DEMDACO Appreciation Week + the big deal giveaways (every day this week)!

Jun 20, 2011 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress

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I’m so excited about this week I can hardly stand it. It’s been in the works and in my heart for a long time and I’m thrilled to kick it off TODAY which happens to also be my 36th birthday. There will be daily giveaways (big ones, including the one today – more information below), fun stories, videos, but more importantly this week is all about celebrating DEMDACO, my licensing partner responsible for all the awesome products that have entered the gift market these last couple of years. This week I’ll share the story of our partnership and I’ll introduce you to a few key players who I work closely with. You’ll get an inside glimpse of how it all works, the people involved, the process. I’ll take you behind the scenes to show you how + where the products are actually made, and so much more. If you’re an artist who is interested in licensing your work, or if you’re just a fan of the products, you’ll learn a ton and be inspired by the stories that weave in and out throughout the culture of DEMDACO, the process of product development, and more.

I AM SO EXCITED! I want this week to celebrate their company and all of the good work they do celebrating artists and changing lives.

The story of how we came to partner is a great story and one that celebrates the idea of taking big risks – more about that later this week. Today, I want you to know how I feel about this company because in a world where we often hear about the greed and the unethical ways of so many big companies, DEMDACO stands out to me personally and to so many others as an example of how I want to grow + conduct my own small business and my actual life. As you will see, they are all about heart, soul, doing the right thing, and offering up products to the retail market that align with their mission: to lift the spirit. They even have a full-time employee with the job title of “Cultural Conversation Leader” – that’s how seriously intentioned they are to uphold the remarkable culture of their company.

I had the great opportunity to have a conversation with Dave Kiersznowski (you can call him Dave K), the founder and co-owner (with his bride, Demi) of DEMDACO. We talked about many things including the breakfast we had together a couple of years ago that completely and totally changed my life (I wrote a tiny bit about it here), how DEMDACO was founded on the groundbreaking view that business is “a human endeavor and not a financial endeavor” and so much more. Our conversation is about 30 minutes long – listen to it while doing the dishes, folding the laundry and be prepared to be INSPIRED.

Their company culture and Dave K’s thoughts/views will astound you. It will inspire you. It will make you think about your own small businesses (and your life) and how all the micro and big decisions you make throughout the day can lead to a soulfully fulfilling mission. Whether you’re offering pot holders or meaningful art, you can instill a culture within your business/life that speaks to the heart of all that is good. My goal with this video is for you to feel how I felt after having breakfast with him: inspired with endless possibilities, and uplifted.

Big thanks to Jonathan Jones at Demdaco for editing our skype conversation!

mb giveaway

OMG! To kick off “DEMDACO appreciation week” here on the blog, the good peeps at DEMDACO offered something pretty amazing giveaway: A DAY WITH KELLY RAE! They are offering one lucky commenter (comments are open, friends) a chance to win an ALL EXPENSE PAID ADVENTURE to the DEMDACO headquarters with me!!!!!! The trip includes airline fees, all meals, a semi-private workshop with me, and more. With me by your side every step of the way, you’ll get a personal tour of DEMDACO, a sneak peek of behind the scenes and never before seen upcoming Kelly Rae products, an intimate (just a few of us, just for FUN) workshop led by me where we’ll get our hands messy with glue and paint, an original painting by me, and more.


Okay, here’s how you can win the ALL EXPENSE PAID TRIP + ORIGINAL PAINTING:
1. You must be 21 or over
2. You must live within the continental US (international peeps, we love you so be sure to keep reading on how you can win something too!)
3. You gotta be willing to travel to Kansas City sometime within the next few months (we’re flexible!)
4. You have to leave a comment in this post. Telling us why a trip like this would be valuable to you. Tell what you love about Demdaco. Anything goes! Did you get something out of the video chat? Tell us! Do you have a favorite product from the Demdaoco line? Your answer can be super short, super long, anything goes!
5. Just one comment per person, please.
6. Go! Go! Go!

And just for fun, I’m also going to give away an additional original painting to one lucky commenter who may not qualify because you don’t live within the continental US. International friends, I’m so grateful for you! Please be sure to comment and I’ll pick an additional lucky commenter to receive the additional original painting up for grabs – my treat to you! Go, Go, GO!

