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hi friends,
wow. i am so loving all your comments, all your emails, your amazon reviews, all your love for this book. i feel completely held up and am soaring high (thank you). i wanted to mentioned a couple of things…

1. i’m getting lots of questions in my inbox about various techniques, supplies, and stories that were mentioned in the book. i’ve decided to collect all the questions and answer them all here in a blog post later this week. so, if you have a specific question (related to the book, or not), feel free to put it in comments of this post and i will be sure to answer it later this week.

2. i have no idea if this is of interest to you guys, but i started a flickr group called taking flight. feel free to upload your projects that you made from following the book instructions. i think it would be fun to have a place where we can all see each other’s projects/inspirations! i also started a yahoo group for the book – thought it might be nice to have one central place for discussion, future questions, ideas, inspirations, and on and on.

3. ali edwards is hosting a giveaway for the book over on her blog today. head on over there if you’d like to enter to win 2 signed copies! (thanks, ali!)

thanks again everyone. i learning to love the butterflies i’ve had in my chest for over a week now as the books make their way out into the world (hello, australia!).

Sending much love,

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  1. Anonymous

    I live in Australia. I just received my copy of taking flight. Love it, Love it, Love it. Thank you for creating such a wonderful treasure

  2. Serena

    Kelly, just letting you know that I received my book here in Australia and I’m so thrilled with it! A truly awesome book and I LOVE the print too! Thank you so, so much ~ πŸ™‚

  3. Mindy

    Hello the gorgeous Ms Kelly Rae
    My question is this…Where do you get the inspiration from when painting all of your gorgeous ladies. Are the faces you paint inspired by actual people you know as your faces are all different and have so much character?.X mindy

  4. Cheralyn

    Sydney Australia HERE! πŸ™‚
    Kelly your book is truely amazing hun. What a gifted beautiful treasure of an artist and person you are!! I take it with me everywhere at the moment. LOVE IT!
    I wish u well with your health too… sending u many good thoughts and hopes.

  5. Kathy L


    I have been reading, yes reading your book for the past couple of days now. I can’t put into words how refreshing this work is. So many artists unselfishly share their tips and techniques in wonderful publications. I own so many books like that. You not only do that but also share your heart in a big way. Thank you for writing such a wonderful book. I do have a question, and it is something I have wondered even before your book… How do you prep those big wood blocks for hanging. I know this sounds stupid but I tend to avoid doing my collage on them (even though I adore gesso board) because all the galleries around here do not allow you to use those saw tooth hangers. I guess I just have not taken the time to figure this out. I was just wondering how you prep yours for haning.

    Thanks so much

  6. diane cook

    I have a funny story, Kelly. I had pre-ordered the book thru Amazon….but must have done it twice~LOL. Anyway, I received 2 of them in the mail this week. I thought, gosh, what to do with 2? Was going to send it to my A&S friend in NJ, but when I started reading it~I knew I wanted to give it to my daughter. So, I ordered another to send to my pal in NJ. I am on Chapter 3, and I am overwhelmed. I LUV it~
    Hope to catch you at a retreat someday~xoxoxo
    p.s. I posted about you today =)

  7. windywillow

    Thank you so much for sharing youself in your beautiful book. I received it yesterday and was so excited! Congratulations on this wonderful success.

  8. Steph

    Got my book over the weekend and it is very inspiring! I’m so loving it! Thank you – and the personal signature is so cool. I’m working on a frame for the print as I type. Yippee! So lovely. Thank you.

  9. kendalee

    Oh, oh, oh – it’s arrived! All signed and everything. Thank you Kelly Rae, it’s gorgeous! All I’ve been able to do is have a really quick flick through it but already the heart you’ve poured into this book is obvious and I am so excited about savouring every page. Congratulations on turning your journey into something so beautiful and inspirational and for sharing it with us!

