evidence of evolution: my blog over the years + giveaway winners announced!

Sep 14, 2012 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress

I started this blog in 2005. Above is what it looked like in the Spring of 2006. And yes, that is one of my first paintings ever – major evidence of evolution. Thank goodness for forward motion. For progress. For dreams. 

Above is what this space looked like in 2007

And then again in 2008.

2009 brought a full-on overhaul.

2011 brought another blog renovation.
I’m a believer in looking back so we can see the evidence of progress. I also recently discovered this site that allows you to travel back in time and see what your sites (or any site, for that matter) looked like way back when. I have been thinking about my way back when lately, and seeking new ways of using that time for progress today. I’ve got a little something up my sleeve. Can’t wait to share when the time is right. 
Sending out bravos to all of you today. For your progress. For your evolution. Keep moving forward. One small step at a time! 
And the giveaways go to…
One person will receive a spot in Eileen Nishi’s {eye} wonder e-course.
Alenka said…creating makes me feel so free and happy.. really wish i get the spot 🙂
Three people will receive a vintage personalized bookplate from Oiseaux Vintage Paperie.
Maria E. said…Fabulous prizes. Thanks for the chance to win.
Cathy said…Wow! I would love to win any of these offerings. Thanks for the chance! 🙂
Jennifer Allison said…what a delicious treat..thanks for the opportunity!
One person will receive a spot in Mati and Willo’s RE:CONNECT – Get Unstuck & Find Your Magic e-course.
soraya nulliah said…Thanks so much Kelly Rae-not only for giving us the chance to win but also for connecting us with such awesomeness:)
Five people will receive signed copies of Kelly Rae’s brand spankin’ new 2013 full-size calendars
Jialun Xu said…Amazing giveaways! You’re so generous! Thank you so much.
Abigail’s Creative Journey said…Oh wow such amazing giveaways. Thank you for your generosity! 🙂 It would be so fabulous to win any of them since they are such great gifts. 🙂
Flor Larios Art said…What are my chances of winning? I have to have faith and dream big here! Thank you guys!
Holly S said…Great giveaways…especially your calendar! I’d be honored to win anyone of these generous gifts. Thank you for the chance to win!
Corinna said…I would love to have your calendar hanging in my home. I currently have 6 of your light switch covers and I LOVE them. They make me smile every time I turn a light on or off! 🙂

Congratulations! If you see your name listed above please email us with your contact information so you can claim your prize.

Sending much love,

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  1. Elizabeth

    I must say that when I discovered Kelly Rae Roberts' art work it was by accident. I had chosen a picture that I found on a Facebook quotes page and fell in love with it. <3 I went on to find the author's name, as it was for some reason not named (maybe because they may have cropped it or seomthing) and as soon as I found who the artist was I was ecstatic! 😉 Kelly Rae Roberts, you are an amazing artist at heart, mind, & soul.

    Elizabeth Aviles

  2. josephine

    I love the looking back and the learning- It is such an important part of embracing who we are now, isn't it? And sometimes it takes really soulful courage to do so- thank you for sharing your learnings and history
    josephine x

  3. Tricia

    How fun! I didn't realize how long I've been reading your blog. I remember the 2007 design. Thanks for the reminder to look back on previous work. Definitely a great way to recognize progress.

  4. willotoons

    Congratulations to all the winners! We're so happy to have you in our 5-week RE:CONNECT ecourse, Soraya! It starts Monday, so we'll be sure to get you the information.

    Registration is still open, should any of your friends like to join us! It's going to be a good'n. 🙂

  5. Flor Larios Art

    woohoo! I won! Thank you Kelly!!!

  6. Cheryl Dossey

    Wow Kelly, thanks so much for sharing your evolution with us. It's quite an inspiration for someone who is just getting started. It's encouraging to know that if I stick with it I will continue to grow and evolve toward my goals and dreams. Hopefully in a few years I can look back and appreciate my very humble beginnings. 🙂

  7. Lucy Chen

    Kelly, thank you for sharing your blog history in this visual format. It's very inspiring to see its revolution throughout these years. And what a big difference and growth is there in your art!

  8. Viviane

    wonderful to see the progress of your blog over the years.

    am so looking forward to being a part of your flying lessons course!


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