Up tomorrow: Demdaco Appreciation Week continues with more giveaway fun!

Sending much love,

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  1. Art In Real Life

    An amazing opportunity to see the inner workings of such a great hearted company. I love your work and can't even imagine the gift of being able to work and learn beside the best the industry has. Demdaco is a relatively new name to me but the more I learn about them the more I want to know. Thank you for a great concept in sharing your story with us.

  2. Elma

    How exciting!!! Please enter my name in!! Thanks sooo much!!Elma

  3. Tessa

    Hi Kelly Rae,
    I hope your birthday was spectacular! You and your work are such a huge inspiration to me, and coming home to read your blog is such a treat and one of the things I look forward to after a long day at work. I'm trying to transition out of my day job and into a full time career as an artist, and I can't tell you how much it would mean to meet you and learn from you in person. What an ideal vacation! Thanks so much for offering this opportunity to us!! 🙂

  4. Tisha

    What an incredible giveaway! Thank you for putting it out into the world…and what a way to celebrate your birthday! As a new momma to six month old Story Grace and a personal coach to advocates/social workers across Kentucky, I really appreciate the journey you are on–and have been on. Your art inspires me, your authentic and honest voice inspires me, your mothering comforts me, the way you connect with everyone around you inspires me. I'd love to have a chance to circle with you! 😉

  5. Jennifer C

    This trip would mean the world to me! Reading your blog is a everyday ritual for me. I compare it to a craving- you just have to have it, in this case read it! It is pretty simple, your work, your blog and Demdaco are just truly inspiring. The creations from you and Demdaco are spritually uplifting! I just want you both to know, I am your biggest fan!

  6. Jodi Ohl

    I just have to say that I REALLY enjoyed your video with Dave and am so not just inspired but hopeful that if I dream big enough, AND treat my art career as the business it truly is, I could really go far with what I am feeling is my calling in life. I really learned a lot not just about how it all began for you but I truly love Dave's mission statement, core company values, and heartfelt advice he gave you in the very beginning. I would LOVE to win the trip as it would be a sign that yes…I am on the right path and this can happen for me too!! xoxo thank you for sharing! my email is and etsy shop is http://www.lucysweetlucy.etsycom

  7. Brittany

    What a special opportunity!! I would love to spend time with you, as well as spend time at Demdaco. All of it sounds fabulous! It's no wonder you and Demdaco have a wonderful connection/working relationship- as it seems your world-views are so similar (in how you live your life, how you give, your dreams, what's valuable, etc…) You have influenced me in so many ways since I discovered you/your art- I am forever grateful and would love to meet you in person.

  8. Nolwenn

    I am not in the US but very close to the border so it would be easy to catch a plane with you 😀

    I think I discovered Demdaco when you first talked about it on your blog.
    I love the diversity of their lines, of their products.

    A trip like that would just be what I need to gain confidence in my art, to learn more and more, and to connect with like-minded souls.

  9. ManoloMandi

    I would love to win this to give to my Mom, your biggest fan. She does everything for everyone. I think it would mean everything to her and be a way to thank her for all she does for our family and hundreds of other individuals and families. You really inspire her and it would be an amazing experience.

    Happy Birthday!

  10. Dana in Texas

    Hi Kelly Rae,

    A few years ago (3 or 4?) i bought a Memory Makers magazine and you had an article/mini tutorial in it. I had been doing papercrafting, especially card making for years, but longed for something more "artsy" and more fulfilling. Your article was on the basics of how you make your collages. Honestly i had not ever heard of you before, but i loved the art you had in the article. I tried your method and lo and behold! i found it – something more artsy and more fulfilling. Since then i have explored more techniques with paint and other mediums. I have been validated not only by my family and friends but also by perfect strangers. I have sold a few also. My husband, along with others, has been urging me to turn this into a business. I am looking into setting up an Etsy store, etc. I also am going to talk to someone about making prints of my work because i am always getting rid of the originals. I am not sure how this will all work, but this trip with you would be the perfect thing to help me get my feet wet and see some of what is involved. All of my art is faith inspired and i call it "inspired by faith". I have been wanting to email you for the longest and tell you how you have inspired me at the beginning of this path. In my office I have a big metal cross with the word "faith" on it. On one side is a set of my collages and on the other side is a grouping of some of your printed canvas. I can look up and see it all when i am at my desk. We are so different in our work but i feel we are both inspiring in our own way.You are responsible for my beginning of fulfillment in my life. That is beyond being a wife and mother. Thank you Kelly Rae. I am glad i got to tell you this finally even if i am not selected for this great prize.
    Dana Weinberg

