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Dec 3, 2012 | Life in Progress

Totally inspired by my growing collection of vintage oil floral paintings. They feel serene. Delicate. Pretty. We bought this old buffet for the dining room….the more storage space for our little bungalow, the better. 
I’m so inspired by True’s little creative corner, also in the dining room. And loving the washi tape for taping stuff onto the walls. Doesn’t rip up the paint and it also looks pretty. Win, win. 

I’m smitten and inspired by all things Rachel Awes. I think we should call her Rachel AwesOME, because it is true. She sent me her book way back before it was a book and when it was one really long, gorgeous PDF. I could hardly believe my senses then and I can hardly believe them now that the long gorgeous PDF is now a gorgeous book. Friends, if you are looking for a book to pick up once a day for a few minutes of profound inspiration, this is your book.

I loved it so much, I wrote a blurb of endorsement for it’s back cover:

“I was so moved by this lovely and honest book by rachel awes. I found
myself returning to its pages day after day for a daily dose of
meaningful inspiration. Rachel’s gift for pairing her unique
illustrations with touching, often profound, wisdom spoke to my most
tender pieces of what it means to live bravely, love deeply, and pay
attention to the beauty that exists in our everyday lives. “all i did
was listen” truly inspired me to lean into my life a bit closer, and
take a closer listen for all big and small ways it teaches, uplifts, and

I’m thinking it would make awesome gifts this holiday season. Go Rachel! So proud of you and your book!

Kite flying. First time!
(True flying his first kite)
Still completely, utterly in love and inspired by Instagram. Hands down, my favorite connector of all social media. No marketing, nobody trying to sell you anything – just everyday photos from everyday people. LOVE. Come join me
Inspired by my neighborhood community who continues to support our little free library in our front yard. Even in the rain. I heart you, Portland!

In between rearranging furniture and rooms (yes, it continues..), I am doing things like finding major inspiration in long showers, furiously recording voice memos on my phone the second I’m toweled off so that I don’t forget a thing.
I’m watching one PBS American Masters documentary after the next while all cozied up in bed. Did you watch the one about David Geffen? Fascinating. I love documentaries about creative people. Inventors, musicians, writers, artists. Sabrina Ward Harrison recently posted this video of the lead singer of Wilco talking about the creative process. Loved every second of it and found it refreshing to hear so much truth about how vulnerability and freedom lead to great art. 

Some other inspiration….
* Loving that Mati + Willow are offering the Holiday Edition of this awesome course. We need all the extra support we can muster during these next several weeks.

* You have to stop whatever you may be doing and listen to this. Makes my heart so happy. So happy.

* Loving that my sister recently celebrated a new gorgeous jewelry launch with Creative Co-op. I wear my sister’s creations every day. She is mega talented, she is. 
* The second issue of Moyo is out, friends. And it’s eye candy with every turn. Wow! 
Sending Monday inspiration wishes to you today! What’s inspiring you? Any fun links to share? Please do!
PS: Don’t forget. Original paintings go on sale tomorrow! All the details here

Sending much love,

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  1. Jude

    I do love your little library. You have inspired me to start a little library in the tea room at work. I have several books that I can start with and hopefully others will feel inspired to join in.

  2. (creativeoasiscoach)

    Just watched the amazing David Geffen American Masters piece. Wow. Another great one is Woody Allen. Love finding inspiration in all manner of people and places – like you and here. 🙂
    All the best from my Creative Oasis to yours,

  3. rachel awes

    kelly rae,

    sweet inspiration to me,
    of kindness,
    of generosity,
    of a garden of pretty…

    thank you.
    with love,

  4. matirose

    Awww pretty pics! Thanks for sharing the love on our ecourse sweets!

  5. Siggadisart

    Thank you for your post, so nice to read. I did buy Rachelle´s book and I say it is not only an eye-candy it is also a mind-candy. What a lovely book.


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