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Jul 16, 2007 | Life in Progress

“sanguine”, on canvas, available soon

it was a weekend of early mornings, full days with john, and catching up with one another from the week lost to a new routine. it was good. friday evening was hard – my tears arrived with his arrival home, but hugs, tenderness, and conversation soothed me toward acceptance and gratitude. we knew this would be hard, but it feels we are tugging and pulling our way to OK. i do believe and feel that this next week will be better than last, and so it will carry on.

late friday we were awakened by exactly 5 gunshots outside. the next morning we learned that one of the tenants in the building next to ours was struck by one of the bullets that traveled through her window and into her leg. she is alive and well, but still, a very real reminder of where we live. that very same day john’s bike was stolen. how strange to feel so fortunate and deeply thankful for our lives (even in the midst of change) in the company and neighborhood of people who apparently don’t trust the value of LIFE. i will never understand. and quite honestly, it makes me continue to count the days when we can get out of oakland, california. although i feel cautiously safe here, i would be lying if i said i didn’t worry about finding myself at the wrong place, at the wrong time. it seems we’re racking up a whole storybook on the crazy tales of “when we lived in oakland….”

enough of worry. really, this is where i am tonight: i feel rejuvenated from the weekend, ready to begin the week with a full heart, on my own, and with a fairly heavy to-do list of things i love to do: business/book stuff. art stuff. meetings with friends stuff. hospital work stuff. a new workout routine with a friend stuff. and lots of telephone conversations with my far away husband who’s heart i never seem to get enough of.

oh yes, and a bit of good news. i was accepted into this fabulous san francisco art festival.

all is well.

Sending much love,

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  2. Stephanie

    I live in a little area in Atlanta called the East Atlanta Village. This area is a transitional neighborhood and sometimes feels like the wild wild west where at other times if feels like Mayberry. I have many great neighbors that are working to make it a safer and more beautiful place to live. Even with the negative presence in the neighborhood, I feel that the positive far outweighs it. I love it here. I know that you will embrace the positives in Oakland while you are there. I hope that all is well!

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  4. cassandra

    You are fabulous and I have enjoyed your blog. It inspired me to figure out how to give mine a face lift. I’m still working on it. Your thoughs seem sincere and your artwork is great.

  5. melanie

    It’s such a crazy, mad world… I will never understand it. All we can do is take it all in as frequent reminders to live mindfully, cherish each moment and every connection and keep the faith that we’ll be blessed with one more tomorrow each morning.

  6. Julie H

    I love the colours and grungy texture of this one, they contrast so beautifully with the wistful/serene face.

    I really do pray for your safety.
    Have a peace filled week.

  7. Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose)

    whoopee!!! yay you! that is fantastic. you are an amazing, fabulous artist and you totally deserve this!

    here’s to your fabulous new week!

  8. Jim Di Bartolo

    P.S. – sorry to hear about John’s work-related absence during the week. I know how sucky I’d feel if Laini had to do that, but be well and be strong, I know you two will make it through unscathed.

    Many hugs from Laini and me!

  9. Jim Di Bartolo

    Congrats on getting into the art festival! You continue to rule! 🙂

    SO sorry to hear about the madness in Oakland. Yikes! I don’t recall ANY craziness when we lived there (although Laini’s bike did get stolen from our back yard one night! Maybe her bike and John’s are going on a long fun ride today — or not… Sorry to hear that, it REALLY sucks 🙁

    Looking forward to having you kids back in Portland!

    Be well!

  10. Judy Wise

    Congratulations on being accepted into the art festival. It’s always good to have a goal to work toward. I wish the world was always safe; especially the world surrounding a dear heart like your own. xoxo

  11. Cre8Tiva

    the art festival looks wonderful…congrats…every step in the direction of your dreams is wonderous…stay safe…blessings, rebecca

  12. deirdre

    Feeling unsure of your safety at home is a terrible feeling. I’m so glad John was home with you when this happened – and so sorry his bike was stolen. This is the second or third bicycle theft I’ve heard of in a week.

    One week down…. You’re going to be so glad when this is over, and have so many stories to tell from this time in Oakland.

    Sounds like you’ve got a good week planned for yourself – artful.

    I went to the festival website. Congratulations on your acceptance, it’s perfect for the art you make.

    I had a giggle when I looked at the list of art offered at the festival and saw children listed.

  13. kelly

    morning glory….
    congrats on the art fest – you will do great, of course!

    hope all is well. last month
    we had a stand off situation in our
    itty bitty town. swat was out and the two side streets on each end of our block were closed, one block over is where it was taking place. poor clancy had to be waken from a deep sleep to come to our bedroom. i was concerned about stray bullets and her bedroom is at the front of the house. i hope your neighbor is healing in every sense of the word.



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