  11. Janice Scherer

    I live in St. Louis so getting to KC is a piece of cake, but that's not why I would love to be selected. I am a fairly new artist, discovering my love for art later in life and having painted for less than two years. You were one of my first inspirations, and continue to amaze me. I love giving gifts that lift people up and inspire, and my last gift for a friend was one of your paintings. I was so excited to tell the recipient that you were an inspiration to me in my art and she loved that and loved the gift. There is energy in what you create and I love that. Love the colors, the whimsey, the messages and the originality. I would be honored to be your guest and connect personally. Beautiful work. Thank you for sharing it and thank you to DEMDACO for the opportunity. Namaste!

  12. Laura McHugh

    Thank you for being such a great inspiration to so many….We are so lucky to have you to totally open up and share all that you know and have learned along your journey…I am an art teacher and love to share what I know with my students…thank you for inspiring me. I loved your book and so enjoyed and learned so much from Flying Lessons…. I would so love this wonderful opportunity…Happy Birthday to a talented gal. xoxo

  13. All About Cute

    Oh how I would love this, an original painting, I love all of your artwork, and it is so uplifting and poetic!

  14. Milu

    I’ve always believed that life has more meaning when you put your heart and soul in what you do, and when you have fun while you’re doing it. This is how you connect with your true nature and will be able to live fully and happily.
    I grew up in South America, where unfortunately making a living out of Art is extremely challenging. I’ve been living in the US for several years and I’ve witnessed that here there are much more opportunities for artists than there are in my country. I realized that with hard work I could actually make a living out of my passion. How cool is that? Having the opportunity to make this trip will be very valuable to me because it means that it’s worth dreaming big, that is feasible to do what you love, that is possible to expand your creativity and share it with lots of people so you can make a contribution to lift someone’s spirit, like you have lifted mine, Kelly Rae and Demdaco through the KRR line.
    As an Artist, I’ll be honored to be able to know you personally because I admire and respect your work and it’ll be very inspiring to me.
    As a Graphic Designer, I’ll be thrilled to be able to know Demdaco, a company full of possibilities, beautiful products and mostly, a company that embraces and respects artists. That means a lot to me, because so far my work experience had been with companies that see themselves in financial terms instead of human terms.
    As a full time mom, (who manage to paint between naps), it’ll give wings and hope to my creative spirit.

    I really would like you Kelly Rae and Demdaco to be part of my story, so I can grow as an artist too. So therefore, I can share this experience with other fellow artists who might have the same fears and limitations that I’ve had.

    Happy Birthday and thank you for letting us be part of your celebration!

  15. Loren Fidalgo

    PART #4
    Since then I have been looking for an agent or representative, to help with this area that I know so little about. Interestingly, a major change came my way and about 3 years ago, I decided to try my hand at painting (a long story!) and wanted to adapt some of my computer designs of ladies to this medium, as well as to the mixed media medium. I have dabbled in small collages for years, however, never in the scale or intensity that I started 3 years ago and I am working in currently. Some of my lines I’ve created are an “adorable and kooky” baby line, called “weebabycakes TM” , a funny cartoon animal line called “Plumps Party TM” and a floral reflection and inspirational line called “Dabbling Delights TM”. I have also began the initial stages of a “tween” little girls line called, CHICKLES TM, that I think is “a lot of sweetness and a lot of fun.’ I would love to share these ideas and concepts with you and welcome all your wisdom, experience and just plain “opinion”. I am open to new ideas and I am ready and waiting for any feedback, you have tucked inside you.

