hello, italy.

Oct 20, 2008 | Life in Progress

dear italy,
we’re on our way. to you. to your sights and sounds and visions that have made a cozy home inside our dreams these last several months. finally, you are on the immediate horizon. mati and i can’t wait teach in your cozy spaces, to eat your food, to meet your peeps, and to explore your world. we are so very excited and grateful. our husbands are super thankful, too, as they’ll be joining us in all the fun a little later in the game.

photo session with denise at bohophoto.com

and while i’m at it, italy, i want to thank you for giving my dear friend and i one experience we’ll never forget. i’m so going to miss my mati rose in the coming weeks as john and i begin to pack up our apartment and move back north. she’s been a bright sisterly light to this notalwayseasy experience of living in the bay area. and i’m going to miss her terribly. italy will be our last big adventure before our next one (art nest) and i’m sure we’re going to love it. love it. love it.

photo session with denise at bohophoto.com

have i mentioned how unprepared i am for you? how i don’t speak an ounce of your language? and how i’ve done just about zero research on where to go, how to commute, or where to stay? i suppose i’m just up for the adventure of you: one week teaching (totally prepared for that one, i’ll admit), and almost 1.5 weeks exploring (this is the part where you’re totally unplanned). i’m ready to wander your streets and go with the flow, whatever and wherever that may be. i’m not even nervous.

photo session with denise at bohophoto.com

the last time i saw you i was 24 years old, not yet married, but very much in love. your magnificent cinque terre was a perfect romantic backdrop for our early love. we wandered your streets and windy staircases late at nite, kissing with joyful energy, and chasing the butterflies of our nervous, in love hearts. we had the best meal of our lives with you, drank wine on your cliffs, and dreamt out loud about our future life together. now, many moons later, we’re returning to you for more romance, more dreams, more perspective. and italy, we could really use all the encouragement and romance you can offer. because, quite frankly, we’re a little exhausted and in the middle of big life transitions. we’d love it if you gave us some of your magic again. okay?

photo session with denise at bohophoto.com

if i forget to thank you while i’m there, thank you. thank you for the gift of this opportunity. for your beautiful and rich history. for your adventurous ways. for your friendship. for your gentle kindness which we’re all so ready to receive. and please, if you would be so kind, keep us safe.

see you soon….

ps:i’ll be offline for a bit while i’m in italy…see you on the flipside (with photos!).
ps1: all photos of me and mati were taken by the lovely denise andrade.
ps2: giveaway #2 winner is natalie b
ps3: giveaway #3 winner is tiffany
thanks so much to everyone for playing along! winners, please get in touch with me so we can coordinate…

Sending much love,

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  1. Bonnie Pilon

    I was so moved by this picture!How much I love yur art and your beautiful soul!!! *ThAnKs FoR sHaRinG YoUR WoRlD*

  2. melanie

    wow, what a beautiful tribute to a beautiful friendship! gorgeous photos and, as always, heartfelt words.

  3. Down Comforter

    wow wow wow
    wonderful pics
    so magical
    i love the blog

  4. Shelley Morales

    OMG…..are you ever coming back? i miss you so much! can’t wait to read a new post. hope you are having fun!

  5. pixiecampbell

    i absolutely adore you both and can’t wait to hear ALL ABOUT your move northward. portland, perhaps? we must talk.

    xoxo pixie

    p.s. your book is going to be brilliant-that hurry and get the heck out of the bath energy is so powerful!

  6. Julie H

    We’ll miss you and yet I am so very glad you are having this dream trip Kelly – enjoy!

  7. Heather

    Aw, these are such sweet photographs. It is so amazing that your dreams have taken you all the way to Italy. You are such a continuing inspiration!~

  8. Sugar

    My daughter has been learning about Ancient Rome. She is also quite the budding little artist and loves to look at your work. I picture her growing up to be a lovely person. Just like you.

  9. Willow

    I hope you have the most amazing adventures in italy.

  10. BellaColle'

    I just wanted to stop by and thank you for taking a piece of yourself and writing your book!! I just picked it up… If I could take two words to describe it.. peaceful and inspiring… So many ‘art’ books out there… you really are transparent and it is soo wonderful!!!
    May you and your wonderful friend have a blessed trip.. Any place I would like be to other than my home land ‘Dixie’ is Italy!! oh my gosh… I fell in love the moment I stepped foot there..
    Rock on sista!!

