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Nov 12, 2012 | Life in Progress

#oregoncoast is a magical adventure. I see them and I see nothing but love.

View from our hood. Amazing Autumn.
The scene right now as grandpa puts the finishing touches in Trues new big boy bed. #exciting #growingup

Love note. Found in NW Portland.
There are so many things I love about this photo. He was playing hide and seek behind tiny pole. Rain paint outfit cracks me up too. #mamajoy



I love our stepping stone garden right now.

This is a season of transformation, both outside, and inside – inside our home and inside our souls. Big, beauty-full transformations all around. As I rearrange furniture, move rooms around in our home, and finish some big remodeling projects (basement), I’m aware that I’m doing similar rearrangement in my soul. Soul work. Good work. Feels good to move things around, get new perspectives, and see things differently. I haven’t done this level of work on our home since we renovated the old bones of this bungalow two years ago and I’ve not done this level of eye-opening soul work (soul renovation) in years. Not the kind of work that leaves you sad, but the kind of work that awakens and inspires and transforms.

I can feel the shifting. The rearranging. The falling of the leaves as I also learn to let go. The transformation outside, the glow outside. The glow inside. True’s intense delight, my lightness, John’s amazingness. They are so right when they say the truth sets you free. I am in the center of a gorgeous season, with truth and courage leading the way.

(really, a message to my own heart:)

Sending much love,

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  1. Anonymous

    Thank you. Thank you for the comfort you brought me through your art in the form of a little bean bag I gripped tightly while watching my husband endure cancer treatment. He is doing great and I still cherish the bean bag.

  2. annegu

    really fresh the two last them….I get inspired 😉

  3. Jules Dolly

    Just LOVE True strumming on the Ukulele, whilst watching daddy. Great photo : )

  4. curlygirlpress

    My good glory, True strumming the guitar as he watches (grandpa?) work – hits the heart. so happy to read about your soul transformation.

  5. Anonymous

    Today I came to you with my brave Blessing, and brave question.
    My brave blessing say…May the Lord bless Kelly and make his face shine upon you. And be gracious to you. You have blessing a lot of home Kelly, so may the Lord keep his countenance up on you. And give you peace and more creative mind.

    And the last my brave question is please contact me, I’m very straggling artist who love to take my art to next leave…e.g. Where can I go to make my art matted prints and prints on other material…I’m African artist who lives in Los Angel’s area please help me to be successful.

  6. Marjie Kemper

    I came over here with a smile today to say thank you for all you put into the Flying Lessons class. Today I opened my etsy shop, and a few weeks ago my LLC was formed. So here I came with my brave smile and deep thanks, and your post is about Being Brave. LOVE it. And best to you in your soul work. You rock, KRR!

  7. Alberta Art Classes

    Be brave. Check. Oh and I still think True looks like a Rastafarian in pic six. Xoxo.

  8. Michelle Webb

    Awesome pics Kelly, love the colour of the petals on the floor. I love how you pick out the most amazing arty colour shots. Michelle x


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