eight weeks

Sep 28, 2007 | Life in Progress

i have been feeling so task-oriented lately, trying to get ready for everything. there is a book to write. a magazine article to put together. a trip to oregon. another trip to nyc. an art/writing project for another book. a visit from family. enough paintings for two san fran art festivals. vendor nite next week. oh yes, and my job! the best/craziest part of it all? i have just eight short weeks to accomplish everything i listed. everything. eight weeks. omg.

i’m in week one. i feel ready and am curious to see how i do. will i be able to balance and center myself through it all, especially all the artmaking and writing? will i be able to feel my way through it with inspiration? most of all, i want to stay balanced, grounded, structured yet passionate, wild, and free. can we have it all?

how did i find myself here? i seem to asking this so much lately, partly out of happy disbelief, and partly out of something more practical that i can’t seem to put my finger on. i want to make sure i’m where i want to be. i don’t want to wake up one day and find myself somewhere vague and misdirected, like so many people describe in their lives and how i found myself many years ago, too. married..check. house…check. job…check. vacation time…check. garden…check. passion and inspiration…not so much. it’s hard work to listen to ourselves, to make sure we are ourselves in the midst of the everyday callings. man o man. i feel fortunate today, many years later, to be right here, where i want to be, but it comes with constant tweaking, recognizing, and re-evaluating. it was a hard lesson for me and it was hard work to rediscover myself. i don’t want to go through that unearthing again..so, tweaking it is, even if it means i’m too much. too wordy. too vulnerable. too woo woo. too analytical. too emotional. i like this self. feels good.

Sending much love,

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  1. Anonymous

    too woo woo! i love you kelly. too woo woo. too woo woo! xoxo ama

  2. Steph

    OMG – I can relate to this!!! What I am learning is this: Maybe not everything has to be at its top form – love the beauty in imperfection.

  3. * mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella *

    Gosh, this piece is perfect and such a beautiful, daily guide. I truly feel your desire to keep it all on track and keep it real. You will…it’s the spirit you have and I wish it all and more for you.

    xox Rella

  4. Lisa

    Yes, it is indeed hard work to listen to our true selves. Thank you for your honesty and inspiration, as many of us struggle to find clarity in our muddy lives – and seek the same authentic way of life you have found.

    May our collective energies lift us all up towards our higher, more purposeful, creative, real, true, meaningful, heartfelt existence.


  5. deirdre

    That’s a busy couple of months you’ve got ahead of you, but everything on your list sounds like wonderful, exciting, fun. Take your vitamins and breathe deeply. 🙂

    I like the way you think your way through each step of your journey. It’s why you write so well about the creative process and the inspiration that calls us to make art.

  6. kelly

    dear miss kelly – you are so inspiring, so helpful and it has been sweet watching this journey you have been on. i can’t wait to see more. your journey has given me hope for my own artistic life
    and for that i am blessed

    peace to you and happy weekend….

  7. Kelly @ Kel's Space

    Your post really resonated with me too, although I am at the very start of my journey. I was ticking all the boxes, but missing something. I was living farther and farther away from my passions and my values, so I took the leap. I am in the first month of the ‘new life’ and have not yet found my stride. But I have faith and excitement that I will. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us.

  8. brandi


    I read your article in Cloth Paper Scissor and have just started reading your blog right from the start!! I feel like I am on this same path and when ever I pick up where I left off I get a sense of “hey, me too”. I have been feeling that “lost” feeling and am working through it. I find you an inspiration, and am more inspired to dig a little deeper than before to uncover my true self! Good luck with your challange. Sometimes it surprises us to know what we are capable of and it’s nice to know that we can do it.

    Thank you.


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