Day #4 of Demdaco Appreciation Week!

Jun 23, 2011 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress

(found in China)

Demdaco Appreciation Week continues with another giveaway (see below!). Today I’d like to celebrate the account executives (the sales force – the people who sell the product to retailers) and the retailers. Both are super key to the success of the products and I’m incredibly grateful to them for their passion about the KRR line.

Demdaco has about 100 account executives throughout the US who sell the product to retailers all over the country (they are employees of Demdaco and sell all of the Demdaco product lines). Without their passion and commitment to the KRR line, it would be a bust. They have embraced the products and have sold it with much passion and success these last couple of years. I am incredibly grateful to them.

(They like to have fun, a few of the account execs with me on the right)

I’ve met many of them and let me just say that they are a group of people who know how to work hard, but they also play hard, too. They are hilarious! They connect with their retailers, they help with displays, they problem solve, and provide the very best customer service to their clients. These are passionate people that I feel lucky to have on my Demdaco team.

They are also so, so kind. Above is Lee, one of the account exes/sales force. He made me cry when we met – he told me a touching story of how selling the line to his retailers has boosted his own personal/family abundance. He thanked me. I thanked him. It was a lovefest for a few moments there. I think of him often. He reminds me that the people selling the line believe in it, they celebrate it, they market and sell and talk about it. Without their commitment, without their work, the products would simply not be in boutiques and stores. Super powerful….seriously grateful. It makes me think of the mutuality that is such a big part of Demdaco’s culture and mission. Huge HUGE appreciation for all that they do! 
Isn’t this a fantastic retail display? Thank you to the SQUARE NEST in Salt Lake City, UT!!!
At the same time, without retailers buying the line from the sales force, the line would be a flop. I thought it would be fun to highlight a few of the retailers who have supported the line with their fantastic displays. I’ve often highlighted many retail displays as you send them to me (you send them to me on facebook, on twitter, to my email – love!) and I’d like to share a bit more today as we continue to celebrate Demdaco and the team that make all of this possible. Our retailers are very much a part of that team! The photo above and the one directly below are from the SQUARE NEST in Salt Lake City, UT – I love love the way they’ve styled + displayed the products!
More creativity from the SQUARE NEST in Salt Lake City, UT.
I love retailers. I love that their boutiques and stores are often their big dream, their leap into what is possible. I love that they have so much to choose from and they are choosing the KRR products. I love that they take pride in displaying the products in fun, artistic ways. I love that they get into it!
Big thanks to the ladies at Joyworks in Snohomish, WA for their continueed support from the beginning. I LOVE how they accent the products with paintbrushes strung together (so clever!)!
Another creative display from Joyworks – love this idea.
I love that retailers are the last stop for the products – the place where the products finally land and hopefully enter the heart of another, a customer looking for that perfect gift, either for themselves or another.
Amanda's room
Amanda, co-owner of Creekside Gifts in Winchester, VA not only sells the products in her store but she decorates the walls of her home with them!
I love that they sometimes get so excited that they decorate their homes with the products! The photo above is a gorgeous display of family photos, and art on the wall. I heart lept when I saw this – so cool.
 Amanda and her Creekside Gifts team also do a great job at displaying the products. Thank you, Creekside Gifts! This display creates such an impact!


 Northwest Art + Frame in Seattle, thank you for the awesomeness of your store display! Holy smokes!

What I also love about retailers is that they often keep up with things as they unfold, both in their lives in and in mine – while babies are born, while new art is made, while new product is introduced, while life shifts up and down for all of us. There is a meaningful community that forms when you start to feel like you are supporting (and being supported by) people and businesses that get you and embrace you as a friend.

I recently had the opportunity to spend some time with the retail team at Garden Gallery Iron Works in Woodburn, OR. I met their family, their customers, talked with their staff, spoke of the meaning behind my work, and hugged many many dear people who I knew understood me because they understood my art.  And that feels really special across all retailers – they are a HUGE part of the Demdaco team + I can’t thank them enough.

everyday giveaway

We’re giving away a little something special everyday this week in honor of Demdaco Appreciation Week here on the blog. Feel free to enter each day’s giveaways! We’ll be picking winners next week, including the winner to the all expense paid trip with me (see Monday’s post to enter that giveaway)!

For today’s giveaway:
*One lucky commenter will win $50 to spend on whatever they wish in the online shop.
*Another lucky commenter will win an original painting by me!

Giveaway rules:
* To enter the giveaway, leave a comment in this post. We’re celebrating the good folks who sell the products and retail stores today, so tell us your favorite retail store in your area! Or not…tell us anything – we’re easy peasy!
* Just one comment per person, please.
* We’ll announce the winners soon.
* Go!