  10. Anonymous

    Hi Kelly Rae,
    I have a question if that’s okay ?
    What do you use to seal your works of art once everything is completed ??
    Cheers Lorraine xx

  11. Daisys Little Cottage

    Happy Anniversary (belated) and I must have a copy of this book…sharing your techniques??? How generous of you!!!!!!! Thank you so much for the beauty youve brought into the world thru art.

  12. oksana

    Hi Kelly! I just recieved your book and already got inspired and “took a fly”:))))
    Thank you so much! You made my day:))

  13. Carol

    I was very pleased to discover that I can order your book from so it’s my intention to purchase it before the month has ended. I’m looking forward to receiving my copy πŸ™‚

  14. kylie

    Hi Kelly, My book has arrived here in Victoria, Australia. What a week for the post for me, new scrapbooking supplies, your book and the current Cloth Paper Scissors mag. Now to actually get on with some projects. Congrats on the book, it is stunning.

  15. Luna

    I was thrilled to get my book on Friday and am eager to get a bit of time to sit down and devour it. I can’t wait to try all the delicious projects in the book. I have been so moved by what I have read. Not just the techniques, but also the personal stuff you so bravely included. I’ve heard it said, and firmly believe that “one woman’s story is every woman’s story” and that “we can NOT not tell our story.” No where is that truer than in the art we make. Your art speaks from and to the soul of a woman like no other artist out there. Your gift of self to the world is risky but it is so generous. You are 20+ years younger than me and 20+ years wiser! I have joined the flickr and yahoo groups and look forward to contributing and learning from other there.

    Thanks for the wings you help all of us discover we have!


  16. Jill

    Kelly Rae~ I hope this feeling that I have as read your book never leaves me. I have beeen feeling hopeful, inspired, setting free my own fears so on and so on. If I do lose this feeling I know I can go back to your book and find it again. I’m taking it slow on your book to keep up the wonder of it all. I feel my wings, YEAH!!!
    Thank You and Smiles,
    P.S. Beautiful picture of you and John!! Congradulations on your anniversary!!!

  17. Rustic Tarts

    Hi Kelly

    My husband just rang to say that my book has arrived in the post, it’s a test on my patience now as I have to wait until tonight before he comes home with it!!

    (South Australia)

  18. Anonymous

    Kelly Rae
    Your book is amazing , just like you .Congratulations .
    So glad to here about the groups and questions.
    Cheers Lorraine xx

  19. MiriamKaye

    I sooo can’t wait Kelly, for my book to fly over to me in Tasmania, Australia! Happy Anniversary, and what a great photo of you two.

    Ciao bella

  20. Carrie K

    SO SO EXCITED! I just got mine today and couldnt resist thumbing through and soaking up all the ART!

    Kelly the book is amazing and so so beautiful! I want to cover my walls with your art…seriously!

    ok…sorry…im gushing! Cant wait to read thru it slowly now and try the projects πŸ™‚

  21. Jenni

    I received your book over the weekend, and wow! I haven’t had a chance to actually read it yet, but I’m excited to read..especially about the different techniques and the interviews with other artists. The pictures of your work are beautiful! My mom and I thumbed through it and we were both blown away. Congrats!

  22. Lola M.

    I just finished your book, what a great story. Regardless of the medium, any artist at any level is sure to find much inspiration within its pages — I know I have!

  23. Carol

    Oh I hope my book is “winging” it’s way to me. I think the yahoo group is a great idea, I am hot footing it there! Glad your butterflies are turning out to be a blessing!

  24. pen*

    i received my book yesterday (in the uk) and i am over the moon! it is GORGEOUS! i am savouring each page to make the experience last as long as possible! xxx

  25. My Vintage Studio

    I got just purchased your book on-line from BN. SO looking forward to getting my mail! Your art is amazing!

  26. Carmen

    Kelly, those aren’t butterflies. They’re the amazing little caterpillar in your heart shaped cocoon that is turning into the beautiful butterfly your are continuing to become!

    You are simply amazing. I’m loving the book!!!


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