finally, some art and news i can share….(!)

Aug 26, 2007 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress

girlfriends, on canvas , available soon

i am super thrilled to have an article in the latest issue of cloth paper scissors magazine. i’ve heard rumors that it’s out and available in bookstores now. the article is about my very personal journey into the creative life, my heart spilled out onto six glossy pages of words and color. i am feeling vulnerable, excited, exposed, happy disbelief, and full on gratitude.

it arrived in the mail the other day and i gleefully sat next to all the plants and windows and read it, as i do with every issue, cover to cover. what a joy. my heart feels big.

Sending much love,

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  1. Waiting for Occupation

    yes!!!! this is awesome! and happy anniversary. I love you
    ! i need to go and get my copy!!! xoxo- Maya

  2. Jim Di Bartolo

    Belated congrats on receiving your advanced copies!!! I checked the bookstore a couple weeks ago unsure of when your issue came out (and it wasn’t there yet) but I’ll go again shortly and make sure Laini and I have our copy! VERY exciting!

    Will we get to see you in Portland sometime soon (I hope?). Oh, and a HUGE “Happy Anniversary” too! Give John our best.


  3. Deryn Mentock

    Congratulations Kelly. It’s a beautiful article!

  4. katie

    hi kelly,
    i got my copy of Cloth Paper Scissors – congratulations on the publication of your beautiful artwork and article!

  5. Debbi Baker

    Hi Kelly Rae! I just love this article – it is very you (judging from your blog which I love reading!)The artwork is incredible and I love the fact that the photos are lovely and big. You should feel so proud. All the best for all your future dreams too!

  6. Taylor

    Your paintings look great in CPS- So big and the article is great. How exciting. I’m so happy for you.

  7. Swirly

    So exciting!! The more the world knows about you the better. πŸ™‚

  8. Tricia Scott

    congratulations! you deserve this honor—i love your work and cherish the time i stop by here for visits. i may not always leave a comment but i am always thinking—i really like her! so i am just thrilled for you and i cannot wait to read the article. what an amazing journey art is!

  9. Julie H

    oooh it takes sooo long for my CPS subscription to get to Australia – I will be doubly looking forward to it. Love the piece of art too.. I must go see what you are selling at the moment.

  10. Lina

    I will get it first thing in the morning..after watching the eclipse and waiting for the bookstore to open!!! I am so excited for you, what a wonderful feeling it must be!! ENjoy it…sending a big congatulatory hug to you!

  11. wabisabigirl

    That’s so exciting! I’ll have to go out and buy an issue. I have one of your prints (“girly”) hanging in my daughter’s bedroom and we love it! As a budding artist just discovering my own creative outlet, I always jump when someone at a show refers to me as “the artist” and I can totally appreciate how amazing it must be to have your art in a magazine! I look forward to reading it!

  12. Kristin

    Congradulations! This is so exciting! You’re going to be famous!

  13. Steph

    That is a marvelous, wonderful, amazing blessing! Congratulations on your abundance.

  14. deirdre

    I was planning on staying home today, but now I have to run out to the bookstore. You. are. amazing.

  15. Schmoops

    ooooh, i can’t wait to read it! fantastic news! that new painting is just gorgeous. love it love it. xoxo

  16. Alexandra S

    I will try to get a copy of that today! The painting is just beautiful Kelly. I just got back to Portland yesterday and your wonderful art greeted me in the hallway just as I came through the front door. Looking super forward to our clam chowder reunion next week!xo

  17. Anonymous

    Congratulations Kelly Rae! I am so excited for you! Is there any way you could scan the article and send it my way digitally? We don’t get that magazine in the Dominican Republic πŸ™‚ My e-mail is…look forward to reading the article! Cheers, Josefina.

  18. misty

    i know just how exciting that feeling truly is…enjoy it, it’s wonderful! congrats!

  19. daisies

    πŸ™‚ how absolutely wonderful … congratulations πŸ™‚ so very happy for you!!

  20. Gwen

    I have been anxiously awaiting this issue, can’t wait to get it and show all of my friends and say I KNOW HER!!!
    How high school is that? Seriously, I am very proud of you and happy for your success!!


  21. Lelainia N. Lloyd

    That is very exciting Kelly and I am so pleased for you. Your work is so fresh-it reminds me of the first signs of spring and I hope that you will continue to have success. There is nothing more graitfying than doing the work of your heart and having it welcomed with open arms. It will be a few weeks till CPS reaches the shelves in Canada, but when it does, I will be sure and read your article first.

    Well done!

  22. Amanda

    yay! so wonderful! AMAZING:)

  23. Cindy In Carolina

    I was thinking of you yesterday. I can’t wait to see the new CPS. Have you ever painted any of your girls looking up, at a bird, the sun or the moon, or looking up to pick an apple, or in an orchid of fruit trees that are giants and the girl is just a little thing. Just thoughts I had, I don’t know why, they just came to me and I told myself I would pass them on.

  24. Tejae

    Congratulations sweetie!!

  25. liz elayne

    i cannot wait to read it!!! fantastic!

    (and i love, love, love the new painting…it is gorgeous)

  26. Stacie

    Congrats on this! I am going to get a copy immediately!

  27. Judy Wise

    Congratulations to one of the nicest artists I know. This is HUGE!! I am proud proud proud of you.

  28. kelly

    yippie!!!! i am going to have to head to lafayette and hit the barnes and noble! i can’t wait
    to read it.

    so happy for you.

  29. Kirsten Michelle

    congratulations, kelly…i’m SO happy for you!!!
    i’ll be out tomorrow getting my hands on a copy!!!
    i’m lovin’ girlfriends!!!
    oh my goodness, i’m SO, SO happy for you!!!


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