i loved hearing from you guys when i wrote this recent post. i find it fascinating how people live – how they decorate, how they cook, and especially how they organize their lists + schedules. i’m also fascinated to know how writers write (on the computer? typewriter? longhand?) just like i love to know how artists keep track of their inspiration (journals? photo clippings? computer bookmarks?). but back to organizing. some of us keep our schedules and notes on our phones and computers (i have NO idea how you guys do that!). some of us keep sticky notes everywhere. some of us remember it all in our heads (you are superhuman).
and then some of us do it the old fashioned way: we avoid all schedule and note keeping on a computer, or cell phone, or any other electronic device. instead, we opt for hand written lists. in an actual organizer or notebook.

seriously, this thing is my lifeline. i do not know what i would do without it. everything that needs scheduled goes inside this planner – biz related, life related, who i need to follow up with, what i need to remember, dreams i have for next month, appts, conference calls, etc etc.
i like writing it all down in pencil and then scribbling it out when accomplished. i like doodling in these pages or jotting down quotes or lyrics. people ask me all of the time how i get it all done – how i actualize my goals (i call them small steps). i go into super detail about what my particular system is in my ebooks, but i will tell you that it all happens inside this planner. it’s my partner in crime, i tell you. we work hard together. and that’s why i love that it got a facelift!
(another life line – my five star notebook that is divided in sections for art ideas, licensing info, product ideas, writing ideas, etc etc)
speaking of ebooks, i wrote my entire ebook (and ecourse) in the above notebook – in pencil! a friend was over one day and caught a glimpse of my tiny handwriting outlining all my thoughts and notes and was totally enamored with the process. again, it’s totally fascinating how differently we all do things, right? for me, these notes are like a history keeping. one day, i will look back on this and it will feel like a time capsule…sort of like how it feels now when i look back on how i wrote Taking Flight:
back in college, one of my oldest friends, ama, gave me this collaged journal she made. i had had it for close to 10 years before i finally knew what i wanted to write inside of it: my book. and that’s what i did.
the concept for Taking Flight, the inspiration, the outlining, the table of contents (seen above on the left being worked out) – all handwritten inside this old journal. i found this journal the other day when i was unpacking the studio and i just sat there on the floor and marveled: i did this? the writings of a book that changed my life forever started with these pen scribblings inside this meaningful journal that a dear friend gave me? now that i think of it, it’s perfect. that dear friend, ama is a writer, has always been a writer, and i’ve always admired her way of seeing the world and writing about it. she is a poetic observer of life. so it’s no wonder this journal had a lot of good juju for the beginnings of a book. i’m so glad i have it and all my handwritten notes.
here’s another page showing little doodles to work out the step by steps for one of the projects in the book. i drew squares for each step that needed to be completed. HILARIOUS now that i look at it now. but i love having this documentation. really really love it. and if i were to do it all over again today, i’m sure i’d do it the same: handwritten, in a notebook.
so that’s a little glimpse into how i stay organized and how i write out big big projects – usually with pencil and inside a big fat idea notebook or my pink organizer.
also, i wanted to share another sponsor spotlight with you guys that i mistakenly left out over the weekend (so sorry!!). it’s a good one and i don’t want you to miss it (it’s quickly selling out!):

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Hi, I'm Kelly Rae Roberts!

Before I picked up my first paintbrush at the age of 30, I was a medical social worker. I followed my whispers and started playing with paint and everything changed.

Now I’m a full-time artist, author and Possibilitarian, who helps women explore and nourish their creative souls.

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