holy cow.

Feb 3, 2007 | Life in Progress

my mom would kill me if she saw the state of our apartment at this very moment. dirty laundry has spilled over. dirty dishes are piled up in sink. the bath towels are in desperate need of washing. we have just a sliver of body soap left. dog hair everywhere. dirty linens. grodie rugs. a bathroom sink that is currently stained from dirty paint water being dumped into it. crumbs all over the counter tops. unopened mail here and there. seriously, it’s a mess. and unbelievably, i’m totally ok with it.

john and i are in a full-on vortex of housekeeping denial and a life gone hay wired. he is so focused on school right now, waking up before the sun is up and going to bed just a few hours before waking up again for the next day. i am either at work, or working on getting ready for the show next week. everything else has taken the back seat. and in a serious way. i have so much to catch up on! as soon as the show is over, i will be doing some serious spring cleaning. and calling everyone i’ve neglected these past few weeks! other than that, i couldn’t be happier. i’m getting excited and nervous and day dreamy all at once. i have 3 more days to finish all the details on 3 more pieces, finishing touches, and then i’m done. done. done. holy cow. i can’t wait.

Sending much love,

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  1. Mommie

    No I wouldn’t! I’d clean it while you were gone for tea or something…
    I think the new piece is also my fav….

  2. Boho Girl

    i am just about to do some spring cleaning for the same reasons you write of here.

    lets play some music loud and shake our booties while cleanin’!


  3. lisa

    Revel in the mess of your apartment, I mean, how often do we get to let it all hang out! I am sending you prayers, good vibes, great energy and peace for your upcoming show! You go!

  4. Roxanna

    You are the one that told me once, “No one cares what your house looks like they care about you.” So back at you sister…I care about you and right now I am happy to know you’ve got a great gig coming up in LA!!

  5. Alexandra S

    You know what? Perhaps you should treat yourselves and let someone come in for a couple hours and clean up for you guys? You’ve been working so crazy hard! I’m so bummed I will miss your exhibit in LA by one week Kelly. In the meantime I am very much enjoying the masterpiece of yours hanging right on my wall now. I think I am going to need to get another very, very soon!

  6. BlueJude

    Like my mama used to say…”It’ll still be there tomorrow!” So enjoy the groove your in today! Good luck!

  7. Anonymous

    I could have written this EXACT post, essentially– it feels good to hear it from someone else–


  8. J.Valentine

    Grunge on, fair sister!
    I am soooo excited about your show!!!

  9. nel

    sounds like my place…can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on.


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