freddy kruger and yoga

Dec 6, 2006 | Life in Progress

can i just say that i love looking over and seeing our sweet little christmas tree with all it’s little while lights and ornaments?

bikram yoga is hard. it. is. hard. the goal is to go 9 more times before leaving for florida in a couple of weeks. hmmm. we’ll see. i must have yawned 15 times during class tonite. and as much as i enjoy a good yawn, 15 times was a bit much. i didn’t sleep very well last nite. i had vague dreams about freddy kruger (yes, the friday the 13th man). and i had another dream a couple of nites ago that a dear friend passed away. i hate those kinds of dreams. they creep in every now and again and leave me weary. i am one of those people who remembers their dreams almost every single morning and sometimes that’s a great thing (flying in your dreams and breathing under water is cool) and sometimes not (freddy kruger, death and dying).

in other news, it’s official: we are going to portland for several days after christmas. can’t tell you how excited that makes both of us. and when we return from all the holiday love and fun, we are fully committed to start the Body for Life program on monday, jan 8th. we’ve done it before and had great success. most importantly, i felt healthier and strong. i want that again. we’ve recruited several friends to start it with us. the more accountability, the better. it’s a whole new way of eating and working your body. but for now, for the holidays, i’ll continue to indulge.

i haven’t been able to get into the studio in awhile. i’ve been working quite a bit at the hospital, but should have some days off soon. i’m anxious to get painting!

Sending much love,

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  1. Tiger

    With your BFL commitment and busy travel schedule, you may find useful. It’s local bikram hot yoga studio locations & reviews – perfect for the traveling yogini!

  2. krista

    I love the BFL program! I did it once too. It impacted me in a major way. I have it in my kitchen, on my little kitchen bookshelf as a reminder.

    Good luck on your program with it!

  3. Anonymous

    hey beautiful kelly rae 🙂

    i’ve been musing upon doing the body for life challenge as well… but realised the period leading up to christmas wasn’t the best one to start it with… in the new year! 😀

    i too am one who will remember all dreams, and am sensitive to the bad ones ~ they tend to put me in a funk for at least half a day… what i am gradually finding is that i am gaining more consciousness in my dreaming world though… so when i find myself panicking in a dream, i ask my wise self to step in and guide me with courage and a peaceful heart into taking power over the dream. i feel like dream work is like spirit work in many ways… becoming a shamaness or a peaceful goddess warrior for me starts there in dreamland 🙂

    blessed be grooving woman ~~~
    may your life be abundant with studio hours!

    love and light,

  4. la vie en rose

    i did the body for life program several years ago (with my sister). it really felt good. now i can’t seem to get myself to a gym.

  5. kelly

    hey kelly….sounds like you are
    busy. such is life – huh?

    thanks for the link to bodys for
    life. i passed it on to bryce.
    he is a very fit boy and probably would love for me to give this a try. hmmmm….i am not so fit


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