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Dec 19, 2006 | Life in Progress

i’ve been in a good mood. and it has lasted all month pretty much. after several months of ache, it feels so good to be in a sustained good mood. thank you, world! i’ve had such a good time these last few days reconnecting with friends on the phone, getting letters, and cards, and photos, and cookies, and surprises in the mail. i love this time of year. and i’m really looking forward to our trip to florida to see the families later this week. i need to see my mom. it’s time. we’ll have our morning tea and chat and craft and she’ll give us the tour of all the beautiful decorating/changes she’s made to the house since our last visit home one year ago.

i’ve also been spending some time in the studio these last couple of days, and it feels like i’m a kid – i love it when it’s like that. i lose time and off i go. i’m noticing that if i challenge myself to work quickly on a project, it feels more natural and fun for me. and my dear friend kimmie sent me a new desk light especially made for art studios. how in the world did she know i’ve been wanting that? what kind of friend just happens to know and sense that what you’ve been wanting and wishing for is a light (of all things) for the studio? kimmie kelly, that’s who.

oh yeah, john kicked ass in his first semester of CRNA graduate school. all a’s. all a’s! i’m so proud.

and i just want to say that i am looking forward to the Body for Life challenge in January. i know several people from oregon all the way to georgia who are committed to doing it, too. i’m considering starting a whole other blog about it to track our progress, share tips and motivation. if you are interested, please let me know. i’d like for it to be a group blog where members can post anytime they choose. i’d like a space where i can go each day to be held accountable, get meal ideas, and share our ups and downs of the experience. i think it will be really great. on a side note, if you are considering it, i’d recommend buying the original BFL book, not the one for women. and i would also recommend taking a look at the cookbook called Eating For Life. it’s full of meal ideas. and i love it.

Sending much love,

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  1. Anonymous

    I actually went to the web site after reading one of your recent posts and there was one womans success story example of her avg day that sounded good to me.

    I really feel great following the avoid foods for the blood type diet-which I think would fit with this.

    I would be very interested in visiting a blog centered on your journey. I would love to particiapte too. A friend of mine from mommy’s group and I just committed to start running together after the holidays-to pick a race to train for as motivation.

    Very psyched

    Love your new girl. Your talent just keeps growing and growing-each one more beautiful than the last.

    I am so inspired by you-I am just starting to look into etsy, making business cards, packaging etc and there is so much to learn. I will probably go through some of the links on your sidebar.

    Blogger is being a pita- Colorsonmymind

  2. myumblog

    wow. tell john congradulations from me! that rocks. xo to you my dear. love- maya

  3. myumblog

    wow. tell john congradulations from me! that rocks. xo to you my dear. love- maya

  4. tejae

    I’ve dusted off my BFL book! If you do set up a separate blog lemme know. I think it would be quite inspiring to read about your progress as I try to stay focused on mine. 🙂

  5. Loralee Choate


    I have looked at BFL before, but haven’t dared. I don’t think I want to be so strict, but maybe that is what I need.

    Mainly, I just want some plan to get healthier and I want to be fit enough to run a 3mile race this year.

    I wonder if you can participate without the supplements, shakes, and the like.

    I’ll look into it some more.Thanks for the link!

  6. Alexandra S

    As you know because i just emailed you I am going to do B for Life too. The journal that goes along with it also looks great for those (me) who have issues with focus and forgetfulness and self-discipline AND structure! It will be great to have this online community the way we do with regular blogging just for this program. Thanks again so much for suggesting it and looking forward to the process.


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