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Jul 14, 2016 | Life in Progress

Friday, July 8

KRR silence is compliance

I’ve been a bit in a love bubble over here and just learned of what’s been going on. I am feeling so deeply called to own my own prejudices (as Glennon Melton Doyle said earlier today in her talk, we are all prejudice even without ill intent and I so agree), to name what I’m feeling (sadness, anger), to acknowledge what I SEE, to stand up and sister and rise and support and do whatever I can in the name of love. We must not be silent. We must rise together. See one another. Love one another. Acknowledge what we may not understand but we know to be true. And what is true is there are injustices done every second of every day to our black brothers and sisters. I am heartbroken by all of it (my heart go out to ALL who are suffering, including officers who are good, loving people [I come from a family of officers]). I am with you. I am standing up. I am not silent. I will not avoid awkward conversations where I’m likely to say all the wrong things. I will keep saying I’m sorry. I will keep trying to do the right thing. You are not alone. We are with you. Let’s rise. And let’s do it together.

Saturday, July 9 

KRR home

Home. Missed my people and my dog but arrived home with much more energy and love to give. Thank you Brave Girl Symposium (read all about my adventures here!) for filling me up. Now it’s time to process it all, love on my family, and continue to be brave in all things. ❤️??

KRR reunited

Reunited with Lulu. This dog.

Sunday, July 10

KRR love rest

I’m a total nerd (in case you didn’t already know). Today, I’m loving myself by resting up. I’m heading into a massage (thank you God for body workers) to release all the stuff I’ve been holding in my back, my hips. Love is rest. Love is self care. For those of you who were at Brave Girl Symposium be sure to be gentle on yourselves as you re-enter. Give yourself moments of downtime, rest, and love so that all we learned can be deeply absorbed into our skin, minds, and hearts. Xxo by Zipporah Lomax

Monday, July 11

KRR art heals

Therapy. Art heals, saves, inspires. I love how this piece turned out. Nothing is more gratifying then making something. It makes my heart swell with possibility and purpose.

KRR lulu on table

What can I say. I let True rollerblade in the house and I let Lulu hang out on the coffee table.

Tuesday, July 12

KRR boo boos can teach

When he realized that his scab was a heart shape he said, “Oh! It must be because of my name!”
I could go on and on about the metaphor of boo boos having so much to teach us (kid boo boos and adult ones too) and that somehow it always leads back to love but I will refrain and just love it for what it is: A heart shaped scab. I cannot think of a better placement of a heart. Ahhhhhh! Life is so cool!

KRR choose light

Just walked into my studio after hearing the powerful, healing, true speech our president gave on NPR and found this on my work table. Ahhh, a sign. I’m getting ready to film another painting from start to finish for my weekly painting video subscription (link in profile, please join me!) and I think this is the message I’ll pain today. ?? Thank you Universe (God) for the reminder. Xxo

KRR studio guest

This was the situation today while filming Kelly Rae Unscripted. This dog. She wanted to be included and insisted on being a part of it. Love her.

Wednesday, July 13

KRR weirdsville

Good morning from weirdville. John and I almost peed our pants in laughter when she fell asleep on me like this.



Sending much love,

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