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Jun 13, 2006 | Life in Progress

anyone who knows me knows that i love to decorate. so, with the impending move to the cute apartment in oakland, my brain is overloading with decorating ideas, paint colors, visions of furniture arrangements. the decorating magazines have been pulled off the shelf and are spread all over this apartment. love this! john and i already have our Miller Paints chosen for the rooms. think beachy, serene, calm, cottage. and today we went to one of our favorite spots in Portland: the Home Rebuilding Center. This place is crammed with old doors, old windows, old pieces of molding. it’s dirty, and grungy, and so incredibly cheap. we came home with a loot of vintage windows we’ll fashion into a big hanging room divider, old wooden shutters that will serve as another divider, and a ton of molding pieces, all crackled and weathered with various colors of paint. we haven’t decided what we we’ll make them into, but we’re thinking some fun shelving, or something for the new office/studio. all of that for exactly $37.80. such a bargain.

in other news, i’ve been catching up with my girlfriends. i had 2 dinner dates, a lunch date, a breakfast date, and a movie date all in just over 1 day. such fun. i will miss them so much that i’m trying to cram in as much time with each of them over these next couple of weeks.

still no artmaking. just not a good time right now. i’m trying to remain relaxed and suppress the compulsion for another couple of weeks. i have business to take care of people!

started applying for jobs today, and started making endless phone calls to sort out financial rollovers, change of addresses, and the such. mundane, but necessary.

i melted into the couch after work both yesterday and the day before and enjoyed two movies we netflixed: Real Women Have Curves and In The Bedroom, the last of which was haunting.

i am feeling more upbeat about our move and i’m especially looking forward to the 6 weeks we’ll have off together during the transition. no jobs. no school. just exploring our new area with daytrips, hiking, wandering, people watching. oh, and of course, decorating.

Sending much love,

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  1. vicci

    I love this Kelly….and WELCOME to Northern California….I live up in Placerville..between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe….have fun decorating your new apartment!

  2. Julie H

    Hi Kelly

    I have been reading your blog for some time now, I just love your art! So many of your women have spoken to my heart. Do you sell your work anywhere? I hope so..Either way, thank you so much for sharing so openly.

    Hugs, Julie

  3. Kristin

    I can’t get over how creative you two are, once all is settled please be sure to post plenty of pictures! I’m filled with excitement for you and hope that you soak in all this time to rest and enjoy each other.

  4. britt

    what an amazing deal. i know you love anthropologie too – your style reminds me of some of their home decor. so cool. and six weeks off! i thought my 9 days was a treasure – you guys are going to have so much fun. what bliss!

  5. J.Valentine

    I am so excited for you!

  6. Dana

    dirty, grungy AND cheap? I am so there. I love old building materials, especially when the price is right.


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