    I have offered this somewhat bio/artist statement to you because I believe that one can never know enough about someone when trying to decide if they are a good candidate for a opportunity. What I realized, is that the area that I am fearful in, is the exact area that you mentioned that Demdaco has helped you with.
    I would love and appreciate the gigantic, jumbo opportunitity to work alongside you in your workshop. I am extra curious to know more about your story, where you’ve been and where you want to go? I do feel that the creative end of my abilities and skills are on their way, however, I do not know how and where to proceed? I have been thinking and yes, “dreaming big” that possibly you might see the deeper avenue or direction of my work? Ideas for me are plenty. It’s the business and legal, as well as financial that are such a challenge. If you are interested in seeing some of my work, I have included my info for you.

    I do have a website online that you can visit It is in the working stage at the moment, however, you can see my baby line and my style creatively. I did all of the design and concept and I am having a programmer do the html code.

    I also have a blog , called Mind Giggles TM

    I have been selling some products on etsy and you can view some of my floral and creative designs and style at

    In closing, thank you for reading this entire post. It means a lot that you might have. I again would like to mention that this is an opportunity for a career lifetime and I am ready for the ride. I am open to the challenges of learning new things and ideas and I am flexible to new concepts. Anything that you can offer my self and my work would be so “cool” and would be meaningful and heart felt. I respect your opinion, your talent, and your knowledge to recognize something great. I am “dreaming big” and I hope that the greatness you recognize is in my self and my artwork.

    Thank you so much for your time and your generous spirit and heart.



    P.S. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE U2!!! They put on an awesome concert every time I see them.

  16. Loren Fidalgo

    After College, I freelanced for about a year and then I transitioned to hand painting clothing and pillows, as well as polymer clay jewelry. I have always been entrepreneurial, even as far back as 10 years old, so starting my own thing was not unusual or foreign to me. After a number of years, I became restless with the life span of a T-shirt which was not permanent. I knew that my designs needed to reach a larger market, as well as being on durable and lasting products. I had something to say and I wanted to able to express my ideas , while at the same time, reaching my direct market. Just by accident in 2004, I stumbled on the business of art licensing. My reaction was, WOW again, and I was elated. I knew instantly that I had found the vehicle to promote my designs, drawings and art. “Product design” was what I knew was a perfect fit for me. But I had to ask myself, “How would I create my designs, if I do not know how to use the computer?” Putting my gigantic fears aside, never knowing anything about the computer, I taught myself Photoshop in 4 months. What a feet that was. I entered in to the 2006 Licensing Show in New York with all my enthusiasm and excitement. This excitement faded quickly when I realized I could not do the business end of licensing myself. I found it challenging and awkward to navigate through the contracts, etc. and I did not know a single soul that was licensing there art and design. In 2006 in the Fall, I found a class being offered in New York City for greeting card design and licensing. I commuted every Tuesday from Philadelphia 12.:00 PM to New York and back to Philadelphia at 2:00 A.M. Yes, I was determined! The class was excellent, however, I was still left without the necessary skills to handle the business and legal/contract end, as well as, negotiating with clients. Nevertheless, I decided to try again, and entered into the 2007 Licensing Show. I received some interest, however, the contracts fell through.

  17. shelley

    how inspiring…your story kelly rae (btw, my daughters name is kyla rae) and demdaco…what got my attention about them is…humans first…not a common thread for a big company. i would love to come and play with you for the main reason…i'm recovering from a traumtic brain injury…i am an artist with a small biz that came to a screeching holt when the accident happened…(me and huge pine tree)…i am slowly rebuilding brain pathways that got wiped out and totaly changed my life…it would be so wonderful to have a mentor and all of those cool extras that would come from your give away…what you are doing is truely amazing…thanks for the opportunity…play well…

