thank you, nyc

Nov 12, 2007 | Life in Progress

(ama, on maya’s rooftop. what a view.)

thank you, nyc, for your craziness and for your permission to be crazy and do funny booty dances all over your living rooms and streets. thank you, too, for your color and noises and lights, and especially for your autumn. thank you for the best chocolate chip cookies i have ever had. and for your using the exact amount of money (to the penny) that i came with, nothing less, nothing more. thank you for your endless streets where people watching is nothing less than perfect. but thank you most of all for hosting me and my friends to chats, silliness, 2am dance parties in one of your living rooms, a few tears, and hand holding and loving hugs and understanding glances. i am home now, falling back into my life after a much needed break. i’m glad to be home, where i feel re-energized about my life and my path and my everyday routine. i was feeling some heaviness before, even about all the blessings, but now i feel lighter, ready to tackle my life with passion and perspective (i love how traveling does this). thank you, again. i so needed it.

if you’d like, travel over the girls’ pages to see more fun.

some favorites (more photos here)…..

(autumn in central park)(me, ama, karen, kat, clare, and sweet theo – after having the best chocolate chip cookies ever in a cafe in the village)
(ama, me, and maya on our way to see debbie harry (yes, that debbie harry!))(kat + karen)
(karen + theo, central park)(me,clare, karen, ama, kat, tanya – brooklyn)
(karen, kat, ama, walking down perry street (think sex + the city)
(theo with autumn)

Sending much love,

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  1. karen

    thanks for coming to visit and taking such great photos, honey! i love them.
    hopefully i’ll be posting some of my visit to SF in a few months.

  2. kelly

    i thought you might put some new york pics here. fall is such a great time there and i do miss it –thanks for the little glimpse.

    glad to hear you’re happy to be back.

    nyc is thrilling isn’t it?

  3. cheeky

    Lucky girl! What a treat. NYC is wonderful but I’m sure it was the company that really made it for you. So glad to hear you returned refreshed.
    I love the mommy and baby pic. Too cute! The Perry St one is really good. Love the angle.

  4. Schmoops

    sounds like you had an amazing trip! i heart ny, too.

  5. Kristin

    Looks like you had a Fabulous Trip! Glad to see it! Love, Me and Tadertot

  6. aprylian

    Loved what you had to say about perspective. Sounds so fun–I need to connect with my girlfriends again. Can’t wait to get my Cloth etc. magazine and read your article!


  7. Katie

    I meant to type Kelly Rae, so please forgive the typo. I suppose it’s been a long day. 🙂

  8. Katie

    Kelly, thanks for sharing these photos. I love New York City. I lived there for a bit during an internship a few years ago and hope to plan a trip back there sometime next year. Perhaps I will go in the fall.

    All the best,


  9. Steph

    sounds like a great time! I love the booty shot!

  10. melly~

    thanks for taking me to NYC, kelly rae. didn’t we have fun? 🙂
    just found your blog (via donna downey) look forward to many more journeys.

  11. Lynne

    I too love New York, I just wanted to say thank you for inspiring me with your art. I found your website from Donna’s and just wanted to say thank you

  12. Tonia

    Awe–looks like you had an awesome time. Welcome back. 🙂

  13. Colorsonmymind

    Can’t believe you were so close (3hrs) and I didn’t get to meet you. Well I believe it but it bums me out a bit:)

    Glad you had a wild time and are now home happily.


  14. liz elayne

    i am so glad that you had such a good time…filling up your heart with goodness, silliness, and friendship.

  15. PixieDust

    hee, hee this looks so fun… never been to NY, but it looks wonderful!


  16. gem

    ah, yes, beloved nyc. i so enjoy my monthly visits to this place…welcome home, kelly rae. home to the city/space in which you dwell & home to you & your you-ness. you’re a treasure. xoxo, gem

  17. Anonymous

    i am happy that you experience and appreciate the blessings in travel, in friendship, in changes to your usual routine … and i am grateful that your usual routine includes posting words and images (photos and paintings) for others to learn from and enjoy.

    again you are an inspiration to me. thank you very much.


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