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Jul 29, 2006 | Life in Progress

not wanting to sound too dramatic, but this adjusting phase is hard. tears yesterday. more today. the less busy we are, the worse it is. reality is setting in. we had a good, hard, long talk this morning and came up with a fool proof plan to get ourselves though this muck asap. then we went into the city (just 2 bart stops from our apt), walked what felt like a thousand miles up and down hills (our booties will hopefully get all plump in no time), people watched, enjoyed the hustle and bustle of san francisco. we ate lunch at a quaint italian joint and made a long list of things we’d like to do and see these next few weeks. camping trips, day trips, museum trips, art festivals, and more. the goal is not to keep us distracted, well maybe just a little, but really to submerge ourselves in life around here. and to start good habits straight away. john played his first soccer game with the oakland boyz in the park across the street. they play every evening. while he’s playing soccer, i’ll be running around the lake. that’s the plan people. i must stick to it!

oh, i’ve been working very hard on my art business. soon, and i mean soon, there will be prints and originals for sale (finally) on etsy. i’m nervous, but taking the plunge and am hopeful i will sell something. also, i’ve been doing a ton of website research and have made several inquiries. if you are a website designer, or know someone, please speak up. i need a fun & functional website.

Sending much love,

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  1. Alexandra S

    Wow! Is this a new painting? Love it and if I wasn’t between jobs I would snag it but will get a print of it! – I’m really inspired by how you two support each other through the transition and sorry to hear you are feeling the pangs of all the changes. AND very impressed at how you have so quickly put together a GEORGEOUS apartment AND your business in the midst of it all! yay Kelly! I miss you here in Portland and want you to have a wonderful two years there and then come right back here, ok!?

  2. Julie H

    Big, big hugs to you! I too know what moving is like. Reading your blog in recent months I have seen many posts about your great friendships. As it takes a friend to make one, I know that you are good at it, and very soon you will have more wonderful friends.

    Meanwhile, if I knew how many sleeps, I would be counting sleeps until your art comes on Etsy.


  3. Letha Sandison

    Oh sweet pea, I know how hard moving is both on you and your career. I have had to move three times in 5 years for my husbands career. It is hard to do if you are an artist!!! I am here if you need to vent. I will also write you an email of good things to do in the Bay Area…maybe that will help.

    As for a good functional website, the beautiful BoHo’s husband is a web designer and he is great!! If you need his email, just shoot me a message and I’ll pass it along.

    HANG IN THERE sweets!

  4. Jes

    HEY girl!! I saw your last post, but was in a hurry…and didn’t want to rush through your “moving” post.

    I wish I could give you a big hug…I know being the new girl is hard…but your creative, fabulous energy will draw other cool folk right to you!!! xox

    Your apartment DOES kick ass…it kicks it big time! It looks so bright and cheery…and you have made it look wonderful with all of your decor! SERIOUSLY…it looks like it could be in a layout for “Cottage Home”!

    I have to tell you that I really love my piece we traded! I have it in beteween cardboard until I frame it..(this Monday I hope!!) but I take sneak peaks at it, as it makes me smile!! I can’t wait for yout to start your biz…you better be ready, you’ll sell out I’m sure!!!

    Chat soon!!


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