  18. Loren Fidalgo

    PART #2
    I have been an artist and “making things” for as long as I can remember. As a child, I worked with my beloved Dad, who was a toy designer working with Kohinoor Brothers, on many art projects for school. My dad was awesomely creative and just filled with fun. He would see an idea in everything, and this I also learned from my Dad. This enthusiasm was so what inspired me to want to “make things” whenever I could, as well as to follow a path to be an artist. I found that even as a child, I used creativity as a way to console and soothe my self and soul. My Dad saw in me a creative gift, as well as passion, and he wanted to send me to an art school to study. Tragically in 1974, when I was 14, my Dad passed away at the age of 40. Since my Mom became very ill, and in the hospital since I was a toddler, this additional loss of my Dad was dramatic and life changing. After my Dad’s passing, I seldom engaged in anything creative or artistic. It was as if I had never created a thing in my life. All direction was lost for what seemed to be indefinite. After high school, I had to decide what I was going to do with a career, and cautiously, applied to a community college in my town. I spent four years there, in the Graphic Design department, however, my work was just mediocre. I realized that I was not able to yet tap into any creative ability and I wondered if I ever would? After my 4th year at the community college, I decided to really search myself creatively and I applied to Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia. I was accepted and a new direction was put into motion. I majored in Advertising and Graphic Design , but my soul had it’s own agenda and out of nowhere emerged this unbelievable flow of creativity and art. It almost moved and flowed out of me without a struggle. It was so amazing to me and I wondered, “where was this coming from?” and my teachers were wondering, as well! During this extremely creative output, and while in my junior year, I won a traveling fellowship to travel to England for 5 weeks to study toy making. Along with this award, I won an internship to work with one major Advertising Agency in New York City. Wow! Unfortunately, I could not accept both opportunities, because they overlapped in the summer, so I decided to go to England. During this period of award winning, I also created a fun, body contact game and eventually received a U.S. Patent for the idea and concept. While all this hoopla was happening, I met the man who has now become my husband! It was a good year!

  19. Loren Fidalgo

    Dear Kelly Rae,

    “Hello” and belated Happy Birthday!

    When I visited your blog the other day, I saw that you are having a awesome week with celebrations for your journey as an artist, along with Demdaco as your licensing partner and also for the two of you together. I learned that you are offering a very generous give away of your creative time, your creative heart and soul, as well as an inside look of how this whole world of a successful licensing works. You are giving one lucky and deserving artist an amazing creative opportunity to work along side of you at your workshop and you are also offering an major and huge opportunity to see inside of Demdaco’s heart , spirit and philosophy for their business and all that they have to give to an artist who is lucky to sign with them.

    When I thought about how much I would love this opportunity, I had to reflect and really search deep down inside myself to think about what I would want to say to you that would be meaningful and insightful. My mind was flooded with thoughts and excitement, and I knew that this was a jumbo opportunity to be had. Since the moment I read your blog post until now, I had been having this certain stirring of my spirit and soul that has become a huge compelling thought and feeling experience. I can hear myself saying , “do this”! “You can do it” and, “this is so, so perfect for you. This is your time and this is your moment”.” So, from the uneasy feelings and thoughts stirring inside me, I thought deeper about what I would like to say to you and what I would like you to know about me. I wrote several drafts, listened to both videos with interviews with Dave K and Anne Brown and I took notes. I did not want to miss a single minute of the video interviews featuring unbelievable information, and insight. I knew that there would be a lot of information to writing this post and I was up for the task.

    What I have been learning about you has been an ongoing process. I have recently started to follow your blog and find that I visit it when I am looking for a place of solace and comfort. I love what you have to say and how you say it. You are confident, self assured and you are not just “faking it until you make it”, but you are the “real deal”. I love that! I would welcome the chance to share with you ideas, thoughts and ramblings about art, creativity, licensing , business and ideas about creating in today’s world.

    I have found that after viewing the videos of Dave K. and Anne Brown, that there company is in exact alignment with how I would like to work with a licensing partner. Dave K spoke about ‘the human endeavor” and working with their artists from a place of understanding, respect, admiration, as well as showing value for the artists gifts and challenges. I really felt that Dave K understands the artistic mind, psychology and philosophy. I noticed in your eyes and smile, that you just light up when you talk about Demdaco. Dave K also seemed to have the same spirit and showed immense gratitude for you being one of their great artists. This says measures about you as an artist and as a person. As I listened to the videos, one common theme caught my attention. It was when Dave K said that they look for artists that “lift the spirit”? I also think that this point is so important. This is what I attempt to do and have as a goal to achieve with everything I create. I feel that the human connection is the most important part of the artistic expression. I would like to share with you, my story about how I became an artist and where I’ve been, where I am and where I’d like to go, creatively.

