My heart’s return. IF – Clean

Jul 30, 2006 | Life in Progress

9 X 14, on wood

finally, back in the studio, a clean start, in our new city, new apt. and it feels good. my heart’s return.

if you’re interested, you can purchase this piece here.

i was chased by a lunatic last nite up the steps to our apt building. i was frantically pushing the door shut while he was pushing it open. he didn’t seem to care that i had a dog with me. i called the police. they couldn’t find him. “welcome to oakland” is what everyone is saying. “oh my god” is what i’m saying.

Sending much love,

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  1. Kelly Lish

    I just sold my first etsy piece too-yesterday-I am so excited! I cant stop smiling!

  2. Pilar Pollock

    I love this piece! The fusion of color, wash, original drawings and collage works beautifully!I look forward to seeing more of your work.:)

  3. lil kim

    this is beautiful, love the colours.

  4. nonoy

    ahh this is soo beautifull i love it!

  5. Dana

    Oh my god! Are you OK? Is this going to happen whenever you leave you apartment?

  6. melba

    I love your art work and new store. It is nice to see you developing as an artist.

  7. Carolyn

    I adore your artwork… and I love your apartment!!! Good luck in your new city (hubby and I recently moved, though not quite as a drastic one as yours.)

    I look forward to visiting you here and on flickr!

  8. Naru

    I like your color palette. very sweet.

  9. Whatsername

    I want to buy your art, Kelly!! I am so glad you started a website. I am so proud of you and impressed by your determination. I am worried about the crazy man…I hope this was just a fluke. I don’t know how to help. But that should NOT happen.

  10. Rrramone

    Is your story for real? If so I’m so sorry you had to endure that. Hope you don’t have to again. Really nice piece. 🙂

  11. justjohanna

    my favorite of your recent work. it feels a little different somehow. sorry to hear about the lunatic – that sounds terrifying!! loving your new apartment pictures. makes me want to re-decorate.

  12. Dee

    I’m going to sound redundant, but fabulous texture and colors! My fingers itch to run over the piece. 🙂

  13. hemelsgroen

    This feels like spring! Spring is a fresh start as well. Love the illustration.

  14. irisz

    i love your colours!

  15. Lhuis

    i like the color&texture!!!!

    great illo! really!



  16. erika

    this is a gorgeous piece. i love the colors and the way you drew the woman.

    sorry to hear about your experience in oakland, it can be a scary place.

  17. carla

    This is such a beautiful piece! I love the subtle textures and color mixes that are going on…very, very nice! I just took a few minutes to read your last couple of posts. First of all – your apartment looks fabulous! Wow! It sounds like you’ve gone through some really big changes! It’s always hard to move into such a different environment, especially when you go from a place that you loved to another place that’s so “in your face.” It’s good that you’re making a point of getting into the lifestyle in your new home…SF is such a awesome city. I’m guessing in just a few months, you’ll be feeling even better about things.

  18. Madeleine

    loving that piece…you’ve so much talent.

    sorry about that mad man. sounds scary.
    i’m sure it’s a one-off, keep safe, girl

  19. Mab - Art and Design

    Kelly – I read your blog everynow and again as it really cheers me up and plus, your art is fab!

    Keep your chin up – things will settle I’m sure. Channel your energies into your art.

    Big hugs

  20. pangolin

    Just lovely.
    Carrying a bird on your head is sure to dissuade any (other) lunatics.

  21. JO

    This is a wonderful piece (Thank goodnes your okay).

  22. peeko

    great texture, very feminine– beautiful work!!!

  23. Alina Chau

    beautiful color and texture!! PRETTY illo!

  24. Teresa

    Great artwork! I am so sorry that you were chased–how very scary–well at least for me it would be. Way to be brave!

  25. deardeedle

    I really like your illo. It’s my first of three faves for the topic. I like the colors and layering. But my fav. part is the bird on her head.

  26. Catnapping

    great choices in your pallet. an excellent illustration/collage mix.

  27. M

    This is beautiful! And I’m loving that you have a place where I can go and buy one of your pieces! Yeah! I think your plan to emerse yourselves in your new life sounds good. And sorry about the lunatic chasing you up the stairs- that can’t be fun!!
    Hang in, it will all get easier.

  28. michael dailey

    colors and texturs are wonderful. okland sounds fun. hope thats the last of that kinda adventure for u.

  29. claudine hellmuth

    cute artwork! Like your use of color and texture!


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