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Nov 10, 2012 | Inspiring Products

I like to think that it’s not just a piece of wall art, or mug, or necklace, but rather an invitation to see and celebrate the real story behind our lives. My mission, always, is to create products that tell the truth and allow for moments of healing, celebration, empowerment, and belonging. Most of my products are inspired by the rich conversations I have both in my inner life, and my outer life. My goal, with any product, is to communicate the soul of those conversations into the products so that we’re all talking about (and celebrating) the wholeness of our lives in togetherness and community.

This weekly blog series is a place where I celebrate and honor specific products that have made their way out into the world with genuine purpose. May you be inspired (and perhaps find a little something to nourish your soul)!

One of my favorites (and a best seller), this perfectly sized pillow greets me in my office chair each day – a cozy (literally) reminder to radiate possibility and dream big. Available here
Also greeting me on my desk each day is one of the mugs. The above is my personal favorite, though lately I’ve been choosing this one (hello, possibility!). Friends, I love these mugs – they feel sturdy and solid in your hands. Lots of different designs to choose from, available here. 


And I can’t forget the teacups. DELIGHTFUL and inspired by my love of drinking tea from teacups in the afternoons. Hello, Love is my favorite, but really, I adore them all and I think they make a great, thoughtful gift. Available here.


Another table top/office decor favorite are these birds on a stick! Have you guys heard the famous “put a bird on it and call it art” phrase that has come out of my city (Portland, OR)? If not, you’ve got to watch this video (hilarious). Of course these birdies are artful, creative, and they look super cute on any surface (love!). Wish birdie available here and soar birdie available here. 

Thanks, friends. Would love to hear your suggestions about what kinds of products and messages you’d like for us to consider – we’re always open to new ideas! Our mission is to continue to create products that blend creativity with meaning, beauty with function. All ideas welcome!

Kelly Rae

Sending much love,

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  1. Creative Kate

    Truly inspiring work…artistic yet elegant!!

  2. MelissaR

    How about soft cotton fitted t-shirts and cozy scarves. I'd love to buy one of those!

  3. Christy Johnson-Hatchett

    Similar to a duvet, but I always thought your images would translate well on a quilt. Beautiful, cozy, and seems fitting for you.

  4. Anonymous

    Similar to a duvet, but I always thought your images would translate well on a quilt. Beautiful, cozy, and seems fitting for you.

  5. Abergailia

    How about beautiful little tea spoons…the kind you use to stir your tea along with your lil tea cups and also the kind you use to help measure when you are baking…ohh and measuring cups. Paula Dean has one of the most beautiful sets Ive gone gagaa for …she dosent sell them in her wares but she uses them on her show.

  6. Alberta Art Classes

    A duvet? Oh, man that would be nice. I adore the tea cups. Just ADORE them. Xo.

  7. Poppy Q

    Hi Kelly Rae,
    Ohhh a duvet cover with your words, colours and lace and trims would be devine!!

    Julie Q


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