    Unfortunately, I’ve had to break this up into 3 posts. I hope this is not a nusance/

  20. Erika

    Demdadco provides incredible products to consumers and incredible opportunities to artists–love it!

  21. Donna Gibson

    An workshop with you would be a once in a lifetime opportunity! And I've always been curious as to how an original work of art is replicated for distribution.

  22. Michelle Smith

    Kelly Rae,

    First, I just want to say THANK YOU! I have recently just gone though some major surgery and about a month before surgery I found EMBRACE Change Angel & Let it Go wall art. I would cry just about everyday not knowing how surgery would turn out. You have no idea how much those two pieces helped me. When I would begin to cry I would read from EMBRACE Change: Begin today, feel the brightness of BEING ALIVE (thank god for that) and wear red shoes 🙂 !!!I would read this about two or three times and then find myself relaxed again. I also keep telling myself to manifest courage throughout all this and your pieces have really inspired me in my own art and in my own recovery! So Thank You from the bottom of my heart for giving me that extra little EMBRACE that I was lacking! It would be a true honor to meet you and see the dynamics of such a humble business that you & DEMDACO have created around your beautiful art. Also, being able to say I got to hangout with one of my favorite artist 2 COOL!!!Thank You again for letting us into your heart! Michelle S

  23. carol Penner

    HI There im from Canada so I don't qualify I am trying to learn how to do collage got your book ..I have come to the conclusion i have many talents but this is not 1 of them so I will fill my house with your pieces once i find a place to order them from…Great job you are very talented .

  24. Pat Beam Kildare

    I Love Kansas City…not too far away, in Lincoln,Ne. Would love a getaway and a chance to get to know Kelly Rae. I've been creating for the last 20 years, sometimes have been successful and sometimes the creative block hits. I've pushed through and keep trying new expressions of art. Your blog has been a source of encouragement and I thank you for that. I'm happy for all the success you have had and the art you have to share. Getting my Artsy Groove back and it feels great.

  25. Anonymous

    Words can't describe how grateful I would be to have the oppertunity to be in your presence.

    Demdaco is a company I had never heard of until they came into your life, therefore mine. I think their products are well made and since they have your art on them, beautiful and inspiring.

    I would love the oppertunity to spend the day with you! I would never forget it, and I'm sure we would have a fun, giggly time!

    : ) kristy

  26. Shari

    Thank you so much, Kelly Rae for sharing all of this info with us. A day with you would be AWESOME! Touring DEMDACO would be EXCITING! So much inspiration and guidance! I hope I win!

  27. elbowgrease

    Hi Kelly Rae,
    What an amazing opportunity for your blog followers. Being able to visit with you and visit a company like Demdaco would be fantastic. I use to be a buyer for a small store in Providence RI and loved looking forward to the NYC Gift Show every year. To have the opportunity to visit a company like Demdaco would be a thrill. To me, the most outstanding message is the that Demdaco is ethical, people orientated and humanitarian minded. It makes the world a better place and we need more of it. I love companies that have a heart and soul and it appears they've made a match in you, Kelly Rae. You have HEART and lots of it.

    PS they carry merchandise from Diane Duda's art work. I follow her blog and that's a double treat for me. I didn't know!

    Thank You!!

  28. Kellie Cawthon

    I NEED, NEED this wonderful trip! I need some inspiration and you're one of my absolute FAVORITE artists. Your "stuff" is all over my house and cube at work. It's fun and whimsical and just my style…LOVE IT ALL!

  29. Angelique

    I'm the sort of person who generally doesn't like artwork on coffee cups and tote bags. I'm the sort of person who probably has used the phrase "selling out" before.

