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Jul 4, 2006 | Life in Progress

Liz was here for the weekend and it was a lovely, lovely visit. i swear, time passes quickly with her. we are two chatter boxes filled with enthusiasm and good conversation when we’re together. not only did we have the funniest experience in the best fabric store in the entire world where every other word from our mouths was “oh my, this is so cute” or “this fabric would make the cutest apron” or “how cute would this be as a purse?” the dialogue was, at best, the silliest string of phrases where every other word was “cute.” really, we are smart, intelligent people with strong vocabularies. but something about all that wonderful fabric had us funnily settled on Cute.

oh, and we saw the indigo girls at the Oregon Zoo! have i mentioned lately how much i’ve fallen back in love with their music? they are so good. it’s like soul food every time i see or hear them sing together.

and then there was a fun visit with alexandra who made the best banana bread i’ve had in a long time. and let me just say her house is so perfectly decorated that it had me all excited to decorate our new place in california. it is so darling with color and art and books and a leather chair! she is seriously so sweet, that girl. really, truly, genuinely authentic.

i spent much of my morning in a panic after spending 5 hours on photoshop late last nite perfecting everything Laini taught me about formatting my originals for prints only to go and incorrectly save it to a disk at 2am, resulting in losing every ounce of data i had worked so hard on. can you believe it? it’s true. i even took the computer to the mac repair place and sure enough, the nice and very informative techies broke the very sad news: it was all lost and in no way recoverable. it could have been worse. that is what i tell myself in these moments that seem unbearable. at least i have love and health and family and friends in my life. this is just a pea in the scheme of things, but still. it sucks.

i am feeling brighter as i sit here and write. but still, i am fully overwhelmed with gladness to finally be approaching our move date in a few days, anticipation, sadness to begin the final goodbyes, frustration with the little things that don’t go as planned, frustration with myself for not allowing myself to not sweat the small stuff, worry that we’ll make it safely on our 16 hour drive with a gigantic uhaul with a car on the trailer, and concern that i’m one big frazzled mess during these last visits with my dear friends. i just want to focus and be in the moment with them, while not wondering if i’ve taken care of this or that. so this is where i am right now. all over the place! but mostly optimistic with a bit of panic thrown it here and there.

Sending much love,

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  1. Steph

    Hi, got your blog link from John in NM. He thought I’d like your site, and I do! Thanks for writing! I also love the indigo girls, and I’m trying to learn to play the guitar so I can play some of their stuff. 🙂 I’m a Looooong way off from that. I’ll enjoy reading your blog regularly. Cheers

  2. Susannah

    Good luck with the move, sweet pea. think of the computer trauma as a good sign – now something rubbish has happened, it takes the pressure off the move – everything will go swimmingly for you, i just know it 🙂

  3. Alexandra S

    Oh! that is awful! It reminds me of my sister back in the 80s when she lost a paper she had worked on ALL night long and at 4 or 5 am she lost the whole thing because she hadn’t been saving it-(still very early in the personal computer days!) Its an awful feeling to lose something in that way & hate to think you will have to redo it, BUT I know I will be buying prints to slowly build my “Kellyrae collection!” & Thank you so much for the wonderful comments on my decorating! (right after someone noticing I’ve lost weight that is the next ultimate compliment I think!) Part of the reason I don’t like owning is I like moving into a new space and making it a new home! I look very forward to seeing your new place-be sure to take before & after photos too ! I wish you weren’t moving away though just as we are all getting to know each other. You will be sorely missed! Maybe Laini and I will have to block all the routes out of Portland the day you are leaving.

  4. Madeleine

    I feel gutted for you on losing all your work.Computers are fantastic until something like this happens!
    Sounds like there is a lot in store for you with the move. Good luck with it all.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog 🙂

  5. liz elayne

    you lost it all? okay this is such yuck my dear. just yuck. oh i hope you have time to do them again.

    and i keep singing the indigo girls and thinking about the fun we had. and laughing at “cute, yes, cute.” i took jon to the fabric store yesterday and ended up saying those same words a few times…though he just smiled and nodded, not exactly joining in.

    thank you for such a fun time my dear.

  6. amystery

    Oh my goodness I know the feeling. A few weeks ago I lost three months worth of photos…my own dumb move and they weren’t recoverable. Such a bummer, but like you I also had to just throw up my hands and say “oh well”. Your last couple days sound like they were filled with fantastic adventures!

  7. Kristin

    When are you guys moving? I know soon but I wasn’t exactly sure or maybe at some point I knew and have been slighty thrown off mental balance with all the drugs from the surgery stuff that I just simply forgot…any who I’d just like to know so I can send a few extra prayers and well wish for a safe journey. Oh…and does John have a younger brother, cousin, or distant relative who resembles him by the name of Doug????????


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