whimsy delight

Dec 17, 2006 | Life in Progress

“whimsy delight”
11×17, on wood

i’ve had a string of days that i’ve enjoyed by just full-on relaxing and doing whatever i feel like (and trying very hard not to feel guilty about not working more, either at my job job or in the studio). one day i went alone into san fran to visit the MOMA which made me want to go out and get gigantic pieces of wood to paint on. one of my favorite pieces at the museum was this exact piece by Robert Rauschenberg. man, it was cool. i love wandering the streets alone in the city. i found a great Italian cafe/deli that made me feel that i was truly in Italy, even if it was only for lunch. i love finding little nooks here and there and the people watching will never get old.

another day i spent reading about this artist that i had never known about until very recently. fascinating life, and fascinating art. love it. i keep going back to his work in this book each and every day.

i’ve seen two movies at the theater (go and see Pursuit of Happyness), one in the middle of the day on my cozy couch, and another one on that same couch later that same day with my boy (we love netflix). i’ve gone on two shopping excursions, one alone, and one with a friend. had meals at three new italian restaurants (i love everything italian, including the artist mentioned above who is, you guessed it, italian). and spent a lot of time in the bookstore. and lounging. and thinking. and daydreaming.

i really, really want to post a photo of what Laini and Jim sent for christmas, but i can’t as it would spoil the surprise for someone else who is getting something similar. i will just say that i love it, it’s colorful, perfect, and look amazing in our apt! although i don’t do christmas cards, i LOVE getting them in the mail and they’ve been arriving all week. photos of babies, words of holiday cheer, colorful cards. love it.

Sending much love,

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  1. blackdaisies

    🙂 how beautiful … i am falling in love with your art, words and spirit as i write this!

    (found you via silent k)


  2. Anonymous

    oh your relaxation fun seemed to emit rays through the screen and I basked in their glory for the few minutes I spent reading about it.

    I have been wanting to watch the Pursuit of Happiness- will have to be sure it makes it to the Que.

    Your new girl is wonderful.

  3. ceanandjen

    It sounds like you have been having a wonderful time. Isn’t SF wonderful? You have been doing what we all wish for, and living vicariously through you for just a few minutes, while reading your post, was just plain fabulous!

    Here is wishing you a wonderful week full of more art, movies, wonder, reading, lounging, day dreaming, people watching…and magic.

    P.S. I LOVE your new girl!

  4. Laini Taylor

    Thanks for not putting up a picture, Kelly! I’m so glad you like it and I can’t wait to see what it looks like in your place. As for Modigliani, I love him too. LACMA had a show of his art a few years ago that I went to with Alexandra, when she still lived in LA. It was great to see the real paintings. Rauschenburg, though, I’m not a big fan. When I was in art school all the painting majors were gaga for him, but I just didn’t get it. One of those artists that makes me feel like it’s on a different plane of existence of something I cannot possibly comprehend. But, I know I’m a bit narrow-minded about art, and prefer the illustrative, figurative, by far. Like yours!

  5. britt

    kelly how can i add you to my netflix friends? good to see you’re doing well.


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