artfest 2007 {a picture story}

Apr 1, 2007 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress

“I am humbled in this city
There seems to be an endless sea of people like us
Wakeful dreamers, I pass them on the sunlit streets
In our rooms filled with laughter
We make hope from every small disaster”
(the weepies)

it’s been a week away from blogger, from the computer, from practical real life. i’ve been tucked away in a world of art retreat bliss, of artmaking, of personal growth, of community so real and true, it warms my heart thinking about it.

i am home now, though coming back to oakland from the northwest reminds me again that this still isn’t home. it may never be, and i’m ok with that. still, it was wonderful smelling the air, seeing highway signs that read “portland” and taking in the culture of slower drivers, relaxed people, springtime tulips, and the lush greenery.

i returned home from this experience feeling both heavy and light all at once. heavy with inspiration, with ideas, with a greater sense of myself as a maker of things. but it has also left me feeling light with the feeling of freedom and starbursts of joy inside my heart & soul. i am full to the brim with a beautiful sense of community and inspiration.

i will take you along a photo journey:

liz and i pretty much spent an entire week together, either at her house, or at artfest, in the car, in our dorm room, every meal together, walks here and there, and guess what? it was fantastic! i think she may be the only person on the planet i can spent that much time with and not feel suffocated. we are so completely chatty with one another, sharing everything. she is a treasure in my life. before heading over to the official artfest check-in, we went to the ocean to center our frazzled selves. felt sooo good.

“treasure every moment”

now this is lovely and perfect: this is what i found when i opened one of the drawers in our dorm room. not the socks or hat (those are mine), but the writing is what i found. “Treasure every moment.” how cool is that? i love these simple moments. they are collectable.

funky wallpaper people. mine is on the far right.

i took anahata’s “Funky Wallpaper People” on the first day. i was surprised at how much i loved this class. i’ve been wanting to work faster, messier, more impulsively and this class was a perfect exercise. she is darling, insightful, and i loved how she would remind us to move on to another part of the painting if we weren’t thoroughly enjoying ourselves. i met Diane Haven Smith in this class. she’s an artist and a social worker just like me! we had several conversations throughout the week and i just really, really liked her. check out what she’s doing over here.

bff’s misty and nina

i had nina’s class the second day, but i can’t show you what i made as it’s a gift for someone special. i met nina (and misty) last fall over thai food. just as she did when i met her, she leaves me feeling flowy and at ease in a way that only southerners can do. i bought a pair of her gorgeous earrings that i will likely wear everyday for awhile (similar to my yellow shoes, i’m totally in love). both of these lovelies were my neighbors at vendor nite which made the evening even more joyous (more on that later). nina is a wonderful teacher with a sassiness about her that charms me.

this photo was taken on our way to have dinner with Tonia (who by the way is a total talented delight). peaceful, isn’t it?

judy & me

meeting judy and spending some time with her was a huge highlight for me. she is such a spirited and talented soul. and she just gets it, you know what i mean? i hope i’m just like her when i’m her age: still inspired, youthful, joyful, spirited, funny, talented, a journaler, smiling, and gracious. she is all of those things and i loved our little chats so, so much. she is pure delight. notice our earrings in this photo? we both bought nina earrings.

a total disaster. i thought i’d share a peak into our dorm room. i was on the left, liz on the right. we indulged in wine, cheetos, cheese, and chocolate all week long. heaven. our window looked out into a spacious grassy park with gorgeous trees and the ocean to the left. loved it, even if the showers were sort of cold.

vendor nite. that’s me on the far left behind my table completely overwhelmed with happiness

misty & me

liz and me on vendor nite

vendor nite. wow. it was a mad rush of friendly faces. i was overwhelmed with the generosity, the enthusiasm, the connections. liz was my helper (thank god). vendor nite was, for me, affirmation. that i’m doing what i’m supposed to do. and i’m loving it. loving it! it was a chance to chat with my vending neighbors & friends (katie, nina, misty), drink some wine, and take in the evening. it was a bubbly mess of frenetic energy. and i loved it. it was my first time vending at artfest and it was awesome. that is the word. awesome.

i could go on & on. i met so many lovely, lovely people who inspire and make me chuckle. and it was great to reconnect with familiar faces, too. the sense of community is what i’m walking away with. i feel wrapped in it. it’s a feeling i never want to lose.

(more artfest photos here)

Sending much love,

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  1. katie

    loved reading your recollections of Artfest and seeing all your great photos!! it was delightful to see you again 🙂

  2. misty mawn

    i just adore you so much, nina and I both do and wish we had more time to share together!

  3. Tracie Lyn Huskamp

    Kelly… I was WONDERFUL to meet you….

    Congratulations on your vendor night success!!!!

    Hopefully we will see each other again soon.

    Tracie Lyn

  4. cheeky

    You are such a breath of fresh air and an inspiration. I’ve been reading your bloggie for a while now and I am so enjoying it.
    What an amazing experience. I love the dorm room. Girls being girls.
    You are pouring out goodness and giggles and I love it.

  5. la vie en rose

    it sounds wonderful! really wonderful!

  6. ArtsyMama

    I love your photos and commentary from ArtFest. What an experience!!! I loved your work on vendor night. Hope we can meet again someday.

  7. kelly

    yeah…pictures! thanks for sharing those. it looks like everyone had a great time.

    oh….ineed to save up so i can go next year.

  8. Holly Stinnett

    It was an absolute pleasure to meet you in person – you are a doll! LOVED-loved-loved the piece you made in Anahata’s class. I’m happy that you had such a wonderful time.

  9. myumblog

    I am so happy that you are on such a creative and beautiful journey…I love the pictures and you make me want to go on a fantastic road trip! xoxo- Maya

  10. eb

    hi Kelly Rae – I enjoyed your Artfest picture story SOOOOOOOO much – I came here via Stephanie – I have been following the workshops, etc. vicariously from over here in no. Vermont – I am hoping to attend next year – visiting you gave me enormous pleasure – you and your work are absolutely delightful!

    xox – eb.

  11. BlueJude

    Sounds GREAT!! Love teh funky wallpaper!

  12. deirdre

    It all sounds so, so wonderful. I’m hoping to make it next year. There’s so much I want to learn.

  13. Anonymous

    thank you so much for this post! you have brought it all back to me– I couldn’t be there this year but reading this post sent a whiff of memory to me so strong!! What magic it is– what magic– and I loved your wallpaper panel!!


  14. Colorsonmymind

    getting away with friends-solidifying the connections you build through blogging and phone chats is a miraculous experience. It is wonderful that Liz and you had such a bonding week. You look like soul sisters. It makes me grin from ear to ear.

    Thrilled the week went so beautifully.

    Am a lot jealous but even more intrigued to read more:)

    My goal is to make it to art fest next year.

    Congrats on your success.

  15. Heather

    Fun to see your picture story and great to meet your face. I don’t know why I didn’t realize earlier that we live so close to each other. I hope maybe we can hook up again before next year!


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