Feb 1, 2007 | Life in Progress

i was a serious tomboy when i was little. my mom couldn’t trick me into a skirt or a dress if she tried. somewhere along the line, though, i embraced my girlhood. i believe i was in high school and by the time i reached college, i wanted to wear flowy skirts every single day.

speaking of high school, i had a 3 hour lunch today with a friend that i haven’t seen since the days when we worked on the high school newspaper together. the days when we loved madonna like nothing else and would sing every single song off of the “like a prayer” album while cruising in my 1985 red honda prelude with the sunroof open. as mai-lei said today, that open sunroof was freedom and music was our joy in those years. music and friends. and dancing at Einstein’s. and shopping at thrift stores. today we reminisced about each other. about how she was dramatic in those years and would come to school dressed in head to toe black with stark white make-up and her hair all tousled up like The Cure’s Robert Smith. oh man. she was smart, too. i, on the other hand, didn’t own anything the color of black. i wore hippy, colorful, baggy clothes and i was happy. she reminded me that i was determined and happy in those years and very social. and it’s true. i was. still am. we were an unlikely pair, but we were a pair nonetheless. we lost touch in college. and now she lives just up the road in this new city of mine. i love how the world works.

here we are our senior year with Dr Williams, the best high school principal ever.

Sending much love,

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  2. POPIN Sisters

    Wow, that brings back memories! It’s funny, when I think Mai Lei I think black clothes & the cure. You guys were who we looked up to when I started Stanton in ’87…the good old days!
    ~Jamie c/o ’94

  3. Anonymous

    Kelly… congratulations on the girly show Feb 10th at the Deja Design Gallery… you’re in really good company I see… kudos!

  4. katie

    what a great photo – you all look so happy.

  5. catina jane

    sounds so much like me 🙂
    i know mai-lei..
    we used to hang out some 🙂

  6. kelly

    oops…by the way, i love love love these colors!

  7. kelly

    how fun!…and the sunroof and music are my favorite too. we just got rid of my money pit saab
    and i adored the sunroof on a brite warm day….steve miller band
    radiating throughout the car.

    my sister and were just talking today about cyndi lauper and the
    bi-level haircut. holy crap i am so glad i never went there!

  8. la vie en rose

    what a fun lunch…sadly i don’t see anyone i went to high school with…awww well…

  9. ceanandjen

    It sounds like a divine day of catching up and remembering those times that helped to shape us into who are are today. Yah for reconnecting!

    and p.s. I love the new piece!


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