonies. But peonies aren’t in season.

  7. Kel (away from Kel's Space and looking at yours!)

    Another vote for the gerbera daisy, I just love them. I guess they symbolise how I want to live in this life: strong, flexible, bright, cheerful, simple.

    I am so grateful for your tales from your journey, they are a beacon to me at the moment.

    As for the endings of beginnings, yeah, it is a bittersweet time for sure.

  8. Lina

    Oh my goodness, if you were to teach a workshop i think i would be thrilled to bits! How bout on the east coast, huh huh? lol.
    As for flowers, my favorite is the gerbera daisy…in beautiful oranges and reds and hot pinks…they just make me smile.

  9. d.

    Kelly Rae: You should TOTALLY teach…I’d love to take a workshop or two from you! Keep us posted on that…I am going to try your techniques in your article…My friend Renee tried it on her blog (Mixed Media Play) and I LOVE what she did with it…she said she learned a lot from it.

    I’ve always been a fall flower kind of gal. My wedding had the most beautiful flowers (we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary today) sunflowers, rust calla lilies, cream roses, berries, fall leaves, SO gorgeous! Ask for a fall assortment from an awesome florist…You won’t be sorry.

    Congrats on getting close to being done with your manuscript. I can’t WAIT to read it!

  10. Stephanie Lee

    Flower suggestions eh? Well, I happened to be knee deep in flowers for years doing wedding after wedding after wedding. I never ever got sick of the flowers (just the work) :).
    So, a flower for a sunny “i’m finished with my first draft” kind of day? These days, you can pretty much get most flowers all year (with a few exceptions). I’m thinking you could treat yourself to a big fat happy bouquet of dahlias. Rich, deep, hearty dahlias. Or, for something with a little more scent, how about tuberoses – tall and elegant and so fragrant that a mere stem or two will fill your apartment. (Why do they call them apartments if they are all stuck together?) Freesia is lovely too. Fragrant and delicate yet very long lasting. If you are a roses kind of gal, than treat yourself with a decadent variety….russet “Leonidas”, silvery lavender “Blue Curiousa”, or my current favorite, a pink/brown “Hot Chocolate”. Yup. That’s really it’s name.

    If it were me, I would want to satiate my earthy cravings juxtaposed with a little flirty girliness. A moss bowl with a few playful, errant sprigs of blooms tucked among some twigs and berries. Texture. yum. 🙂

    Okay…I’ll take off my “florist” hat now. 🙂


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