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Oct 12, 2007 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress

this is how i get to the post office with my orders. today was the second trip of the week. i always grin as i ride my trusty bike down the road, full to the brim with goodies to send off. it just makes me glad. glad to be riding my green bike. glad to have baskets on the back. glad for the support. glad for by little bell. i heart by my bike.
sometimes i feel like i’m stalking my friend stephanie lee, always wanting to be first to see what she’s made and grab it for myself. i came home from art&soul with these beauties and i’ve worn them everyday since. you can’t see it in this photo, but inside the bezels are little images of eggs. i took stephanie’s class and made a ring that i love, love, love but i can’t seem to get a good photo of it. you can see her version here.
i made this fun nina knotty double bracelet in nina’s class. i love the autumn colors of the pearls and the rustic-ness of the knots. be sure to take a nina class when you can. you’ll melt into her easy and soulful personality.
i bought a katie kendrick original. love her folk paintings. love the vibrancy. she is a warm soul and i’m happy to support her talent that speaks from her heart.
made by nina…a lovely necklace. the compass is just so cool. once i got it home and put it around my neck, it reminded me of this post i wrote a few months ago…about my internal compass. i was struggling then, learning my way out of something hard, but my spiritual compass, my heart, led the way. so, thank you nina, for a meaningful necklace. i’m so glad i bought it.

i am trying to keep up with myself and with my goals for the week. did i mention that i gave up my job? yes, yes i did. it’s been coming down the pipe for awhile, something i’ve been considering and waiting for. i will still work a day here and there, but the steady schedule and paycheck are gone. it feels a bit risky and strange to be supporting us (esp while john finishes grad school) without either of us having official paychecks from corporate america, but my instinct says this is a good and smart decision. for me. it’s part of saying YES to an artful living and it’ll allow me to continue saying yes to art projects and opportunities without the craziness of a seemingly dual life with scheduling conflicts. medical social work will always have a spot in my conscious, and i will always support the profession, but i’m moving on with dreams big and wide and deep with meaning.

another leap. feels damn good the more i settle into the knowing that one small step leads to another one..and here i am. thank you to to everyone who has made this decision possible for me. my heart feels big with gratitude. i’d also like to give a shout out to my dear friend kat, who also left her job this week, while she continues to live and support herself as a kick ass filmmaker in austin. dreams are real. and possible.

Sending much love,

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  1. dogfaeriex5

    how cool to be able to take classes from 2awesome jewelry teachers, stephanie lee and nina…
    i love them both…

  2. Kirsten Michelle

    congratulations, kelly!!!
    i’m so happy you found your own way to this decision…i’m so excited for you.
    i love your beautiful green bike.
    if ever i make it to oakland, i’d love to rent myself a bike and do the mail run with you…in fact, i’m going to go now and write that in my little wish list book 😉

  3. Kelly @ Kel's Space

    I am so happy for you that you are living your dream. I took the leap this year too, and I am so glad I did! I’ve just posted about how emotional I have found it during the transition. I loved seeing all your beautiful treasures from Art n Soul.

  4. Ro Bruhn

    Congratulations Kelly, what a bold decision, but one I’m sure you won’t regret.
    I did Nina’s class when she came to Australia, I totally agree, she’s a gem, I’m doing her book making class when she comes again next year. Love your work.

  5. mccabe

    all kinds of lovely-
    and i love the fact that you ride a green bike to the post office, with a bell.

    yay for following dreams..
    mccabe x

  6. vintagecollage

    Kelly, You’ve taken the big step, now just remember to always follow your own heart and trust your instincts and you will soon be loading those baskets up on that cute bike and making many more trips to the post office weekly! I wish you all the best. You are proof that dreams can and do happen! Debbie

  7. Julie H

    Hi Kelly
    I am so very glad you have given up your job -what a brave step, and yet those parcels stcked on your very cute bike are a sign that all will be well.
    I do love your Nina bracelet and your earrings – I would so love to have been in one of Stephanies classes.
    I feel the urge to hug you, so (((((((Kelly)))))))

  8. Jerri

    I stumbled onto your site this evening and I LOVE your work.

    Congratulations on leaving your job and the very, very best of fortune to you.

  9. Catherine Witherell

    Dear creative soul,
    Hooray for you!

    It was very good to meet you too. Congratulations on your success, but most of all to be able to have the feeling you have now. To trust and be able to quit your job to pursue what you love has to be one of the best feelings in the world.

    Thank you for my prints, small pretty, parts of you. See you the next time I see you.

  10. Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose)

    yummy goodies!

    i heard through the grapevine you’re taking one of susan wooldridges workshops at artfest…is it true…i am too…i’ll be in her thursday workshop…what about you?

  11. ceanandjen

    A big warm congratulations to you for taking this leap…and putting yourself in a position to truly live your art. This is wonderful and inspirational, and just everything good.

    It was such a treat to meet you on Saturday!

    I wish you nothing but continued success and happiness!

    My new “believe” is gazed upon daily with love.


  12. Kim Hambric

    Your confidence is SO uplifting. And somehow, even through the computer, it seems to be rubbing off. Best of everything in living your artful life!

  13. Judy Wise

    Congratulations on walking away from your job. I always wondered how you could keep up with so much. This is beautiful. Amazing. Magic. xoxo

  14. Healing Expressions

    What a excitng and joyful step for you and what anticipation of the artistic journey you must feel having walked through a door that you have now fully opened. These moments are always a tingling mixture of risk and passion! May you be blessed of all that will greet you!

  15. Lelainia N. Lloyd

    Kelly, I am a firm believer that when we step out in faith, the Universe will rise to meet us. I say these very words to myself every time I make one of those life changing descisions. Isn’t it amazing to make a choice based in yearnings of your heart, from a place of strength, rather than fear? Bravo Kelly! May it unfold in ways far better than you ever could have envisioned.

  16. melissa@yummygoods

    congratulations. i didn’t used to thinks dreams could come true for me- but i am starting to believe it. Isn’t it amazing!?

  17. liz elayne

    so good to hear the excitement in your voice tonight.

    this year is full of such goodness for you my friend…

    (i love that photo of your bike – fantastic! and, as you know, i am so glad you bought that necklace!!!)

  18. Katerina

    WOW! Congratulations on accomplishing the leap with such grace. I am so proud of you and admire your passion and commitment to who you are and what you do.
    I agree with Amy — you allow such hope and dreaming to happen.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Katerina from Melbourne

  19. Hello my name is Amy

    oh kelly, you give me hope. I currently am plotting my escape from the corporate jungle, and your blog gives me endless inspiration. Sometimes it’s like you have taken the words right from my mouth and put them out there for all to see! So comforting to know that I’m not crazy and that there are other people out there just like me, going through the same motions in life 🙂


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