good luck kelly

Aug 1, 2006 | Life in Progress

there’s something funny going on. i have stumbled upon kelly after kelly, all in just about 24 hours. i think it means something. good luck, maybe?

1. my name is kelly, of course.
2. i had dinner with a new friend whose name was kelly
3. our server’s name was kelly
4. i bought shipping supplies from a wholesale warehouse called Kelly Supply
5. a woman name Kelly asked me to apply for an emerging artist program in San Fran
6. finally, a friend of mine sent me and email and the very last line read, “ps-have i ever mentioned to you that my brother’s name is Kelly?

how silly is that? things are looking up here. lots of social dates with new friends – all of them are folks that know someone i know on the east coast. i love networking. it seems we’re quite busy these last couple of days. i still feel some sadness here and there, but mostly i feel light and breezy, like possibility floating my way. i’m waiting for a job offer from a hospital up the road. fingers are crossed.

i have finally posted originals up for sale on Etsy (link is on my sidebar) and prints will be up this weekend. thank you to everyone for their support. i feel wrapped in it. and it feels amazing.

Sending much love,

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  1. Jes

    OK…something is definetly up with that…and quite frankly…Kelly….it’s all gotta’ be GOOD!! LOL

  2. Laini Taylor

    Hi Kelly! That’s funny synchronicity. I wish I had a Kelly to add to your collection, but I’ve been Kellyless lately. I was horrified to read about you being chased up the steps by a madman. What the hell? I hope you haven’t seen him again! Be safe, you!

    (Also, congrats on your etsy store! Everything looks beautiful!)

  3. kelly

    oh the luck of the irish….lassie!

  4. kerry

    i hope you continue to feel that breeze…

  5. Mab - Art and Design

    Aww that’s sounds much more positive! Fingers crossed on the job and I shall be scooting over to Etsy now to have a look at your lovely work! Well done Kelly. 😀

  6. liz elayne

    the serendipity of it all…wow.
    and three cheers for your etsy shop!!
    hope you are feeling full and bright today.
    love to you,

  7. M

    That made me think of the Woody song on Cheers, “Kelly Kelly Kelly….”.
    Anyways, good luck with the job! So happy all is coming together.

  8. Alexandra S

    thats unbelievable! and didn’t I tell you I just 2 days ago had my name legally changed to Kelly Kelly Kelly? (its now my 1st, middle, AND last name!)
    Kelly Kelly Kelly


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