  11. Cristina from Italy

    You thank Italy… and my thanks will reach you from Italy, dear Kelly, because reading your wonderful book “Taking Flight” I have embraced my fears and get the bravery to enrol in a watercolor class at the Accademia di Belle Arti in my town, Verona! I have been painting on my own for a year, but I was very afraid of “taking the leap” and marching out. But now, as you say, “one step at a time, one fear at a time, one day at a time”, and I will take flight too! Thank you again… and look upon a workshop in Verona, too! Baci baci

  12. Ellen

    Hi there, just dropping by to say I feel overwhelmed by your book Taking Flight. It arrived by mail yesterday(after a month’s waiting) and I’m hooked. So much recognition, emotions, feelings which cannot even describe,… WOW! Thanks!!!

  13. Leticia

    Beautiful photos, beautiful thoughts – have a lovely trip.

  14. nina

    you will absolutely love cortona at this time of year – i was there the first nine days in november of 2006 – have a lovely time, and make sure to take a walk up to the top of the roads way above the town and see the stations of the cross….

  15. samantha

    kellyrae, i know you are going to miss your friend matirose, but i want you to know that portland is so excited to have you as a sister!!! i hope italy is wonderful. cheers to you. samantha

  16. Jill Nalette

    Have a wonderful trip. I look forward to your safe return, pictures and stories.
    xoxo Smiles,
    Jill Nalette

  17. Caryn Lynn

    How wonderful, inspiring and amazing! Savor every morsal Italy has to offer and enjoy every bite!
    Best to you and Mati for safe and happy travels.

  18. Katrina

    i LOVE these photos of you and mati. the gestures, the expressions, the composition, and the dream color effects. so so good. ENJOY your trip to italy, dear kelly rae. i am (lovingly) demanding drinks w/ you and john when you come back. time is charging these days. safe travels and i hope it is SO SO magical for you ladies. xoxo, k.

  19. stacy kathryn

    Hope you have an amazing trip! Good luck, gonna miss you out here in blog land! Have a very safe and fun trip.

  20. gem

    kelly rae, this is beauty*full. thank you for sharing your letter with me/us. you are a treasure. safe, heart*warming, light*full & love*full journeys to you, sweet star. i look forward to hearing about it…

  21. sperlygirl

    so looking forward to meeting you both – you will love it here! xo

  22. selftaughtgirl

    Oh, but the Italians will love you; they will see your spirit and recognize something essential that they relate to.

    Getting there? The TrenItalia station is at the bottom of Cortona. You’ll be dropped at a train station below Cortona, and if you just ask, “Dov’è il autobus per Cortona?” someone will likely help you…and if they speak too fast, it’s “Mi dispiace, parli prego lentemente, per favore?” (I’m sorry, can you please speak slowly?).

    Have plenty o’ Euros…I found Italy to be more of a cash country than a plastic country (even in Rome!) and ended up paying charges to get more cash. I didn’t find theft to be quite the issue people warned me it would be, but maybe that’s because I was pretty alert.

    If you can, stay a night at Villa Piazzona (it’s just outside of Cortona–take a taxi), where Alessandra and her father will take care of you and tell you stories about the German occupation of that villa, and when the sun sets against the hills it will cast a violet glow over the trees. (http://www.villadipiazzano.com/) The food will also be to die for!

    And this website taught me all of the Italian basics that I needed in order to get around Italy. I love it.

    You guys will have such a blast! Please send kisses for me, and tell my country I’ll be coming home in summer 2009! If you’re visiting any other places and wish for some thoughts…let me know.


  23. Steph

    safe travels and best wishes!

  24. Stephanie Lee

    I echo everything commented already. 🙂 You and Mati have that look of contented (is that a word?) optimism…I think they call that stepping out of the idea of possibility and squarely into the possibility itself. 🙂
    Have a blessed time! It will be so fun to hear of your adventures!

  25. Elizabeth Harper

    What delicious energy!

    I hope you receive many gifts of spirit on your journey.

  26. Sandi Keene

    Have a wonderful trip. I hope Italy grants your every wish. Thank you for sharing those gorgeous photos of you and Mati. Love them.

  27. amy

    i hope you have a wonderful, safe trip. I look forward to seeing the loveliness that Italy inspires. it is such a gorgeous place. i loved Cinque Terre too. i’m sure you’ll find a new favourite place. take care

  28. shimmer & shadow

    isn’t it obvious that you 2 are sisters from different mothers?

  29. Natalie B

    give away No2 that’s me 🙂 squeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllll how exciting…my email addy is brineys@bigpond.com.

    Secondly I have to say, these pictures are just beautiful. the two of you look so comfortable with each other. What more could you ask for from a friend.

    Have a wonderful trip.

    Thanks again.

    Natalie B

  30. mystele

    kelly, God bless your trip and experience. this post is absolutely lovely in every way.

  31. Sacred Yoli

    Have a wonderful and magical trip. I love Italy, and am looking forward to visiting her again soon.


  32. miz katie

    You two are so beautiful. Have a safe, wonderful trip.


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