Your Mess is Worthy

Dec 6, 2018 | Life in Progress

We are train wrecks. And we are holy. We are fundamentally flawed. And we are perfect, light-filled beings.

Your mess is sacred ground. For clarity finding. For healing. For transformation and opportunity. All that is sacred and gold and genuine and true comes from your mess. Embrace it. Honor it. Be in it. And know that all that is being labored in that mess will soon birth a newer you, a you that has learned sacred truths that will guide the way forward to a brighter, more loving, capable, higher version of yourself. Your mess is worthy. Sacred even.

Lacy, my friend and co-founder of Self-Care Sanctuary, is also a mess embracer. She loves finding the sacred in the ordinary, GOLD in the rubble. She wrote these words awhile back on her insta and I had to make it into a pretty image. Thank you Lacy for all that you do, create, share, and put forth in the world!

Sending love to all you in the mess right now! I see you, honor you, and recognize your courage. XO

Sending much love,

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  1. Paige

    Falsely identifying with the ‘not-self’ or ‘deficient self image’ causes personal and lineage delay.

    Spiritual bypassing occurs when the individual refuses to sit daily in sincere meditation using the natural breath to observe all thoughtforms to the root cause.

  2. Roseyn

    Oh how I needed this- completely & urgently- when I opened your email today. The reminder that my mess is sacred- that I have permission to rest in that truth, to honor that space that is challenging yet “brutiful,” to embrace all that has yet to be transformed & refined as I step into my fullness. Blessings to you & to Lacy- and to other healers that use all forms of art to restore, repair & rebirth dreams.💫💫🌟💫

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      I love “brutiful,” that is such a great word!


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