Jul 19, 2007 | Life in Progress

“simple pleasures”, on canvas + available soon
i feel a bit like a moron. i just posted (then deleted) a long post about the friction that exist (for me and many women, esp young women) between external forces and the internal intuition/answers to our big life questions. after rereading it, it felt a bit judgemental. so, i deleted it. i thought about it, thought i was being silly and ridiculous. and so, i deleted it. isn’t it funny how we think we are so sure about how we feel about something, but then when you see it on the screen we realize that perhaps those thoughts we just wrote down aren’t really fully thought out! it’s like an apology, deleting that post. i think my first ever (in blog world). a blogger apology!

on a lighter note to get my head out of my arse, i thought i’d share this silly list of google searches leading people here to my wee little blog:

stomach sticking more boobs
jimmy buffett boobs
hug boobs in bra
asheville prostitutes (2nd time!)
32dd boob real
sneek a peek at your boobs

i mean, really. hilarious!

Sending much love,

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  1. dfh








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  2. Schmoops

    asheville prostitutes and their boobs is totally how i found your blog! {wink} xoxo

  3. Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose)

    for me what usually changes things is either a long nap or a good night’s sleep…after either of those i tend to see the world in a different way…

  4. mati rose

    that is too funny about the boobage links. how do you find how people find your blog in the first place, oh wise one?
    i think it’s still good to get those thoughts out there, even if they’re deleted… yup.
    xo m

  5. kellyloveswhales

    I found your blog through Creative Thursday (not by googling Jimmy Buffet loves boobs, honestly!) and really enjoy reading your perspective on life, the creative process and living an authentic life. Thanks for sharing your creative spirit and insight.


  6. deirdre

    It didn’t seem judgemental to me – it’s true the answers are all inside, it’s realizing that can be difficult.

    I’ve agonized over things I’ve posted a few times too and taken down one or two. And maybe that’s the magic of writing, getting to see our half-formed thoughts on paper (or screen) so we can learn a little more about what’s inside.

    I still think your list of searches is hilarious.

  7. Kelly

    I am quickly becomming a fan of your work, I love the new picture you posted. Being new to the world of blogging I have wrote , rewrote and rewrote again the few blogs that i’ve managed to post. So, Moron I think

  8. Dat Nguyen

    That’s a funny story—I go through that process all the time so now I write my thoughts down and let it sit for a while (at least a few weeks). If it ceases to make sense or capture the essence of whatever, I don’t execute on it. I’m not that bad at judgement, but sometimes those things just past through. Looking back on things (specifically old blog post), I hate wondering: “what was I thinking? I don’t even understand it!”


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