    You know what I like about your products and your relationship with DEMDACO? It feels authentic, it fees like your wishes as an artist and how you want your stuff to go out in the world has been heard and respected. I'm kind of in awe of this collaboration, at so many beautiful things that SO completely say "Kelly Rae" to me and how that feeling hasn't been watered down or diminished. Congrats to you and thanks for continuing to be so inspiring.

  30. mkotb

    Great video! I loved what was said about dreaming without boundaries. I also appreciated the comments about the importance of partnerships. As someone who is interested in entrepreneurship from an artist/handmade perspective, I would LOVE to visit DEMDACO!
    ~Mary Kate

  31. Lorrie

    I waited to respond to this post as I was not sure how to write what a trip with you would mean to me. I have a busy life with kids and as a high school teacher. Somewhere along the way of creating a life that I thought I would love, I found myself falling falling falling into a place where I felt stuck. But then I went to an art retreat at the suggestion of a friend (Donna Downey's Inspired Event) and I heard you speak. I bought your book. Since that event where I picked up a paint brush for the first time I have found a piece of what I was looking for, A creative outlet where I have taken adventures, met friends that I didn't even know I was missing, and found a way to meditate and relax through art. It has brought me a focus and made me feel "me" again. The biggest part of art for me has been this theme that I see all over blogland and with my artist friends of dreaming big and putting our wishes and hopes out there. You are a living example of what that can do. I am practicing my own dreaming big and have conjured up quite a list. So far I have taken these little baby steps towards my dreams. A trip surrounded by art and artists like yourself would be a HUGE leap for me.

    Thanks for the fun here, and happy birthday!

  32. Dee

    Kelly Rae–I have several of your canvas prints on the wall in front of my desk at work–what is so wonderful is that I work in very small office that has no windows but it has a very high ceiling and a sky light–are you ready for the funny part??? My office is located in what used to be a mental health hospital and I am in one of the padded rooms! (really!) The padding is gone but the soundproofing surface remains-(it's like a 360 degree bulletin board!) I am the Prof. Development Coordinator for a school district in San Antonio and although I do have a huge door (think gurey!) my office is homey and calm and is kind a happy place (I know the humor here!!) Thank you for brightening up my little space of the world–I see beauty and TONS of encouragement everyday from your talent!

  33. Nina Watson

    I think it resonates more with me to say a trip like this would be INVALUABLE…I love your "voice" thru your writing, your art, your take on life. You lift me up and I want to take flight. I'm a baby in this creative world & would love the guidance & encouragement from a beautiful soul like you. I have purchased Demdaco products for years; Willow Creek, Big Sky Carvers, but my new fave would have to be your products…no BS here. And what a wonderful man Dave is; I loved it when he said it is about a human endeavor not a financial one. Dream 1: spend a day with Kelly Rae; Dream 2: create art from my soul so as to attract Demdaco as a travel companion on my journey. Thank you for this amazing opportunity. Blessings!

  34. dawn

    so amazing! you are amazing! thanks for sharing your gifts with us!

  35. Michelle Joy Wecksler

    Wow! Wow!!!! Wowwwwwww!!!!!!! What am amazing opportunity you have with DEMDACO and what an amazing opportunity you are offering to us!!!!! I LOVE that the mission of DEMDACO is all about lifting the spirit and bringing worth to work!!!!!!!!!!! This is something I try to do everyday – for myself and others and it is refreshing to see a company partnering with artists as family to bring this mission to life!!!!! I would love the opportunity to lift my spirit with a trip where I can spread my wings with you and DEMDACO! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!!!!

  36. Stefanie Jones

    I have had your things for about two years now!!(: Have only read your blog for about one! I love to hear how "real" you are despite the success you have had!! I gave your journals for grad gifts and they were a HUGE hit this year(: Your things, attitude and way of life inspire me to stop and smell the roses and be grateful!! Best Wishes!!

  37. "Girl"

    Wow, Wow, Wow, what a giveaway among giveaways!!! To hang out with you—very bomb diggity!!! And to visit Demdaco—sounds like wonderland!!! Someone is going to be a very lucky lucky girl!!!!

  38. Lisa

    Would love this to see the behind the scenes..see that goes on for a working artist. Be inspired to take the next step in marketing/selling your art.

