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Jul 8, 2016 | Life in Progress

Thursday, June 30

KRR insta update

Current view. Nursing a massive headache (monthly hormonal thing) so that it doesn’t escalate to a migraine. Enjoying the air, the shade, the backyard view.

Saturday, July 2

Kara Larson

She was my age. She was the owner of my favorite dress boutique in Portland @tumbleweedboutique. We got married the same summer, 15 years ago. She made my wedding dress while she was making her own. She encouraged me to wear the ruby red Mary Janes I really wanted to wear with my dress, not the traditional wedding shoes I thought I “should” wear. I’d go into her boutique in the early years and she‘d be so sweet, like your best girlfriend and tell me that not only did I look adorable in that dress over jeans but then she’d give me a “sweet girl” discount off the total. She was my original Wear Your Joy inspiration for years and years. And I’m so sad to hear that she passed away. Too young. I am thinking of her son, her husband, and all the many friends and beloved family. What a mighty loss. I still have my ruby red Mary Janes that I DID wear with my wedding dress and I will continue to look to her as a huge inspiration. RIP, you made a difference. 

Monday, July 4


My girlfriend Myriam shared this with me and I MUST share it with you.

Sometimes she knows
she is a work-in-progress
and this is exactly how it should be;
doors opening unto doors,
Alice in Wonderland.
Here she surrenders any notion
she should be different.
Then can she tumble down the rabbit-hole,
adventure after adventure;
laughing with and at herself;
or crying, as the moment desires.
At these times measuring sticks
and rule books and graph paper
can be tossed out the window
as she pulls yard after yard of color,
of uncertainty and unknowing
into her unfinished center.
At these times she does not even need
to stop up her ears against
the droning shoulds and shouldn’ts,
oughts and oughtn’ts;
she does not even have to listen
to the voices of certainty and knowing
worn by the tricksters in her life,
who call themselves teachers.
At these times
she can disappear freely and playfully
into the blessing of knowing
she is, and forever will be,
– Jennifer (Jinks) Hoffmann (2.11.11)

Tuesday, July 5

KRR red mary janes

You guys. I leave in the morning for Brave Girl Symposium and I’m obsessing over two things: what to wear and my talk that I’m giving. The part of me that is introverted is stretching her courage muscles big time and it all feels both uncomfortable and thrilling at the same time. I will MOST definitely pack my cowgirl boots for some extra grit and grace.

Wednesday, July 6

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 2.12.16 PM

Big day! Heading to Brave Girl Symposium for a couple of days of sisterhood, celebration, and inspiration. Yay!

Sending much love,

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