Brave Girl Symposium (LOVED it)

Jul 14, 2016 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress


I arrived home from the Brave Girl Symposium a couple of days ago and my heart is so full. I’m pretty certain that it wasย the most loving, happy, HONEST conference I’ve ever been too. I arrived home with my inspiration tank totally filled and with a deep, inspiring knowing that my path, and all of our paths are sacred, hard, messy, beautiful deep rivers that are worth the journey to the big wide ocean of love.


I was one of the many speakers who shared their stories. Leading up to this talk, I was so nervous. Speaking is something that I’m hot and cold about. I want to do more of it, but I also struggle with all the stuff that comes up when I push this particular edge.

KRR brave girls speaking

Photo credit Shay Michelle

Once I arrived, however, I realized that these were my people. They couldn’t have been a more powerful, loving group of women – all 500 of them! And so, it was a true honor to speak. I spoke about what love can do, and how even our hardest experiences are ones that have the capacity to give us so, so much if we’re willing to see them through the lens of healing. Hard stuff. good stuff.


I also met Glennon who I totally fangirled over. She is such a powerful force, a truth teller. Loved finally meeting her.


I also met Rachel Awes! We’ve been in touch via the Internet for years and it was such a delight to finally connect. Her talk, and her wisdom blew me away. I adore her and now considerer a soul sister.
There was so much vulnerability and laughter and possibility rolled up into this event. I’m crazy inspired by Melody, her sister Kathy, and all that they’ve created. In awe…..


Thank you, Brave Girls. I arrived home totally loved up, filled up, and ready to radiate it all out to those whose paths I cross.


PS: Be sure to check out all the speakers who spoke. They were all amazing.

Sending much love,

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  1. PAM Stuart

    Kelly, I am taking your angel painting class. A friend of mine, who is a great fan of yours, just had open heart surgery. I made her an angel with a tall crown. My mantra was, “She shall wear a crown.” She was deeply touched, and cried tear of joy. Thank you, Kelly.

  2. Pam

    Your site is inspiring. Good work.

  3. Gretchen Neal

    Kelly Rae it was such a “JOY” to meet you in person. Your talk was SOOOOO GOOD!!!! The entire experience was amazing and I just wish EVERY woman could have been there too! I hope you will be back to 2017 Brave Girls Symposium , and you are “Rockin'” those sunglasses sister!!

  4. Roseyn Hood

    Dear Kelly,
    As I told you, the only reason I attended the Brave Girl Symposium was in hopes of meeting you & thanking you as your works have lined my healing journey. As you said would be the case, I was moved & inspired by all of the speakers- their raw honesty, their tenacityou, their resilience and decision to find meaning in each day. I returned home “fulll” as well- affirmed, validated & committed to continuing to traverse the path – the challenging, messy, sometimes nerve-racking trail- designed especially for me & defined specifically by me. I read my KRR pieces daily- they are my mantra to set the stage for each new day. The theme that art speaks, art informs & art heals appeared over & over & over again last week in Boise. Your art continues to speak to my soul and reminds me that when we open our hearts- through forgiveness, renewed hope, self-acceptance, by telling our truths- what love can do is limitless. I am proud & honored to say that I, like so many of us, am a Brave Girl!
    Abundant Blessings,

  5. Perry

    Hi Kelly,
    I was one of the 500 in the audience and just wanted to tell you how much I loved your talk! I have never heard of Brave Girls before and thought I was really going to an art retreat..boy was I wrong. I’ve never cried that much in a weekend and finally gave up on the mascara!
    I wanted to find you at the event and just thank you for your book Taking Flight. I wanted to tell you that it was literally my bible this last year when I knew it was time to leave my horrible hospital job. Your book was such a comfort and reassurance to me, it helped me give permission to my dreams and served as such a guiding light in my life. Truly, dearly, from the bottom of my heart….thank you!!

  6. Christina Wells

    Kelly-Rae, I feel So Blessed to have finally met YOU! Since the day I ran onto one of your paintings, (Embrace Change) to hang in my office, when remodeling after fire damage, this quote guided us through our struggle. Your talk was inspiring &
    uplifting! Blessings to You, Sweet, Loving Brave Girl ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Debbie Yerian

    I was blown away by the compassion, honesty, creativity, and common threads of love and “doing it anyway”. So happy to finally hear you speak, and hear your story. Thank you for sharing your heart and your joy ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Robin Liefeld

    Hi, Kelly! I was there too, and your talk really resonated with me. Thank you for your vulnerability. I was also nervous when I arrived. And then I had the exact same realization that you did: these are my people!


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