PS: If you haven’t already, be sure to enter all the giveaways this week. We’re offering a giveaway every day, including an original painting every single day! 
Giveaway #1: original painting + all expense paid trip!
Giveaway #2: original painting + $75 to spend on products
Giveaway #3: original painting + $100 to spend on products

Sending much love,

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  1. Traci

    Having the support system you have with Demdaco is wonderful…you've been blessed. Love all the pics of the displays…they're beautiful and showcase your gorgeous art with style!

  2. tynan

    I really enjoy 'Hauerlands' in Katy, TX. They need your products!

  3. Ginger

    Love the little shop called Gingersnaps in League City, Tx. They have a nice collection of KRR canvasses. I've loved your Demdaco appreciation week!

  4. Melissa R.

    Today, I am going to a picnic to celebrate my sister's clean bill of health, and to celebrate living life now. Thanks Kelly Rae!

  5. Claire Hewson

    Hi Kelly

    I am not sue if I can enter as I am in the UK I add my comments anyway.

    In the UK we don't have anything like the gorgeous items you have made, for me everything is samey we haven't yet embraced originality.

    My lesson for today is about giving of yourself, my best friend has depression which he is now under the hospital for and he needs alot of support, I guess I am the only person who just listens, I hear everything he says and then give my love, strength and friendship to get through the next day. To help me get through this I turn to art and you have always been an inspiration in this so I thank you.


  6. MzAshleyQ

    A friend of mine was walking around with a canvas bag that had a pretty painting onthe front with the word "create" and I told her that looked just like something my friend KellyRae would make (ha! I know! But I feel like you really ARE my friend! My soul sista!) She said she bought the bag at a Tuesday Morningbut, lo and behold, upon closer inspection there was a KellyRaeRobertd tag inside. I know your style girl and if it's beautiful with an uplifting message, it's gotta be KRR! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Katie @

    Thank you for sharing this week with us, Kelly Rae. I've enjoyed it so much. And with your help, I have grown so much. I was looking at the goals I set during our ecourse last year…
    I met EVERY SINGLE one of them including the financial goal that I really didn't ever imagine would come so soon.

  8. Life Verse Design

    my favorite stores that carry your work in my town (downers grove) are anderson's bookstore & gabby's gifts.

  9. JennyMac

    There is a store called the Crazy Wisdom Bookstore and Team Room back in Ann Arbor where I used to live. I try to visit when I am back home. I could spend hours getting lost in that store and still never feel like I took it all in.

  10. Darby

    What beautiful stories and beautiful displays at the stores. You have just an amazing story and makes me feels so good that you achieved your dreams.

    Thanks to seeing one of the other commentors say that Demdaco had a store locator I just went and plugged in my zip code and I do have 2 places in my town that sell Kelly Rae Roberts products and I never knew that! One store I have been in several times and always enjoyed – store name is Girlfriends. And then other is a hospital gift store which makes perfect sense to me as your gifts would be a great pick me up for someone who isn't feeling well. So excited that my town carries your products as I had no idea they did.

  11. Cindy J

    So awesome to see all your creations on display. It's such happy eye candy for the soul!!

  12. Patti G.

    Kelly Rae, when I see the displays, I want them to BE MY HOUSE! hehehe, I would love waking up to something so beautiful each day! WOW!
    Anyways, the store displays are amazing and filled with your spirit! Totally fun!
    Please count me in today for your drawing!

  13. SConn

    I don't have a favourite store per se. I love small bookstores that I can explore or any street with lots of cute boutiques and cafes!

  14. Island Soul

    I can't really say that I know anything about the retail shops in my area. When I started to think of it I realized that I only look at art (except in museums) when I travel. I really must rectify that situation and find what's available around me.

  15. glorygirl

    My favorite retail store is Archiver's for art supplies and Dress Barn or Kohl's for clothing, new that is. I also love finding a great thrift bargain!

  16. Katherine

    I love seeing all the different store displays of your work. And I appreciate you sharing the process with us.

  17. Kim

    You already gave a shoutout to my fav- Joyworks in Snohomish!! I live in Snohomish and love, love LOVE the creative nature of the town. It's the perfect place for KRR :->

  18. ten_33

    Wishing for a win, this week… someday things will turn around and there will be a budget to play, creatively.

  19. awesome mama

    i actually saw some of the kelly rae demdaco line at a local christian bookstore and was so excited to see the tote bags. i don't often peruse christian bookstores, it was perhaps only because i saw your demdaco stuff in the window that i went in there but i'm glad to know there is a place i can go to see a small selection of the collection since it's been too long that i was involved with the local boutiques. it's sad that i can't even think of the names of any of my old favorites but even sadder that we've so many locally operated brick and mortar stores close their doors in the past few years. there is a district 45 minutes away that holds strong and one day i want to gander through the neighborhoods and peek into the shops i think should carry your demdaco line – and i bet i'll find it somewhere ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. Heidi H

    I would like to give a shout out to the store at Mariners Church in Irvine, CA for having a great selection of the Kelly Rae Roberts products.

