Feb 25, 2006 | Life in Progress

just a few of my favorite things right now:

starting each morning with a cup of hot tea with milk instead of half and half. warms my soul.

sitting down in the shower as the hot water falls on me. total indulgence.

the feeling i have after finishing 90 minutes of bikram yoga. exhaustion. i did it. i’m getting better at this.

chatting on the phone with my mom. i wish she were closer.

that john and i are okay with whatever happens. whether we leave portland for school. whether we stay here for another year. it’s all peanuts in the span of what’s in store for us. the not knowing is okay.

hearing the voice of any of my far away friends on the telephone. wishing they were closer, too.

the encouragement i’ve been getting to keep creating. it feels so wonderful and validating.

the whispers in my life that tell me to go for it. no fear. no doubt. you only live once. go for it. let your dreams find you and live them.

knowing that each and every person has their own story. that their story is important to me and to the universe. honesty, our stories, our lives change the world.

those days that are perfectly balanced and when harmony is on my side. a little work. some play. good conversation. just the right amount of time to read, create, journal.

feeling like i’m just on the edge of making a leap, a change in the direction my life was meant to go. it’s a wonderful, freeing feeling.

Sending much love,

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  1. britt

    you and john definitely are one of the cutest couples ever. i am smitten over my john too and i certainly hope i still feel that way after years of being with him 🙂


  2. Joy Eliz

    I love your mixed media. I scrolled down and saw your ‘studio’- it’s always interesting to see how/where people work.

  3. Kristin

    I really like that piece, sis. It reminds me of something…


    I like your artwork, so interesting, just to look at, and yes, inspiring, your illustration and your narrative.

  5. Geninne

    Hi Kelly, thank you so much for your post on my blog :o) I also loved going through your blog, your work is amazing and you look like a really happy person :o) Keep creating those beautiful collages, I’ll be checking your blog…

  6. Laini Taylor

    That’s beautiful, Kelly! Great colors and textures and I love the way you’ve fit the word joyous in there. And the birds look dimensional? Must be especially great in person!

  7. Alexa  Brett

    Val is right, this is such a great piece! I love the colors and the face of the subject. It’s really well put together.

  8. ValGalArt

    this is a wonderful piece! i love it!!! I know you will have an inspirational time at this Artfest and you will have the time of your life!


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