Aug 25, 2007 | Life in Progress

i’ve been feeling a bit camera/photo happy lately here on the blog. can you tell?

i’m feeling a surge of creative energy lately, loving the time spent in the studio. new ideas are being born, new possibilities. i love these times. john and i had a long conversation this morning over tea and coffee about transformations. how the beginnings of things turn and swell and become richer. life is feeling like that lately. i’ve come out of something hard and awkward and while i was wrestling, searching, crying, something was being born and transformed for me. i am seeing and feeling that now, the richness and the saturation of life. it’s everywhere.

did i mention i got a new digital pocket camera? i’ve been playing, learning, taking a million photos. here’s one taken this morning of bella’s paw print at her favorite dog park. she and john are in the background. i love images of a life, any life.
and of course, here’s a heart window found today at our favorite mexican lunch spot in berkeley. we’ve been there several times, and not once had i noticed (until today) their hearts. that’s what i mean about seeing and feeling the saturation of life. feels good.

Sending much love,

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  1. Tricia Scott

    i love the heart photos! keep ’em coming!!!

  2. Julie H

    Kelly it is so nice to see you at a point in your journey where you are in time with your life.
    Terrific photos. I do like the no smoking sign behind the hearts too – nice reminder of the biological.

  3. Kel x

    What’s the collective noun for Kellys (not a gaggle! maybe a clutch?)? We seem to have a party of them here today, anyhow! I was just stopping by to say how much I appreciate your blog, and am just looooooving your camera happy days – today’s photos are way too cool!

  4. kelly

    morning girlie….creativity rocks!
    you sound so happy and inspired.


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