  39. Helen Lewis

    I am excited about all these new opportunities for you and your artwork… and excited about all the generous giveaway opportunities this week for us. Blessings upon you.

  40. Matty

    Kelly Rae what a thrill it would be to meet you. Seeing your transformation via reading your book, Taking Flight and your Blog, has been a huge education for me. Encouraging me to make more art and share more openly in general. There never seems to be money to get to Journal or Art Fests, most of which are in your neck of the woods & I'm here on the East Coast. Above all, just as you were thrilled (love,love, loved) meeting Oprah, I'd be honored to meet you. Seeing Demdaco's folks and set up would also be a huge kick start to get me doing artwork more seriously. Thanks for all you GiVe.

  41. Melissa

    I am a self-taught artist with a dream of turning my art into a business. I would use this trip as a learning experience to try to turn my dream into reality. I am very inspired by you, Kelly. I love your positivity, in both your artwork and you writing. I would like to be able to put more positive vibes into the universe.

    In addition to my art, I also work as an office manger. Because of my day job, I am fascinated by DEMDACO's philosophy that business is a "human endeavor" rather than a "financial endeavor". I would LOVE to see how a company puts such a philosophy into practice!!!!! That is an amazing concept and I would very much like to reflect that idea in my current office (and any future businesses), for both the employees and clients.

    Lastly, I would really enjoy the fellowship and fun of the trip. I think we can all use a break from our daily lives, from time to time, and I am no exception!

  42. Relyn

    Ok, here's my thing to tell you. It's about Demdaco. The reason I love the company so much is the price point of their goods. Until Demdaco, having quality art in our homes was only a dream for so many of us. Demdaco made terrific art, creative thinking, woman empowerment,and just plain prettiness, all accessible to anyone and everyone. I love that!

  43. TracyP

    Thanks for the insiration to dream big.

  44. TracyP

    kelly rae,
    Thanks for the inspiration and for replacing fear with possibilities.

  45. Rose will be Rose

    Oh Kelly Rae how exciting to see you bloom more and more each day…it inspires every one of us to continue pushing through the creative process. I really didn't know much about mixed media until I stumbled upon your book "taking flight". Then I realized there is a whole world out there of this art medium that I couldn't truly put a name too. You are one of my biggest inspirations…and though I am still pushing through the creative pursuit and trying to find my voice I have faith that it will all come in time. Your e-course really put many things into perspective. I would be honored to win this trip and be inspired by you and the work of Demdaco in a major way! I would also be extremely grateful just to win one of your paintings for daily inspiration! Thank you for always sharing all your accomplishments with all of us, you serve as an inspiration to all of us everyday : ) and Happy Belated Birthday!!

  46. Cristi Baxter Clothier

    I think the Demdaco products are top notch! I've seen them firsthand at a store here in St. Augustine Florida.

    Your work is a constant source of inspiration!

    I would feel extremely blessed to win this trip and to meet you in person.

    Have a blessed day!

  47. purple bird art

    I keep your "Hopeful Spirit" figure on my desk at work to keep me going during the day and have long been a fan of your work. Thank you for your words of inspiration and solace and may you have a very Happy Birthday!! I would love to win this trip and learn more about how to move to the next level of selling my art from an artist I've long admired!

  48. Jennifer

    My dream is to be able to make a living with my art. It would be wonderful to get a look and see how things work from the inside.

  49. Michelle

    It's a really difficult thing for me to say that I would LOVE to take time for myself and do something for my heart, my creativity, my sense of community with the art world, etc. Today, I'm taking that step. My motto has been that I want to teach my children, through example, to follow your dreams. Well, today, I decided to walk the walk and talk the talk.
    Here's to believing in myself and my design capabilities. Here's to nurturing my creativity. Here's to Kelly Rae and Demdaco!

  50. Emily Burnette

    my heart *skipped a beat* when I saw this giveaway! i would love an opportunity to learn more about Demdaco and licensing (your partnership with their team sounds like a match made in heaven!). I love reading your blog and gaining inspiration from your artistic journey. I know this is such a huge opportunity…mondo beyondo FOR SURE 🙂 Crossing my fingers!


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