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Apr 5, 2007 | Life in Progress

port townsend

not even a terrible cold and a black eye (complete with a bloody gash from the iron falling out of the closet and onto my left eye . i cried like a baby when it happened [which surprised me]. thank goodness john was home to gently put a bag of frozen peas on my face and tell me to breathe and that it would all be ok) have softened my feelings upon returning home from an extra-ordinary experience.

these retreats, these gatherings of people just like me, have been the most affirming and heartening experiences of my life. and that just feels huge. i don’t know if it’s just the time in my life, or the feeling of really being in the midst of dream living, or what, but it all feels out of the realm of real life in a way that feels good and odd all at once. i’m wondering if i’m finally starting to believe that perhaps all of this is permanent. these feelings of bliss, of community, of a life of creating. i have very distinct memories as a child when i realized that not all of life is tragic. when the shimmers of life began to arrive, i took notice. and it feels a bit like that now. i’m taking notice. and part of me can’t believe i have found myself where i am now. and the beautiful thing is that i really did find myself along the way here. it’s hard to describe, but it feels like a life force is with me in all of this, guiding me, working with me, being with me, showing me the way. a very special person once described holy as being the divine light within the center of our beings, our hearts, after all the layers of envy, greed, fear, anxiety, etc have been peeled away. i love this idea and think of it often. but i digress.

let me share with you some goodies i came home with:

i am in love with stephanie lee’s jewelry and sculptures. the above necklaces spoke to me. yes they did. had to have them. i had the joy of meeting her at artfest and she is just delightful and as talented as could be. we will be collaborating on a special project coming up soon and i couldn’t be happier about it.

another one of stephanie’s pieces. how insanely sweet is this? it reads “and the artist laughed.” well, yes, yes she did.

trades! so, so much good stuff.

as i sit here, sneezing every so often, itchy eyes, sniffling nose, bruised eye, aching arthritic hips and knees (hereditary), i feel like i am somewhat physically falling a part! but on the inside, i am beaming and healed.

Sending much love,

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  1. thesoulofhope

    I loved getting to meet you in person!!!

  2. celeste

    great reflection about the amazing artfest. thanks so much for your trade. it was really wonderful to see my piece at the bottom center of your pile of goodies! blessings.

  3. Alex aka Gypsy Girl

    Hmmm… I know the feeling… Whne I went to SCWBI conference last year I felt the same… Suddenly I belonged and I felt so ALIVE and healed. I’m so happy for you. You’re living the dream, girl! Hope your eye gets better soon…

  4. Alexandra S

    Ouch Kelly! How are you doing??? I’m so sorry that happened and i hope you are healing quickly now. I wish you were closeby-I’d bring you some brownnies but hopefully will see you this month here in Portland. I’m glad you had another amazing year at Artfest and look forward to more posts about ut!

  5. katie

    the first time i attended artfest, i felt the guiding force you talk about enter me, my creating went to a whole new level, and the force has maintained a permanent resisdence in me. i realize that presence has always been with me; artfest provided the perfect environment for the veils hiding it to become transparent so i could feel it, experience and come to know it as part of myself. thank you so much for your beautiful sharing and beautiful spirit!
    ps – i too love stephanie’s artwork(and stephanie!!) and she gifted me with the same pendant you have, the one with all the trees…i’m in love with it.

  6. Literary Bohemian

    Your beaming attitude has sparked something in me. I’m so happy that you get to live the dream. One day I will be too. Keep ice on the owwee.

  7. deirdre

    Yeouch! I’d cry too! Hope your eye feels better very soon.

    So much seems to be coming together for you, gifts appearing at just the right time (unlike the iron). I’m really glad you’re starting to feel more settled and at home here. Tea soon.

  8. Frida

    Ouch! Ouch… You poor thing, an IRON? Here’s all my healing best wishes.

    Wow – I get so excited just reading your posts about Artfest, I love reading about anyone finding their bliss and I like you so very much from reading your blog that it makes it all the more lovely to read about.


  9. Laini Taylor

    Kelly, sorry about your eye! How awful! A few years ago I stepped on a rake and smashed myself in the face, just like in cartoons, and it was so surprising and painful! But an IRON! Egad! As for Artfest, SIGH. Looks and sounds so wonderful! And reading about your experience in your life right now, it’s wonderful — you’ve begun building an extraordinary new part of your life and you’re doing it with such amazing diligence and confidence!

  10. kelly

    i have to go next year!
    and feel better. youch!
    i bet that hurt. but i am
    sure if anyone has an adorable
    black eye, you will be the
    sassy one to pull it off.

  11. misty

    ah, it must be an artfest cold…I brought it home, too. Sorry to hear about your fight with the iron, ouch. Take care of yourself! Please say you will be in VA next month?!

    missing you, you sweet thing! xo

  12. la vie en rose

    i’m lickin’ my lips at all these fabulous goodies…so sorry about the black eye…that’s a bummer…

  13. Judy Wise

    Oh, dear, that is too bad about the owie; I am sad that it happened. Your post was so uplifting to me and true; about the layers of greed and envy and the beauty beneath all of that.Our connection at Artfest this year and being introduced to Liz is my precious treasure – thank you again for putting into words what many of us are feeling now.

  14. Gwen

    Hi Kelly,
    You have so eloquently described how I have been feeling also since ArtFest. It is such a gift to have a place like that to gather, I have been walking around with a big grin on my face, and people have even noticed!
    So sorry about your eye!! That must have really hurt!

    take care of you,

  15. MB Shaw

    So sorry about your injury, yikes!
    And I totally get your feelings of bliss. It is wonderful to accept as reality.
    Glad I met you at Artfest. Love your pics!


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