new partnership with DecalGirl and a peek into the home decor line showroom

Sep 7, 2012 | Entrepreneurship, Inspiring Products, Life in Progress

Hi friends,
I wanted to tell you about my brand new partnership with DecalGirl! They are the #1 decal/skin supplier in the world and I’m THRILLED to offer up 10 different skin designs for all of your gadget needs from cell phones, to readers, to computers, to media players and on and on.

Seriously. Just about any device.

Here are just a couple of the options:

Let’s make our kindles and other readers gorgeous! 10 designs available!

Let’s make our iPods beautiful! 10 different designs available.

And of course our laptops – let’s make them happy and colorful and gorgeous! 
They even make keyboard skins! 
In other news, I also wanted to show you the summer showroom of my home decor line with Creative Co-op! 
Take a peek: 

Sometimes, all the time really, I want to pinch myself that all of this is real. That it’s happening. That I get to do what I love. It is not lost on me that none of this would be possible without the layers and layers of people who make it happen, from wholesalers, to product developers, to showroom stylists, to retailers, to customers, to shippers, to the sales teams, and on and on and on. A HUGE VILLAGE. I am so thankful to my village and the community of people who make it all happen. 
And I’m just crazy crazy grateful to you for scooping it up and making it all so very worth it. Really. Thank you…a thousand times over. 
Kelly Rae

Sending much love,

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  1. Kristal Norton

    OMG the showroom looks absolutely gorgeous!! Congratulations on the new adventure, that is so awesome you get your amazing work on things people use everyday! Off to take a peek…

  2. Laura Akers

    I love all of this art and prizes. I have been a longtime fan and enjoy buying but it's fun to have an opportunity to win some. Thanks

  3. Sarah

    I have a laptop skin of yours ("dream big"), and I cannot tell you how many times I get comments on it. I am frequently asked about it. Those people tend to jot down your name as I tell them the artist who created it. It doesn't fail to give me a smile when I have to open my laptop for work.

  4. Chris

    Love your site. Beauty and inspiration! Thank you for sharing.


    Hi Kelly! I just bought your book a few weeks ago and just love your work. You're an inspiration for my work and I get great ideas for the direction I would like to take my work to. Thank you for putting yourself out there! Sincerely, Michelle

  6. Tiges and Weince

    Congrats Kelly, hard work certainly shines in the end. Enjoy the moment x

  7. Lauren

    Wow! Those are darling! I love love the laptop skin…hmmm…if only I owned a laptop! Congrats on the new business…what a fantastic success!


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