Goodbye, Instagram + Facebook

Oct 10, 2020 | Life in Progress


I’ve been on Instagram and Facebook for over a decade. There were years when I was super in love, especially with Instagram. Pretty photos and stories? YES, please!

But for a long time now (years!), I’ve struggled with both platforms (despite healthy boundaries), especially since making conscious efforts to slow down and simplify my life and business. Life is full. Time is precious. Energy is sacred.

The question on my mind these days as I continue to do this work of letting go is: What do I feel beholden to that doesn’t consistently nourish my soul. The answers that keep coming up over and over? Instagram. Facebook. Most things that involve a screen.

The next question: What would I be doing if I created more space by letting the above go? The answers? Creating more deep down presence in my life. Creating more art. Creating energetic s p a c e. Creating psychic s p a c e. Creating more TRUST that I can do what I love (my art and my art biz) without feeling tethered to social media.


And so, I’ve made the decision to break up with Instagram/Facebook.


Who knows. Maybe we’ll get back together one day, but it’s not likely. I’m excited, nervous, and ready for the exhale. Remember when you were younger and you dreaded breaking up with someone? And you hesitated for a bit, stringing them along until you could muster up your courage? But then when you finally spoke your truth and did the breaking up, you were so relieved and felt SO MUCH better about your life and the possibilities? That’s how this feels!

I LOVE MY COMMUNITY. I’m not breaking up with them/you. I’m breaking up with Instagram/Facebook.


Here’s where we can connect with one another moving forward:


MY BLOG! I have missed writing and sharing photos of my life in progress over on my actual blog. My intention is show up in that space MUCH more. You can sign up to receive blog posts to your inbox OR you can just check in every now and again, like an old friend stopping by to say hello.

ART DATES WITH KELLY RAE: My monthly subscription which is loaded with videos and fun! Come join us!

MY NEWSLETTER: I send it out once a week, sometimes twice a week! It usually includes a personal life update along with a business life update, including news about latest product releases and more.

IN PERSON RETREATS: When it’s safe to gather, I’ll be leading retreats again, both here in #sistersoregon and international destinations, too. I loooove hosting retreats.

MARIGOLD & TRUE:  My new little shoppe will continue its Instagram/Facebook presence right over here. You can find me, mostly in the stories, geeking out about favorite things that have arrived in the shoppe. We are working on our online home, too, which will include an online shop, right over here.


Thank you for all the community, the friendship, the encouragement, the support, the togetherness. I look forward to connecting with you in more meaningful ways outside of social media.

BIG LOVE, Kelly Rae

Sending much love,

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  1. Leav

    Kelly Rae A dear friend sent me your Soul Sister book. I love it so I explored your site. I was a Social Worker at one time too with a private
    practice using Visual Journaling as part of therapy. What a powerful way to reach deep into the soul. Talk therapy is so limited.!!!
    I am a metalsmith living in beautiful Taos, NM. I am so excited I found you! I have studied with Señora Beam, you may know her. And, I am 74 years old, love dogs, and am married with two step sons.

  2. Jayme Henderson

    This post makes me so happy and also very hopeful of eventually letting go of social media. 75% of the time, I LOVE it and am very engaged with it; the other 25%, which ends up affecting me even more than that 75%, I feel depressed and uninspired and sad.

    I’m glad you are tuning into your other outlets. I actually felt this a little this summer, when our business Instagram account was disabled for three weeks. First, there’s the shock and freakout, and then you realize – wait – I need to cultivate a) real-life relationships, b) my blog, and c) the newsletter.

    It actually felt great by the end of those three weeks. I saw how dependent I was on that app.

    Hugs from CO!

  3. Katie G

    Will you be creating a 2021 calendar? I just love your yearly calendars but haven’t seen it posted.

  4. Jane

    Have enjoyed your work since you were on Etsy! Many moons ago!

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      We’ve been together a LONG time – that was 2006 when I was on Etsy, just after it opened its doors. Gosh, time flies.

  5. Kate Raymond

    Hi Kelly Rae
    I’m a clinical social worker at a domestic violence shelter so resonated with your social work background. I love the work and have a part of me who is in love with an artist’s life. Finding you and your work through Dan Blank feels like I’ve found such treasure! I’m looking forward to getting to know you. Thanks for your courage to pursue your dreams

  6. Terry Cathey

    Love your work

  7. Kate Shadock

    I love your Thanks for paving the way. calendars. I keep the prior year versions and sometimes use the art to make new covers for my yearly planners.

    So glad you re freeing yourself up to make more art! I’ve been pondering the same thing for several months and will probably have a break up party as well. Thanks for paving the way.

  8. Kelly Christy

    You continue to astound me with your inspirative freedom of soul Kelly Rae! This is why I follow you💕

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Aww, thanks, Kelly!

  9. Simone

    Hi Kelly Rae,

    Thanks for the encouragement! I’m glad for you that you left the social media. I have never really started using them – for me it’s overwhelming – too much – I need the time and space for myself, my family, being in nature, reading. My energy drains when I’m too much glued to the screen.

    But I’ve always felt a bit guilty. I’ve got my own business – don’t I HAVE to be on Facebook and Instagram to thrive?

    Your post encourages me to just stay true to my sensitive self, and trust that this is MY way to do business!

    I’m sure your decision will only do you good,

    Thanks for your inspiration!

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Love how you have listened to your body and to your wisdom about how to do it in a way that aligns with who you are. YES. Thanks for the example!

  10. Molly Purvines

    OMG, YES!!!!!!! I broke up with social media about 3-4 months ago and it’s wonderful. And then I thought “how will I grow my new business without it?” I quickly let go of that limitation and I’m soooooo excited to build and grow without them now!!! I’m so happy to see you embracing this too!

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Loving these thoughts of taking back and defining for ourselves how we can do it our own ways. Love.

  11. Brenda Nicholson

    YES! I’ve felt that way for a long time! I’ve distanced myself from social media for mental health reasons, but as someone growing a new blog, I think I need them. Boo!

    Good for you for “breaking up”.

  12. Claudia Einertson

    I believe it’s wise to draw boundaries and make sure you have time for peace and love in your life. Time to enjoy nature and your family is important, and time to converse with God and your soul is even more important. Good for you!

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Yes, yes, YES.

  13. Mary M

    Thank you for your example – letting go of life eaters.


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