  21. Pat Beam Kildare

    Amazed with the store displays…such creative fun with all your products!!!

  22. bethy

    ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Sherry

    I am so happy to hear about how everyone involved BELIEVES in what they're doing and what you're doing. What more could you ask for in life than to do what you love with people who also love what they do. Makes me want to meet all of them.

  24. ShabbyChicShaz

    Wish I did have a store to nominate but being over here in England I've not found one store with your wonderful line of products. Enjoy your day!

  25. monica

    Lovely store displays! These are the types of stores I love to 'accidentally' wander into and in which I end up browsing for hours…

    I am celebrating the fact that while I live in small-town Ontario, I can access your beautiful art, and the art of others, via this online community. What a gift!

  26. brigid gallagherdavies

    i looked online for stores in the nyc area that sell kelly rae roberts products and i couldn't find one! come and conquer new york- we'd love to see and purchase your work.i don't shop much anymore due to reduced circumstances but the two stores i do frequent are barnes and knoble for their books(that's where i bought yours) and magazines like cloth paper and scissors and the somerset line.the other store i visit is michael's for craft supplies, art supplies and inspiration. otherwise i shop online at utrecht's and dick blick for art supplies, and a variety of specialty sites like ten second studio for metal crafting supplies.alternately i go to thrift shops,church sales, flea markets and yard sales for fun and unusual finds. and from now on i'll be checking demdaco's web site for products like yours!

  27. Ms. Knitsalot

    Would LOVE to win! Thanks for the giveaways this week!

  28. Lori Yardley

    Unfortunately, because my time to shop is limited, I have yet to see any of pieces in a store. From what I do see in your pictures, makes me want them all!

  29. Julie

    I have had a chronic illness since the age of twelve and during the past 49 years have learned to accept many health challenges and be grateful for the wonderful blessings in my life. Today and everyday I celebrate my loving husband and family, โ€œforeverโ€ friends and compassionate doctors who have shared this journey with me.

    I was introduced to your wall art last year at Traditions, a lovely boutique in Boerne, Texas, and was fortunate to bring home two of your canvases. I returned to Texas last month and found several new pieces at Braun Medicine Chest in Bandara and at Angels & Ivy in Boerne, respectively. These treasured canvases are wonderful reminders of special visits to my family in Texas and delightful shopping sprees with my mom and my sister.

    Trust in Me and Free now welcome me when I enter my home, and What is Calling You and Whole Heart adorn the walls of my creative space.

    Kelly Rae, thank you for your kind and generous spirit and for sharing your talent and gifts of wisdom and inspiration with all of us. Your thought-provoking messages encourage soul searching, opening our hearts and minds to the unexpected, finding courage to face lifeโ€™s challenges and never giving up hope for the fulfillment of our dreams.

    I have been a long-time fan of Susan Lordโ€™s Willow Tree figures and appreciate Demdacoโ€™s efforts to produce unique and quality products. I am thrilled that you are partnering with Demdaco because they are representing your product lines with such attention to detail, color matching, quality and realism. Have really enjoyed your Demdaco Appreciation Week blog and loved your interview with Anne, you both are truly kindred spirits!

    It is wonderful artists like you that spark the creative energy within all of us while challenging us to discover the true meaning and joy of self-expression.

    With gratitude and blessings,

    Julie Detro

  30. Suzanne

    My favorite shop is The Daisy Shoppe in Mission Viejo, CA. They have the prettiest and most unique items. Everything from clothes, accesories, home decor, gift items etc… My daughters and I can (and have) spend hours just looking at it all.

  31. Laura Haviland

    Kelly how awesome …
    Their is only one art store in my local area, it is called Flim Flam.
    Your such a positive inspiration, love visiting you.
    Hugs, Laura. xoxx

  32. Heather K

    My favorite store is in West Linn, OR, Dragonfly Gifts.

  33. Theresa

    I live in a semi rural area we mostly have boutiques in the main square. My favorite shop is a fabric store which started from an Etsy shop called the Fabric Worm that is downtown it is called Birch. Theresa

  34. donandjane

    Thanks to Demdaco's website, whenever I visit my children in Maryland and North Carolina I find the stores in the area that carry the Kelly Rae Roberts collection. However my favorite local store is the Pennington Collection in Northport, Michigan who carries a large selection. Although 30 miles away I make the trip every few months to see what new KRR they have and to stock up on gifts for my friends.

  35. tammikins

    My favorite local store is Art in the Alley that celebrates and sells the local and the handmade!

  36. laura gaffke

    There is a store in downtown Mystic, CT that I LOVE that carries your work. I just can't remember the name of it! They do really nice displays of your work and I am glad your work has ended up in CT.


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