I’m going for Freedom this year. For spaciousness. For an abundance of wide open moments where spontaneity can slip in, where time feels like a sweet luxury worth luxuriating in. Less hustle. More alignment. Less doing. More being. More moments that aren’t hurried or over-scheduled. More LIFE. Simpler. Slower.

I want to return and belong to myself, not to my inbox, my bank account, my business, or full schedule. I want long moments and stretches where I can explore my creativity on the canvas (and off) without having it commercialized or monetized. I want to explore for exploration’s sake. Freedom.

I want to read all the books that have been waiting. Not the ones that can show or tell me how I can improve myself. Not this year, anyway. I want the poetry books. The Memoirs. The books of illustrations, nature, and beauty. The ones that represent moments stolen, or rather taken, with a cup of tea and nothing to do but read and enjoy. Freedom.

I want to simplify my business down to its essentials:  Just me, my art, and my words. Nothing crazy. Not a lot of sales and hubbub and ecourses and launches and teaching and travel and all the things. Just me, my art, and my words. Quieter. More potent. My hope is that it’s enough to sustain and put some food on the table without a ton of hustle. Freedom.

I want to get outside every day. I want to explore our new city and it’s meadows and mountains and woods. I want to meander. Freedom.

I’m excited, friends. And a little bit scared, too. Here’s to bravely following the whispers toward the lives that are calling us. Life is short and precious.

XO, Kelly Rae

PS: Image by my friend Andrea Scher.


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