Embrace the chaos. Keep your heart open. And keep on truckin’

Nov 21, 2012 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress


Fun moment celebrating our partnerships with Dave K and Demdaco! With @bootsyross @melodyross and @curlygirl510

Spent day with this lovely mama daughter team. We made stuff.
An afternoon of art making with friends in Kansas.
Feeling incredibly grateful for my recent travels to Kansas where Demdaco is headquartered. I was there to celebrate the launch of my brand new handbag and jewelry collection (photos coming very soon – quick sneak peek here! Retailers, get in touch with your sales rep to see the new gorgeous tote bags and jewelry lines plus the new gift products – major goodness). I always, always love being around the people who work for Demdaco. They are such good people. Major spirit. Major talent. Major dedication toward their mission to lift the spirit. We’ve been partnering together for five years. FIVE years. I can hardly believe my good fortune. I can’t wait to show you all the new goodies. Totally, utterly, in love. 
While I was there I had lovely chats and visits with fellow Demdaco artists Melody Ross and Leigh Standley (aka Curly Girl). That’s us up there standing with Dave K, Demdaco’s incredible co-owner/founder. Remember way back when I interviewed Dave K here in this blog space? During that same incredible week (I called it Demdaco Appreciation Week), Demdaco gifted a lovely winner (via big giveaways) with an all expense paid trip to their headquarters to hang out with me and the product development team, take a creative workshop with me, and get a behind the scenes peek into the world of product development. It all finally happened last week and there I am up there with the amazing Jackie and her AMAZING daughter, Alexis whose bravery astounded me. We ate, talked, created, and did happy dances with a big overstuffed penguin named Petey. Jackie is an amazing mom and I walked away incredibly touched by her strength as a mama. And I’m pretty sure ten year old Alexis is the coolest kid ever. Loved meeting and spending time with them. Thank you, Demdaco, for your generosity and for making big dreams come true!

Found this feather in my yard today. Made me think of you @hannahmarcotti
I am crazy wild for my new leather feather necklace found in a great store called shopgirl in KAnsas city. #handmadelove

Meanwhile, back at home, there is work and play and True’s is growing impossibly fast. 
And then there are feathers. I keep encountering them on my walks, by the sea, in my dreams, and on her instagram feed. Everywhere. During my visit to KC, the lovely Katy (who owns this amazing shop) came toward me while I was looking at shirts and put the above feather necklace around my neck. It felt like a declaration. A sign. I bought the necklace (gorgeous!), came home and googled “feather symbolism” and this is what it said:
higher thought, spiritual progression, divinity, light heartedness, heightened awareness
Yes, yes. Confirmation that the soul restoration that feels so relevant in my life these days is taking root, 
or maybe I should say Taking Flight. I seriously love how the universe works.
Stunned at how gorgeous he paints without any direction or help at all.
True is painting beautiful paintings. The one above was without any direction, any suggestion. He just simply, and quickly created it. I want to frame it and marvel at it daily. Love how toddlers paint!

Working on a little rearranging in the dining room. Obsessed with vintage oil floral paintings at the moment.
I am still rearranging furniture, rooms, all of it. I’m currently obsessed with vintage oil floral paintings. This dining room buffet is creative central in our house, holding supplies for kid and adult creative projects.

NW kid. Through and through.
Life feels full. Beautiful. Moving too quickly. The other day I wrote a note to myself. It said:
Embrace the chaos. Keep your heart open. And keep on truckin’

Yes, that’s it exactly.
**Sending out many thanks of gratitude to each of you during this Thanksgiving week. Feeling incredibly fortunate to part of such a rich, deeply loved, deeply loving, community. XO!

PS: Big news….

A dream come true….I am a contributor in the latest issue of Spirituality + Health, one of my favorite magazines. A contributor!
My friend Brene Brown, whose NYT best selling book Daring Greatly is a must read, wrote the amazing article and I contributed the art to go with her words. My contributor bio describes the intersection of our friendship beautifully: 
Six years ago Kelly Rae dared greatly and left her practical career to pursue her impractical dream of becoming an accomplished artist. She met Brene Brown shortly thereafter, and together they’ve walked side by side to bring awareness to what it means to be brave with our lives. Today Kelly Rae is a best selling author, highly successful artist, and Possibilitarian.

Crazy grateful….

Sending much love,

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  1. Deborah Burkett

    Your blog inspires me! I am excited to be on your email list. I greatly desire a soul makeover as well as something on the outside too. God Bless You!!

  2. Joyce Auteri

    Dear Kelly Rae – You are my secret mentor. I first heard about you during an Art Journaling class I attended. Not long after that, at an art museum in town, I noticed your book, 'Taking Flight' so I bought it. I love, love, LOVE that book! It is definitely my fave! I've read it cover to cover and re-read it often. The inspiration it has given me to take flight is astounding. I'm doing what I love now (art, of course!), I'm selling my art, I've had an editor call me for an interview…it's happening! THANK YOU for 'putting it out there' and sharing what you've learned with the world. I, for one, am truly grateful. Oh, by the way, I LOVE your work, too!! (not JUST your book 🙂



  3. Jude LeePard

    Being in Spirituality and Health, wow, that article is awesome! I know you are super proud and way happy! You go girl 🙂 Love from Alabama again!

  4. Karen Cannon

    I find feathers in my path all the time. My oldest daughter, Shanna, had a feather tattooed on her shoulder and passed away 7 years ago. I think it's the universe's way of reminding me that she's okay!


  5. Meliss

    My eldest, now 14, was always painting from the time she was 1 yr old. I have several of her creations, I love how little ones just know how to create. She always knew which colors would work for what she was making and had beautiful composition just like True's. Love it!

  6. Hannah

    The Universe is magical. Those feathers tell me so.

    Every time a feather finds its way to us we sparkle with gratitude a little bit more.

    P.S. The magazine, OMG!!!

  7. Charis

    Looks like True has the makings of a great artist! 😉

  8. Peggy

    Kelly, I just love what you do. I wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving. I live in Canada so our Thanksgiving was in October. We are looking to Christmas for our next big turkey meal.


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