Dec 29, 2006 | Life in Progress

we’ve have had a mixture of cool sunny days and thunderstorms. we love the storms. we just don’t get storms like this on the west coast. the hard, blankets of rain and thunder. love it.

we are still in florida and are having a great time. going home for the holidays can sometimes be a bit stressful for us, but not this year. this year it’s been about full-on relaxation. sleeping in. eating loads of food. and desserts. watching cable. late nite baths in my mom’s deep tub. ceiling fans. i love ceiling fans. playing phase 10 with john’s family – a new favorite card game. listening to christmas music. hanging out at home. no pressure to go anywhere or do anything. a small bit of shopping. movies at the theater (the good shepherd). there has been absolutely no drama, something most families can’t escape at the holidays, including ours, but not this year. honestly, no drama. no tears. no stress. it’s been such a blessing. my mom’s house is simply amazing with her new shabby chic decor. it has me wanting to buy a house and paint everything white. seriously, i am in the mood to decorate and be crafty. we had 3 dogs keeping us company at john’s parent’s home which made me want to go out and get more dogs to bring home. wouldn’t that be fun? an all white house with lots of doggies running around? we’ve been saying for months now that we’ll go and get a fat lazy house cat after the holidays, but now i’m thinking perhaps we’ll get another dog. we’ve been so in the moment, so relaxed, that we’ve barely taken any photos.

john and i have finally been able to just sit with one another, snuggle in with each other, and talk about things non-school, non-art, non-everyday living related. i have missed him and having him 24/7 this last week or so has been heaven. we needed this. i am feeling the feeling of being filled up – you know, with love and energy that comes from being with those you love. i love that feeling.

i was delighted to meet clare’s new baby, Theo. he is quite smiley and sweet. and it seemed quite natural for her to have a baby in her arms…she’s been known as “momma clare” since we were in junior high. it was great to see her, along with karen and ama. they are dear, true and forever friends.

and kimmie’s new baby, Lucy Magnolia (isn’t that a great name?). oh my. serious cuteness and chub chub. she is so sweet and my heart almost melted when she snuggled her little head into my chest, as if she was giving me a little hug. really, she was just tired and ready for a nap, but it was so cute.

i was also able to see gina, brian, and baby ian for a couple of hours one evening, too. he is crawling about now and also very smiley. i love that my friends are starting to have babies. it doesn’t feel strange to me at all and i am very much enjoying watching and hearing about thier progression over the last couple of months since they’ve all been born. i love the circle of it all. of life.

photos to arrive soon….

Sending much love,

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  1. Marilyn

    I sometimes miss the thunderstorms of the islands…not so much being out in that kind of warm rain…but sitting in our condo with the sliders and windows open (always, 24/7) and watching, listening and smelling those storms. (Great Hurston quote in the previous post.)

  2. Lisa

    You sound so content and relaxed. What a beautiful way to begin the new year.

  3. Lisa

    What a wonderful time you are having. I love the idea of filling up on love and life! You and John have such a special friendship and love…what we all hope for our friends to find, and you have it! Much love and peace to you my friend!
    So great that you are seeing all your friends and their growing families..makes me smile!
    Miss you so much!


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