heavy heart and an epson printer

Jul 6, 2006 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress, My Creative Practice

tomorrow is my last day of work. it feels weird. i feel a bit disconnected. but i also just feel sick of myself going through this process. i’m ready to move on. i’m feeling a different feeling everyday. it’s a bit much. i’m sick of myself talking about it, writing about it, feeling about it. i need something else right now. thankfully, i’m leaving in a couple of days for the east coast to see my best friend. i’m ready for that.

after work i had 2 separate goodbye meals in one nite with 4 of my favorite women in my life right now. my heart is heavy and all mixed up. this is hard. i wrote cards for all of my work friends and today when one of them gave me a big hug, i teared up. i hope i don’t fall apart tomorrow on my last day.

in other news, we were told today that john’s shoulder, which still hasn’t fully healed (it’s been 7 weeks), has a torn rotator cuff. we find out tomorrow if surgery will be required. and if so, he’ll have to squeeze that in some time in the next few days before we move. yep, we’ll just add that surgery to the to-do list. crazy.

in some fun art news, i bought a really nice epson printer for printing high quality, archival prints. it’s serious stuff. we’re talking 8 ink cartridges made from pigmented inks that will last over 100years. i’ve never been so excited about buying a printer before. soon, when things settle a bit, i’ll have prints and originals for sale on my etsy. i’m in the market for a decent scanner. if anyone can recommend a scanner, i’m interested.

speaking of art, my sister jen just posted some of her recent pieces. check them out here. you will be amazed!

Sending much love,

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  1. Laini Taylor

    Oh man, Kelly, I hope John doesn’t need surgery! I hope you don’t have to drive that big-ass U-Haul the whole way to Oakland! I’m so sad that you guys are basically GONE already. Wah! But I’m glad for you that this limbo period of preparing for a big change has finally ended and the big change is at hand, at last. All blessings for a safe drive, and settling in, followed by enjoying a Bay Area summer AND a wonderful Bay Area Indian summer, which can be even better than the summer itself! Safe travels!

  2. Julie H

    Hi Kelly

    What a totally fab set of shelves for your new home (yes, I know that was several posts back, and what a clever hubby to make them! I am hoping you settle in soon as I have already picked the wall space to hang one of your art works on!!

    Hugs from Australia

  3. Clare Jane

    Kelly, I feel you on the emotional roller coaster of leaving the place you call home. Reading your words reminds me how hard it was to leave to Seattle and it’s especially hard when the leaving is dragged out the way you and I have both experienced it. Damn those motivated and ambitious husbands of ours! ; )

  4. britt

    hi kelly – i’m not sick of hearing your thoughts. you have a LOT going on! best to you –


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