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Sep 10, 2005 | Life in Progress

Today is my best friend Gina’s 31st birthday. If my calculations are correct, then I’ve known Gina through 19 birthdays. Incredible. We met the first day of school in the 7th grade, 2nd period, in Mrs Durant’s Science class. I remember she had her hair pulled together in multiple pony tails and unfortunately for me, i was a victim of bad 1986 fashion trends as i was completely outfitted in head to toe stonewashed denim, including a denim purse and denim keds. Thankfully, gina looked passed my retarded outfit and it was the beginning of a life long friendship/sisiterhood. I could go on and on about hilarious stories involving everything from hide-and-go-seek games in the swamp to laughing uncontrollably as we brushed our teeth together. As gina once told me, “we are each other’s memories.” As with other important people in my life, I believe she entered my life at the perfect time, just when i needed her, and the rest is history. She is expecting her first baby early next year. I can hardly wait to tell that child all my favorite stories about their momma…

Sending much love,

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  1. gina leah

    It’s all true- we go WAY back (and we’re talking not just in years but in maturity, growth, etc). What I love is having people like you who remember me when I was so dorky and desperate to be loved. It keeps me humble and somehow makes my life make more sense- like because you were there, all that stuff actually happened and my life seems more real. Love ya, gina


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